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Famous Food of Punjab

Food of Punjab | Enjoy the Burst of Flavours Melting in Your Mouth

Punjab, the homeland of the Sikh population in India, is located on the country's western fringes. The state hides a lot of treasures that are worth exploring. One such treasure is its food. The food of Punjab is known for its delectable flavours. As far as its culinary delights go, different areas of Punjab have unique and distinctive tastes. For instance, the food in Lahore, or Royal Punjab's seat, is largely influenced by Mughal tastes. A touch of European flavours was witnessed during Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s time. On the other hand, the agrarian community relished veggies and various kinds of cereal.

Also referred to as the breadbasket of the country, Punjabi food is rich, flavoursome, tasteful, and aromatic. Since food is one of the major elements that bring people together, Punjabi food has successfully united North Indians with their love of food as the common denominator.

Get ready to enjoy the irresistible desi ghee-flavoured food, exotic flavours, and succulent tastes with some of the most famous food of Punjab. Have a look.

List of Famous Food of Punjab

Punjabi food is full of delightful dishes like sarson ka saag, mouth-melting kulfi, butter-flavoured chicken, refreshing lassi, and much more. Enjoy the gastronomical wonders the state has to offer in the form of the luscious food of Punjab, and let the flavour play around in your mouth.

  • Golgappe: Flavourful Street Food
  • Sarson Da Saag: Authentic Punjabi Dish
  • Jalandhar Jalebi: Mouth-melting Dessert
  • Butter Chicken. The Undisputed King of Punjabi Food
  • Lassi: A Refreshing Drink
  • Amritsari Kulcha: The Staple Breakfast Dish
  • Chhole: The Lip-smacking Dish of Punjab
  • Amritsari Fish: A Delectable Delight for Non-veg Lovers
  • Dal Makhani: The Gem of Punjab
  • Dahi Bhalla: A Perfect Blend of Tangy and Sweet Flavours
  • Paneer Tikka: Chicken of the Vegetarians
  • Kadhi Pakoda: A Delightful Yoghurt-based Dish
  • Rajma Chawal: A Healthier and Tastier Meal
  • Soya Chap: A Healthy Dish
  • Kulfi: A Wondrous Dessert
  • Pinni: A Jaggery-based Sweet Dish
  • Kada Prashad: A Delightful Prasad Offered in Gurudwaras
  • Gobhi-Gajar-Shalgam Pickle: A Spicy and Tangy Food Accompaniment

1. Golgappe | Flavourful Street Food

This is one food in India that is famous all over the country's northern parts. This staple street food is made up of crispy, round maida balls. It is filled with spicy potato mix and tangy water. It's extremely flavourful. Although it is available in several cities in the country, the Gol gappas of Jalandhar undoubtedly take the cake. Flavoured water with a dash of tamarind chutney makes it excellent in taste.

2. Sarson Da Saag | Authentic Punjabi Dish

Punjab and its stellar Sarson ke khet were beautifully captured in the iconic movie- Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. Every Punjabi food lover swears by Sarson Da Saag, a tempting and mouth-watering delicacy cooked with immense patience. In winter, every Punjabi household cook this veggie delicacy and savour it with Makki ki roti. The subtle flavours of spinach, mustard leaves, pure desi ghee, and more food items of Punjab make it a healthier and tastier delicacy.

3. Jalandhar Jalebi | Mouth-melting Dessert

While savouring spicy delights, take advantage of sweet-as-sin pleasures. Jalandhari Jalebi is a sweet delight available in all lanes and bylanes of Jalandhar. Made up of delightful maida batter, these jalebis are fried in a boiling oil cauldron and put into sugary syrup. It is a traditional sweet enjoyed in different parts of the country, but it is especially sweeter in Jalandhar. It melts in your mouth with added ghee, saffron, curd, and cardamom, leaving a divine taste.

4. Butter Chicken | The Undisputed King of Punjabi Food

Juicy, succulent chicken cooked in buttery gravy seems to melt in your mouth. Considered the most famous dish of Punjab, butter chicken is enjoyed with lachha paratha or butter naan. The undisputed king dish of Punjab, butter chicken masala, is available at all eating establishments, whether 5-star restaurants or roadside dhabas. In Punjabi households, no celebration is complete without this creamy, mouth-melting delight.   

5. Lassi | A Refreshing Drink

Beat the summer heat and soothe your soul with refreshing lassi. Sweeter in taste, it has a dollop of butter and cream added to it to make it richer. It is available in multiple flavours like mango, strawberry, blackberry, rose, etc. You can also enjoy chhach in summer, which is equally soul-refreshing but is salty in taste. Enjoy a Patiala glass of lassi or chhach before venturing into the scorching heat.

6. Amritsari Kulcha | The Staple Breakfast Dish

One of the most famous dishes of Punjab, this salivating delicacy is a wholesome dish in itself. One bite of kulcha, and you will be bowled over. Accompanied by spicy chickpeas and pickles, it tastes simply divine. Depending on your choice, you can get a variety of stuffings in Amritsari kulchas. It is mostly filled with spicy boiled potatoes but can also be made up of cauliflower, paneer, cheese, or mixed vegetables. It is a must-try breakfast dish in Punjab.

7. Chhole | The Lip-smacking Dish of Punjab

The quintessential soul food of Punjabis, chhole is one of the most favoured, loved, and relished traditional food of Punjab. Made with overnight soaked and boiled chickpeas, this dish is enjoyed with naan, paratha, bhature, or kulcha. Whether you go for Peshawari chhole or Amritsari chhole, the dish will not disappoint you with amazing flavours. Added spices like garam masala, anardana, etc., lend a taste that is nothing short of heavenly!

8. Amritsari Fish | A Delectable Delight for Non-veg Lovers