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Water Parks in Chandigarh

10 Water Parks in Chandigarh To Beat The Summer Heat

Chandigarh is the collective capital of Punjab and Haryana and is regarded as one of the best cities to live in. Named the “City Beautiful” and designed uniquely by Le Corbusier, Chandigarh easily makes a mark on everyone who comes to visit or live here. Resting on the feet of Shivalik Hills, Chandigarh is blessed with world-class infrastructure, lush greenery, clean roads, and whatnot.

Along with these and many other facilities, the City Beautiful also has some of the best locations for leisure activities. Water parks are one of those locations where you can go and refresh yourself. Let’s read ahead and find out about the water park in Chandigarh where you can go to beat the heat!

List of 10 Best Water Park in Chandigarh | Conquer The Heat In City Beautiful!

Chandigarh is filled with tons of leisure spots and activities. If you are on a family voyage to the City Beautiful, you need to visit these water parks in Chandigarh. All these water parks are located at a travelable distance from the city. So, let’s get started!

  • Thunder Zone | Better Than The God of Thunder
  • Fun City | A Dedicated Water Park near Chandigarh
  • Aqua Village | A Water Paradise Towards the Hills
  • F2 Raceway Water Park | A Dreamland on the Outskirts
  • Nagsons Amusement Park Hip Hip Hurray | A Heaven at 8500 Feet
  • Dreamland Water Park | A Bit Unique Place for Water Fun
  • Queenz Land Water Park | A Little Place for Big Adventures
  • Hardy’s World Amusement & Water Park | A Blend of the Best Fun Choices
  • Sadhupul River Water Park | A Small Paradise in the Heart of Nature
  • King Kong Water Park | Soak in the Chilling Water

1. Thunder Zone | Better Than The God of Thunder

When it comes down to the water park in Chandigarh, the closest one to the city beautiful is Thunder Zone. Just like its name, it has a bunch of thunderous rides and water slides to keep you engaged all day long. Located on Sirhind Road, the park is perfect for both children and adults. You can get here from Mohali to Landran, then divert towards Sirhind Road.

When here, you can either purchase tickets for the Thunder Zone water park or amusement park in Chandigarh or both. The amusement park unlocks 12 stunning and adrenaline-pumping rides, like the caterpillar, mono train, Columbus, octopus, striking cars, etc. On the other hand, the water park section of Thunder Zone Chandigarh has slides and four pools. You can relax in the chilling water of the wave pool, slide pool, and activity pool. Besides, let your kids have fun in the kids' pool.

  • Location: On Sirhind Morinda Road, Nearby Landran.
  • Timings: 10 am to 7:30 pm
  • Price: INR 850 per person

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2. Fun City | A Dedicated Water Park near Chandigarh

Thunder Zone was a blend of both amusement and water park, but Fun City is purely a water park near Chandigarh. This dream water park is located on Nada Sahib Road in Punckula and is packed with a vast range of water rides and pools. You can begin by getting on top of the launching platform that launches various chilling water slides. You can slide down on the red dragon slide, bowl speed slide, pendulum slide, etc.

There are some family slides too that you can enjoy with your family. If you are not great at swimming, you don’t have to worry as there are lifeguards in landing pools. After these slides, you can relax in a lazy family pool, wave pool, crusader, etc. There is a lazy river, and Aqua dance too to try.

After this watery blast, if you want a bite to eat, there is a cafeteria in the Fun City water park Chandigarh that serves scrumptious meals and snacks.

  • Location: Chandigarh-Nada Sahib Road
  • Timings: 9:30 am to 6:30 pm
  • Price: The Chandigarh fun city ticket price is INR 970 per person

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3. Aqua Village | A Water Paradise Towards the Hills

The third water park near Chandigarh is Aqua Village. Just like other parks, it is not located anywhere in the city but 24 km away in Pinjore. Pinjore is an uphill city that provides numerous scenic views of the mountains. Hence, when you are in Aqua Village, you can enjoy the rides along with the beautiful landscape of the hills.

Aqua Village has a number of wet and dry rides. On top of that, it features numerous pools like the wave pool, a family pool, and a pool for kids. You can enjoy all the nerve-chilling rides that are connected to two of the concentric pools. If you dare to, you can try free fall and the dark tunnel slide. As the park is newly built, a lot of care for hygiene is taken. The pools of the water park have automatic water filters accompanied by UV protection.

  • Location: Pinjore
  • Timings: 10 am to 7:30 pm
  • Price: INR 600 per person

4. F2 Raceway Water Park | A Dreamland on the Outskirts

Located a bit far from the beautiful city, the F2 Raceway Water Park has a lot for you to explore. Being a water park as well as an amusement park, F2 Raceway is an ideal place for people to host kitty parties, birthday parties, school trips, summer outings, etc. It is 115 kilometres away from Chandigarh. But, when you will reach here, the journey will be worth it.

Beginning from the amusement park, you and your kids can enjoy the dry slides. There are many, such as the train, jeep, caterpillar, flying dragon, and more. When you are done with the dry slides, you can switch to the water park with a large swimming pool connected to several slides.

  • Location: Barewal Awana in Punjab
  • Timings: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
  • Price: INR 850 per person

5. Nagsons Amusement Park Hip Hip Hurray | A Heaven at 8500 Feet

Though the area does not require a water park as it is pretty cold, the Nagsons Amusement Park Hip Hip Hurray rests at a height of 8500 feet. Located in the vicinity of Kufri, the key USP of the park is its boating facility and fun activities. Technically, the park does not have any water slides; it does have some unique rides that will surely push you to the end of your seats.

When here, you can enjoy various exciting activities like net climbing, flying fox, Burma bridge, zip lining, reverse bungee jumping, etc. If you like games, you can head to the gaming zone that has games like bumping cars, kiddie helicopter, gondola wheel, and double swings. Want more? Engage in virtual reality games.

  • Location: Kufri-Fagu Road, Near Kufri Bazar, Shimla
  • Timings: 10:30 am to 6 pm
  • Price: INR 700 to 1000 based on the package

6. Dreamland Water Park | A Bit Unique Place for Water Fun

Dreamland water park ranks among the best water parks in Chandigarh, and there are a number of reasons for that. The first reason is the location which is in the plains. It is easy to get there quickly. The other reason is the diversity of unique rides and slides. On top of the regular slides of the water park, there are other slides too.

You can come with your kids to Dreamland Water Park and enjoy unique rides like Octagonal Slide, Turning Point Slide, Black Hole, etc. Other than that, there is a wave pool, kiddies pool, multilane slide, rain dance, and whatnot. After the water park, you can go to the amusement park that has various joy rides, like Bouncy, caterpillar, Columbus, dragon train, etc.

  • Location: NH-1, Oasis Complex, Karan Lake, Karnal
  • Timings: 10 am to 7 pm
  • Price: INR 600 to 1000 based on the package

7. Queenz Land Water Park | A Little Place for Big Adventures