Travel Stories of Dil Bechara Actor, Sahil Vaid will Definitely Fuel Your Wanderlust

Once you are bitten by a travel bug, you will discover its cure only in rambling to unknown lands. ‘Trust me, there is no antidote and I am gladly staying infected all my life’, says Sahil Vaid, a phenomenal actor from Bollywood. In a candid conversation with us, at Adotrip, Dil Bechara actor says, 'spending life within your comfort zone is like killing your consciousness.'

A wayfarer and a backpacker, Sahil loves to assemble his gears to hit the road whenever possible. Despite having a hectic schedule, he takes out time for traveling. He not only makes us laugh with his impeccable comic timing, but he also tickles our wanderlust in this brief repartee. If you are already curious, join us in this mojo!

Catch a glimpse of his travel experiences that are truly inspiring. Funny, serious, enduring, eye-opening, mind-boggling??? Read Sahil Vaid’s exclusive travel interview that will nudge you to hit the road right away.

: What’s it like to quit acting, grab a backpack and travel?

Not really quitting acting anytime soon, I am really really enjoying my professional life. Acting has given me recognition and traveling has given me purpose which keeps me going. I am managing both my profession and passion well. In fact, because of acting, I happen to travel more. For instance, Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya was shot in Jaipur, Kota, Jhansi, Orchha. I don’t know if I would have traveled to all these places had it not been for acting. No chance of quitting, I am already a half vagabond and I am glad that I am making time for both.

: Be honest, would you prefer to visit another country or travel within India? Why?

Now if that has to do with patriotism then certainly India. However, traveling across borders is quite an enriching experience. I am completely in love with our own diversity, the ancient Dravidian civilization co-existing in this contemporary India is extremely enriching. Sometimes I feel insignificant in front of the glorious past and the rich heritage of India. Having traveled length and breadth in India, I did learn a lot through cultural exchanges and heartwarming experiences. And I also had a splendid time in foreign destinations like Israel, Thailand, Cambodia etc. So without mincing words, I want to trot the entire globe and if possible, I will try to make it to the moon as well. One life, make the most out of it!

Traveling across borders is like evolving into a global citizen with roots in your own country.

: Born in Tamil Nadu and now settled in Mumbai. What’s special about these two places in India that are quite a contrast?

I was born in Salem, a small town in Tamil Nadu where everything was a big deal. Not doing your homework, speaking harshly with someone, every little thing was big there and that actually taught me discipline and to stay humble. I have spent quite some time in Jamshedpur and Delhi before settling in Mumbai. Jamshedpur was again simple and sweet. Delhi was full-on fun. Fast-paced city life, honking, bustling, it was altogether different from Salem and Jamshedpur. And Mumbai, I don’t have to say much, Mayanagri hai Bhai! In all, I have gathered so much from all these places and I feel humbled.

: A unique festival in India that you have heard of or been a part of?

The ancient festival of Tamil Nadu, Pongal is almost 2000 years old and has an interesting mythological fable attached to it. Having spent my childhood in Tamil Nadu, I remember the significance of the festival, it was huge. 4-day rituals and gorging on some delectable cuisines, now you know why I am a big-time foodie. Then there is Onam in Kerala, it’s again grand. Pulikali, Kummattikali, Boat race and whatnot, it’s a cultural bonanza for 10 days at a stretch. Ganpati Puja in Maharashtra, Durga Puja in West Bengal, Holi in Delhi, I really love the festive vibes. My list of festivals is long.

: Any place in India where you can go back to?

I can drive down to Goa any time. I like visiting Bhubaneswar for its serene vibes. I like to visit Jagannath Temple, Konark Temple, these temples just take me to a different world. I like Ernakulam, Alleppey, Andamans, Daman; I feel blessed to have visited all these places that are absolutely breathtaking. Whenever I feel a bit low, I grab the keys of my bike and enroute to any place that strikes my mind. I travel without agenda, I travel to uplift my spirit, I feel so connected with nature’s bliss. I am a backpacker, I love camping, riding my own bike, exploring different places by road, all this is so gratifying for me. My next biking expedition would be Delhi to Lucknow, I am just looking forward to the trip. There are two things in life that I can’t resist: love and food.

A place where my emotions and palate satiates, I go back to that place time and again.

: Any interesting travel story from India that left a lasting impression on you?

I can never forget my first experience of a road trip. I drove from Mumbai to Bangalore for a show and trust me from that time till today, my love for road-trips has become an integral part of my being. I love meeting new people, hearing their stories, eating on roadside dhabas, that’s a real adventure for me. There’s a small village close to Goa, Kankavali which is like a retreat for theatre artists, it’s always enriching to drive down to these small hamlets where you can sit and ponder. I often go to Pimpalgaon for camping, there’s a man made lake Joga which is absolutely stunning. Relaxing beneath crystal clear sky is so blissful, the whiff of fresh air captivates the senses.

Every place has something new to learn from. Places do have an impact, it all depends on how conscious we are to see those impressions.

: Have you experienced adventure sports in India? Share your experience.

I love to dive. There are some amazing diving clubs in Goa, Cochin, Andamans and Lakshadweep. Andamans and Lakshadweep have sublimity in its coral reefs, I had a wonderful diving experience in both these places. I enjoy paragliding and sailing as well, I have had a splendid experience of all these activities in many parts of the world.

: Which is the most picturesque place in India? Why?

India is the land of breathtaking vistas. The beauty of Pangong lake in Ladakh is spectacular. If you go towards the northeast, Shillong offers some of the most scenic sites that are ideal for photoshoot. Pelling is quite picturesque. Then there is Palampur in Himachal Pradesh that has a serenading view. Coonoor, Gokarna, Wayanad, there are so many places in South that are mesmerizing and a visual treat.

: What are travel essentials for men according to you?

I have been a backpacker ever since and for me, my biggest essential is my bike. I carry a tent, water bottle, sleeping bag, camping utensils, soap, knife in my hatchet. I also carry a mini solar generator as I am not a hotel person. I like to live in my own tent and cook my own food. The essence of traveling lies in adventure and my travel essentials are just around my way of traveling, not every man would go with my basics.

Rapid Fire

: 3 actors you would like to travel

Naseeruddin Shah, I have to learn a lot from him. Sidharth Malhotra, he is my Harley buddy and Varun Dhawan because he is the best friend ever.

: You have to replicate ZNMD with Indian destinations. Which 3 places the amigos will travel to?

Manali, Goa and Andamans

: Describe traveling in one word

Life Altering

: One place from where you felt nothing is far

From Mumbai. It's a global city and well connected.

: Your favorite weekend getaway

Daman, Joga, Goa, Matheran, Malshej Ghat

: Which is one place in India that you want to visit sometime soon?


: Which place you googled last

Apartments in New York and hotels in Bangalore

: Your favorite mode of traveling

By Road

: Your favorite Indian dish

I love Punjabi parathas and Tamil Nadu style plain dosa.

Now that’s quite an inspiration for all those who say, ‘traveling ke liye time kahan hai?’ If an actor like Sahil Vaid can sneak out time for traveling from his busy schedule then guess, it’s merely an excuse that keeps these busy folks deprived of all the beauty that awaits. Famous Bollywood actor, theatre artist, comedian, voice artist, wanderer, cracker jack and extremely amiable; multifaceted Sahil is a packet full of fun. His stellar performance in movies such as Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya, Badrinath ki Dulhaniya, Bank Chor, etc. has garnered immense popularity while his another biggie, Coolie No.1 that is already getting rave reviews will release with the jingling bells of Christmas this year. With his exuberant travel interview and then his upcoming movie, he surely is our Santa Claus who has so many gifts and surprises for us.

If he truly inspired you, shower your love in the comments section. Watch our Trip Talkies space for more inspiring travel interviews of celebrities. You can now book your flights and holiday packages with Adotrip. Lot more is brewing up, stay connected!


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