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The Laxmi Narayan Temple is one of the oldest temples in Himachal Pradesh. As the name suggests, it is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi. Established by Raja Sahil Varman in 920 AD, this temple is known for its historical prominence and built structure as well. Talking about its architectural style, it has been built in the shikhara style with wooden cenotaphs acting as the roof. The main shrine consists of six temples where devotees flock in huge numbers to seek blessings to the Lord. 

According to the legends, the idol of Lord Vishnu at this temple has been made out of a rare marble brought from the Vindhyachal Mountain range. Some people also say that Raja Sahil Varman had sacrificed his eight sons to get his hands on the marble.

Top Attractions in and Around Laxmi Narayan Temple

Radha Krishna Temple. The temple premises include another magnificent temple i.e. Radha Krishna Temple. Lord Krishna’s devotees shouldn’t miss their darshan of the Lord in the temple.

Shiva Temple of Chandragupta. This temple in the premise holds an important place amongst the Hindu devotees. It is something that will keep your curiosity alive. The mystic and mysterious Lord Shiva Statue exudes mystical grace to which the devotees get attracted to. 

Also Read: Commissioned by a commander of the Hoysala army, Bommanna Dandanayaka in 1246CE this temple has been dedicated to Lord Vishnu

Champawati Temple. Raja Sahil Varman had built this temple in the memory of his daughter. The architecture of this temple is very unique and is dedicated to Goddess Durga. According to folklore, Princess Champavati spent most of her time with learned men. To this, his father got a little suspicious and one day he followed the princess to the hut of a saint with a dagger held in his hand. As he entered the hut, he saw that it was empty. Then suddenly, a voice echoed in the hut saying that his daughter had been taken away forever from him as a punishment. Due to guilt and our of penance, he decided to build a temple dedicated to Goddess Durga. 

Sightseeing and Photography. The surrounding nature of the temple makes you indulge in its mystical charm so much so that you won’t be able to resist yourself from capturing it through the magic of your lenses.

Best Time to Visit Laxmi Narayan Temple

The timings are 6 AM-12:30 PM and 2:30 PM-8:30 PM for all the days of the week. And the best months to visit Himachal for the darshan are April to October.

How to Reach Laxmi Narayan Temple

By Air. If you are planning to go by air, you have to land at Kangra Airport. After deboarding the flight, you will have to take local transport such as a bus or taxi. The journey from the airport to Chamba may take about 2 hours.

By Rail. The nearest railway station to Laxmi Narayan Temple is Shimla Railway Station. Once, you deboard at the station, you will need to further cover the remaining distance by a cab or some other means of transportation.

By Road. Depending upon your location, you can also travel to Laxmi Narayan Temple via road as well. As per your convenience, you can choose to travel via your own vehicle, cab or a bus.

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