In the region of Jammu, Udhampur is the second-largest city and is a popular tourist destination. This is one of those places which has a strong historical background paired with undeniable natural beauty that will leave you lovestruck. The lush green surroundings as the backdrop of some of the oldest temples and structures make Udhampur a very unique destination which catches the attention of anyone and everyone visiting this place for the first time. 

This place is also famous for its cuisines such as Kalaadi, Kulthein di Dal which are prepared from locally made legumes, Ambal and other Dogri dishes. Not just that, this place is also well-known for its traditional rituals such as Surma Fumenie along with many other cultural events.

Best Time to Visit Udhampur

There are no two ways about the fact that Udhampur is gaining popularity with each passing day and has become quite famous among visitors widely. Being covered with dense green forests of Eucalyptus which are amazingly beautiful and admirable, the experience of traveling to this place is elating. The district of Udhampur is located in the Shivalik range of Himalayas, giving it all the more a reason to explore this place. The city is usually covered in snow during winters. Apart from that, the weather is usually pretty moderate but still pleasant. 

The History of Udhampur

This place also finds its mention in the ancient texts. No one can deny the fact that Kashmir finds a significant spot in the cultural landscape of India. It is said that it was in Kashmir that a sage Kashyap let a lake flow and created Kashmir of which Jammu became a part later.

Apparently, the history of this place dates back to thousands of years ago. Furthermore, it was the Indian Kings who ruled this region during the time period of around 14th to 16th century B.C. Furthermore, after the partition of India, this area was also used as an important military base for the country. 

The Legend

There was once a time when in Kashmir, there lived a demon named Jaldeo. His patron was Brahma. Jaldeo had wreaked havoc on the Kashmir Valley. And Kashyap, who was the grandson of Brahma somehow found his way to the lake and was very disturbed to see all the destruction imposed by Jaldeo. It is said that he fought him for 1000 years. At the end of the battle, Jaldeo was able to successfully elude him. It was then that Vishnu came for the help of Kashyap and struck the mountains standing tall and proud at Baramullah with his trident. Due to this, immense water from the lake oozed. But Jaldeo had successfully hidden in a cave. This baffled all the Gods. At last, it was Goddess Parvati who dropped a full mountain on top of him and crushed him to death. After these events, people started calling Kashmir as Kashafmar, also known as the home of Kashyap.   

Major Attractions in and Around Udhampur

1. Nathatop

When you reach this place then you will be finding that the whole place is covered up with snow during the entire winter season. And if you want then you can involve yourself in many different and interesting activities such as skiing, paragliding, etc.  

2. Dera Baba Banda

The Dera Baba Banda is not only one of the major pilgrimage centres of Sikhs but also a centre of attraction for people from other religions as well. And as per the history, it is this place only where the ashes of Banda Bahadur have been kept along with one of the arrows given to him by Guru Gobind Singh.

3. Patnitop Circular Road

Now, you will be crossing this road on your way to Patnitop. The scenic views of this fabulous place are quite prolific. While travelling this road you can take amazing pictures with your friends and family as well.

4. Siar Baba Waterfalls

Located in Udhampur, Siar Baba waterfalls can prove to be a kind of centre stage to create some of the most beautiful memories that you will end up cherishing all your life. The beauty of this place is worth discovering here.

5. Bhimgarh Fort

When in Udhampur and wondering about some interesting things to do then one of the best options to take would be to visit the Bhimgarh Fort with your folks.

How to Reach Udhampur

Named after Raja Udham Singh, this place experiences mild summers and an annual rainfall of about 130 cm. For people who are looking for spending some really quality time with your loved ones. Udhampur is located at a distance of   610, 1,978, 2,127, 2,791 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bengaluru respectively. For travelling, there are three major ways to reach this place.

By Air

The Jammu Airport (IXJ) is the nearest aerodrome from Udhampur. It is situated 71 km away from Udhampur via NH44. This airport only handles domestic flights and has a total of five gates and about 14 desks for checking in. 

Various airlines like Spicejet, Vistara, Air India operate to and fro connecting many Indian cities. After deboarding the flight, you will need to travel further via some means of public transportation like a cab.

Here is a list of Indian cities from where flights are available to Udhampur

By Train

Udhampur has its own railway station of the same name i.e. Udhampur Railway Station. Did you know that in 2005, the Uttar Sampark Kranti Express from New Delhi was the first train to run on this link? Here is how you can reach Udhampur by train.

  1. Delhi - Board Shri Shakti Express from New Delhi Railway Station and deboard at the Udhampur Station
  2. Jaipur - Board ADI SVDK EXPRESS from Jaipur station and deboard at the Udhampur Station
  3. Agra - Board Malwa Express from Agra Cantt and deboard at the Udhampur station
  4. Ajmer - Board ADI SVDK Express from Ajmer Junction and deboard at the Udhampur Junction
  5. Kota - Board Swaraj Express from Kota Junction and deboard at Udhampur Junction

By Road

You can also consider travelling to Udhampur via road as well. Depending upon your location you can either take your own vehicle or traverse through interstate buses. 

From Amritsar, the bus fares are starting from Rs.344. From Dehradun, the fares start from Rs.1,000. From Moga, the bus fares are starting from Rs.599. Depending upon your requirement you can book a sleeper, luxury or a regular bus.  

Here is the route to Udhampur:

  1. Delhi - 610 km via NH44 or NH54
  2. Agra - 842 km via NH44
  3. Jaipur - 844 km via NH44 or NH48
  4. Amritsar - 236 km via NH44 or NH54
  5. Shimla - 433 km via NH44 or NH503
  6. Dehradun - 562 km via NH7 or Jammu-Delhi Road or NH44 

Frequently Asked Questions about Udhampur

Q. Where is Udhampur located?
A. Udhampur is located in the northern region of India in the Udhampur district of Jammu and Kashmir.

Q. What are the attractions in Udhampur?
A. Some of the popular tourist attractions in Udhampur include the Mata Vaishno Devi Temple, Baba Dhansar Temple, Reasi Fort, Sudh Mahadev Temple, and the nearby Patnitop Hill Station.

You can plan your trip and create your own route to the city with Adotrip’s technically driven circuit planner. Click here



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