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Holi Celebrations Across India

12 Unique Types of Holi Celebrations In India 2024

Holi celebration, Ah! The mention of the festival brings a psychedelic sensation to me. A festival that embarks the season of spring is as kaleidoscopic as the hues that blossom all over. Myriad fables and sagas akin to the celebration of this festival of colors make it exuberant and bracing. 

The festival that signifies the victory of good over evil is also a day to embrace the new beginnings, to meet and make new friends, to catch up with your family, and to forgive and forget. Vivid as it seems, the Holi celebration in India is distinct just as the diverse cultures in India.

List of 12 Different Types of Holi Celebrations In India 2024

Adotrip gives you a glimpse of how locals paint the town red and this certainly would nudge your inquisitiveness to comprehend with the electrifying vibe the festival emotes. Granted! holi festival india.

  • Lathmar Holi in Uttar Pradesh
  • Dhulandi Holi in Haryana
  • Phoolon Ki Holi in Vrindavan
  • Rangpanchami in Maharashtra
  • Royal Holi in Jaipur
  • Basant Utsav in West Bengal
  • Hola Mohalla in Anandpur, Punja
  • Phalgun Purnima in Bihar
  • Kaman Pandigai in Tamil Nadu
  • Manjul Kuli in Kerala
  • Shigmo in Goa
  • Yosang in Manipur

1. Lathmar Holi in Uttar Pradesh

Lathmar Holi

Celebrated in Uttar Pradesh, the tradition is followed ever since the era when Lord Krishna used to visit Barsana with his friends to play Holi with Radha and her friends. Krishna was a prankster, he loved smearing colors and teasing Gopis. Piqued by the ruckus created by these lads, Gopis used to pick bamboo sticks to hit Krishna and his gang. The sole objective was to scare them to run away from their village. Even today men from Nandgaon visit Barsana to play Holi with women, all in good-hearted spirit, albeit. To enjoy the Holi in India, join these locals in their galvanizing madness.

2. Dhulandi Holi in Haryana

Dhulandi Holi

Celebrated magnanimously in the state of Haryana, Dhulandi is a celebration of the bond between Bhabhi (sister-in-law) and Devar (brother-in-law). This relationship of playing pranks and annoying each other is literally like the bond between partners in crime. On this special day, Bhabhis get an advantage to drag their Devars in mock rage. This is how they payback for the gags they play. Besides, smearing colors and splashing water is a ritual, the real essence of Holi lies in bringing colors and joy in otherwise mundane life.

3. Phoolon Ki Holi in Vrindavan

Phoolon Ki Holi

Celebrated on the Ekadashi in the Holi week, Phoolon ki Holi is played with petals of fresh flowers in Banke Bihari temple, Vrindavan with great fervor by the Krishna disciples. The exquisiteness lies in the ambiance that’s filled with fragrance and flowers, the scenic vista takes you to a different world. Unlike, usual Holi festival which is played with colors and water, Phoolon ki Holi is more about connecting with God of love and joy by showering him with flowers. Not too lengthy, a 15-minute affair is enough to take you in a trance.

4. Rangpanchami in Maharashtra


Out of the myriad ways of playing Holi, Rangpanchami celebrated in Maharashtra is yet another exquisite style. Celebrated on the 5th day preceding Phalgun Purnima, the fun seems ceaseless. Lord Krishna with his notorious comrades used to steal butter from the neighborhood and to keep the butter safe from these butter-thieves, women used to hide it in the highest chambers in the houses. Dated from that time, the tradition is followed in Mumbai and many cities of Maharashtra in the name of Krishna Leela. To relive the antics, every year pandals are set to break pots. The pots are hung on the great height and boys in huge numbers form pyramids. Trained boys climb up onto them while women deter them from reaching to the pot by splashing water and colors. The sight of this ceaseless battle brings verve and joy to the clocked-up life in big cities.  

5. Royal Holi in Jaipur

Royal Holi

The land that is already famous as Pink city is a delight to watch on the auspicious day of Holi as it is soaked in multiple hues, unrestricted to pink. The royals of the City Palace in Jaipur organize a grand ceremony in their condominium every year. This blazes up the excitement of Holi amongst the local folks and the foreign tourists. Every year, Jaipur is hoarded with huge footfall during this festival as it is the time when people get to smear the royal family with colors. The frolicsome grand celebration of the Holi Festival in Jaipur etches the indelible memories in the hearts of the visitors.  

6. Basant Utsav in West Bengal

Basant Utsav

The day marked as the birth anniversary of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Holi has this special significance in West Bengal. The land of writers and scholars celebrates the festival of colors with songs, dance, and chanting hymns in the University at Shantiniketan, Kolkata which was founded by the legend Rabindra Nath Tagore. Unlike the rambunctious Holi celebration all over India, here it is subdued and restrained but the essence of festivity is fine-tuned. No wonder if you dread the rowdiness, Holi in Bengal can be an option for a moderate and graceful way of celebrating Holi.

7. Hola Mohalla in Anandpur, Punja

Hola Mohalla

Lionized by Sikh Guru Gobind Singh, Hola Mohalla is a festival that is out of the ordinary and celebrated one day after Holi. Giving tribute to the mettle and valor of the Sikh men, it is celebrated as an event that exhibits martial arts, stunts, and mock fights followed by the usual tradition of playing with colors in the evening. There is a massive arrangement for langar (food) that is served in the Gurudwara all throughout the day. A one-day fun and frolic affair is held in open ground at a ford across the creek Charan Ganga, Hola Mohalla is the biggest festival of Anandpur Sahib, Punjab.

8. Phalgun Purnima in Bihar