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An intriguing town known for its subtle natural beauty Rajauri is a place which you would definitely want to explore. The fact that it shares its borders with Pakistan makes it a unique travel getaway and worth your time. It feels as if nostalgia of long gone past flows in the very air of this place. It is situated at an approximate distance of around 154km from Jammu and is definitely an exciting travel getaway.

This is a place where you will find an abundance of culture and traditional prominence. You would feel more than happy to retire in the remote serenity of the places located here like Dehra Ki Gali, Kotranka Budhal, etc. And if you are traveling to someplace as exotic and wild as this, then it is worth the effort to know about its climatic conditions beforehand, don't you think so? Thus, talking about Rajauri's climate, we can say that the overall weather conditions are comparatively cooler than the other nearby surrounding plains. You may even get to see some amount of snowfall as well during the winter month of December. 

History of Rajauri

One can sense a profound sense of history here. Going back in the past, you would be intrigued to know that it was the decisive year of 1813 when Gulab Singh of Jammu had captured Rajauri for the Sikh empire of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. After this, some parts of the captured land were given in the form of jagirs to Rahim Ullah Khan and Gulab Singh.

The First Anglo-Sikh War

Following the first Anglo-Sikh war, the geographical territories between Ravi and Indus were transferred to Gulab Singh and he was then recognized as the independent Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir. And it was him who had changed the name of Rajauri to Rampur. It had now become a princely state of Jammu and Kashmir. A man named Mian Hathu was further appointed as the governor of this place. It is said that it was he who made the Rajouri Fort at Dhannidhar village. And after the timeline of Mian Hathu, Rajouri was then converted into a tehsil and was also affiliated with Bhimber district.

The Partition And The War

Soon after the partition, a brutal war between India and Pakistan followed during which the Pakistani forces were able to capture Rajauri. It is said that about 30,000 Hindus and Sikhs were murdered or abducted during this period. However, on 12th April 1948 Rajauri was recaptured by the Indian forces. 

Why You Should Visit Rajauri?

Like many other Indian vacation destinations, this one also leaves you spellbound with its picturesque attractions. Majorly, it is the compelling beauty of this place which makes it an interesting visit. Let’s discover some of the most amazing places which you definitely should explore when you visit Rajauri. 

Dehra Ki Gali

Dehra Ki Gali is one of the most iconic places which you will be coming across on the road to Kashmir. The spectacular views of this place are definitely a visual delight which you will cherish for a long period of time.  

Surankote Valley

The Surankote valley is one of the most amazing places to discover. The vibe and feel of this place are such that you would be compelled to visit this place again and again. The natural beauty connects with a person on an internal level which is something to look forward to.  

Akal Darshini Lake

Untouched, calming, mesmerizing are the kind of adjectives which can be used for this place. The soothing vibrancy of this tourist attraction is what you will be liking the most if you ever visit Akal Darshini Lake.

Things to do in Rajauri

Manma Mata Temple

If you are wondering about the things to do in Rajauri then visiting Manma Mata Temple is one of the best things you would be doing, making your vacation even more interesting. 

Muradpur Sarai & Mosque

The Muradpur Sarai & Mosque is again a very religiously active place to visit. It is situated in Muradpur town at a distance of 7 km from Rajauri. Fundamentally, it is a medieval Sarai with enclosure walls giving it a religious feel.

Nadpur Sarai

The Nadpur Sarai is situated at a distance of around 10km from Nowshera. This tourist destination comprises of a very spacious rectangular courtyard which is surrounded by an enclosed wall.

Events and Festivals in and Around Rajauri

Bhairo Devi Janki Festival

As the name suggests, this festival is celebrated in the honour of Bhairo Devi. You can see many people dressed in the specific attire on the roads carrying out processions.

Best time to visit in Rajauri

If you are wondering about the best times to specifically visit Rajauri in Jammu then you should definitely check out this place between the months of April and June. During this time, the overall weather is quite pleasant for a vacation and to experience this serene beauty in all its glow. 

How to reach Rajauri?

By Air - There is no direct connectivity to Rajauri from some of the major cities of India. However, the nearest airport from Rajauri is Srinagar Airport which is well connected to the major cities of India. And, from there you can board a cab for the town which is situated at a distance of around 80-100 km from the airport.

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By Road - From metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore also you can easily travel to Rajauri. While from Delhi the distance is 734km, from Mumbai and Bangaluru it's 2,086km, 2916 km respectively. You will have to take NH 44 to reach this  Kashmiri town.  If you have your own vehicle then it would be a convenient experience for you to reach this place while making some beautiful memories. 

By Train - Rajauri does not have its own railway station. So, if you are planning to reach via train then the nearest option would be Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra station. From there, Rajauri is a good 3-4 hour long drive. Thus, you would need to take some sort of transportation like a cab or perhaps a bus to reach your destination. 

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