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Call him a travel addict or a hodophile, Band Baaja Baaraat actor Manit Joura is definitely a big time traveller who is going to give you some major travel goals. In a crazy banter with the most desirable Punjabi munda, our very loved Rishabh Luthra of Kundali Bhagya revealed his passion for road trips, horses and Punjab. Take a look at his exclusive interview with Adotrip!

In Conversation with Kundali Bhagya Actor, Manit Joura

: What is travelling for you?

Travelling for me is receiving from the unknown. I know it sounds a little complicated but that’s how it is for me because I like to travel without plans or agendas. It's more of an impromptu affair. Whenever I feel overworked or need a break, I just tuck myself in my driving gears, sit on my motorbike and leave to any place that strikes my mind. I like to push myself from my comfort zone, embrace every challenge that comes my way and discover a new self with every journey. This kind of travelling is therapeutic and gives me a sense of accomplishment. Connecting with nature, offbeat travelling, lazing around, catching up with friends or family are basically my kind of things. I have some fond memories of my European vacation, it was totally enriching.

Travelling is a combination of all the elements: relaxation, thrill, pushing beyond boundaries, discovering places and myself.

: What is your most cherished travel moment?

Be it my short biking expedition to Nasik or my driving experiences in foreign lands, every moment of travelling is equally special. One incident that I really cannot forget is when I was riding on the longest inhabited highways of the USA. Back in 2019, I was crossing Moscow on motorbike, enjoying the fresh breeze and thrilling ride. There was no trace of civilization, yes almost nothing for about 200 kms and shit happened, Flat tyre! Thankfully, I was carrying a small stove and some basics like my masala tea sachets which I always carry.

There was no wifi signal, no sign of anybody crossing. I just sat waiting for help and made a cup of tea for myself. After almost 1 and a half hours, some police vehicle came and pulled me out from there. It was pretty late by then so he took me to his village because there was no motel on the way. I stayed with him overnight. All these simple things we do on the road, humble gestures we receive from complete strangers make memorable moments. The US trip was quite enriching. I drove a car for about 7500kms to and fro from LA. There were so many comfortable, uncomfortable experiences, new discoveries, it was one fulfilling trip for me.

I cherish every moment when I am travelling alone and sometimes I do land myself in some serious trouble but then that is where essense and self-discovery lies.

: What keeps you connected to your roots?

My parents, their upbringing, our horses and farm house in Punjab keeps me connected to my roots. I am a true Punjabi at heart. I like strolling around farms, sitting beside the tubewell, gorging parathas with a dollop of white butter. No matter where I go or whatever I achieve, I always look forward to spending time in Punjab.

I feel a person with strong roots can achieve impossible goals because there is always a support system. I owe it to my family.

: Which is your favourite place in India?

Hands down Punjab, it is my all time favourite place. Whether it's a happy time, tough time, relaxing time or any time, I totally feel myself in Punjab. I discovered this love for Punjab when I was going through some rough phase. I went to Himachal Pradesh thinking that spending time in the mountains would heal me but I felt all the more anxious and immediately left for Punjab. So Punjab definitely tops my favourite but yes I cannot deny my love for Leh Ladakh. It is a paradise, a dream destination where I would like to shoot a film. Be it Hunder valley or the last village of India - Turtuk, the beauty of this region is ethereal. I also love Tirthan valley in Himachal Pradesh which again is beautiful and how!

: Which is one unforgettable unique festival experience?

There’s this Ziro Music Festival in Arunachal Pradesh which actually took my heart. It was one of the most beautiful and enchanting experiences I have ever had. Lively atmosphere, carefree folks, talented musicians, amazing singing sessions, there’s a lot to catch up on. Also, the place is absolutely stunning. You get fresh air, spectacular mountains, lovely weather, and breathtaking views and also you camp, you cook your own food, it’s a fantastic experience. I would give it 100 on 100. It’s unmissable!

Rapid Fire

: Name three travel essentials?

Although I am very minimalist when I am travelling, I do keep the right pair of clothes and shoes. I always carry food because I have got stranded at places and I know how essential it is to have enough food in such circumstances. Lastly, I do have courage to explore the unexplored. I am a travel geek!

: Shoes, clothes, gadgets. What will you drop if your baggage exceeds?

I think I’ll always drop gadgets. I don’t want to be surrounded by too many gadgets when I am travelling. I’ll definitely drop gadgets out of the bag.

: Which travel movie do you wish to have done?

Hands down ‘Motorcycle Diaries’. That’s one of my favourite films. If given a chance, like they do a remake of that film, I would definitely want to be a part of it.

: Who is your favourite travel buddy?

To be very honest, I love travelling solo. So my favourite travel buddy is myself.

: Which is your favourite travel gadget?

Smartphones are enough for GPS and staying connected with family. I am sorted with a phone, I don’t need any other gadget.

: What is your favourite dish?

I am a typical North Indian who loves everything Punjabi. Paranthe, Sarson ka saag, Makki ki roti, Shahi paneer, Dal makhani and white butter. That’s my all time favourite.

: Which is your favourite weekend getaway?

I am a roadie, I don’t bother about destinations. For me, roads matter so I usually prefer to drive or ride from anywhere to everywhere during weekends, provided I am not shooting.

: One place from where nothing is far?

Delhi. From Delhi everything looks closer.

: Which places are on your bucket list?

Iceland, Norway and Spain

: Would you like to plan your holiday with Adotrip?

Of course I would plan my trip with Adotrip if they get me a good deal. I think I would be booked with them round the year.

Some people love places, some enjoy the journey and Kundali Bhagya actor, Manit Joura belongs to the latter tribe. Apart from his impressive presence on Indian Television, Cinema and OTT platforms, he also has a strong personality that sets him apart. Grew to prominence with daily soap, Kundali Bhagya, he received immense praise and much love as Rishabh Luthra. Prem Bandhan, Band Baaja Baaraat, The Test Case, Baarish, Love Shagun, Solo, Falsafa: The Other Side, Phew! He has given many back to back remarkable performances. In between all work, he manages to sneak out time for his biking expeditions. Now that’s the reason why Manit is every girl’s dream boy. He has everything, drop dead looks, amazing career, sense of humour and so many interesting stories to catch up on. Do send him your love. Who knows? You might get lucky to ride pillions with this dashing actor!

Stay tuned to Trip Talkies for more interesting travel stories of your favourite celebrities.

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