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12 Most Scenic Bike Trails In India That Are Every Biker’s Dream

Are you someone who loves the smell of motor oil and greasy hands? Are you someone who owns a rowdy motorbike but not sure where to go for a scenic ride? If yes, then keep your eyeballs to this content because we have compiled an ultimate list of the most scenic bike trails in India where you can rev that engine up and enjoy witnessing the enchanting beauty of our country.

Wandering around India is a very rich experience in itself, and when you add the thrill of motorbiking to it, boy oh boy, you are in for a treat! To unravel the mysteries of the most remote places in India with just a motorbike under you sounds goose bumping and exciting. But before kickstarting your motorbike, scroll till the end and choose your favorite road to take your ride.

12 Most Scenic Bike Trails In India

Have a look at this ultimate list of the most spellbinding bike trails in India where you can test your limits

1. Manali To Spiti

Probably the most famous biking route in India, Manali to Spiti offers you to cross over some of the highest mountain passes in the world. Ride your bike slow and steady because, with every turn, a view opens up that will leave you in awe. Reach the highest village in the world by following this road for 10 days and don’t forget to chat with locals as they will give you precise information about the road conditions ahead. 

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2. Guwahati To East Khasi Hills

To make massive waterfalls, stunning ravines, and root bridges a part of your journey, then choose this bike trail for your next motorbiking adventure. The trail remains empty most of the time so, you can ride freely and enjoy the views. The meadows and streams that come your way will show you why Guwahati is regarded as the gateway to northeast India.

3. NH17 Udupi Trail

A bike ride on national highway 17 will satiate all your sensory needs. Pristine beaches and dense forests will always be on both sides of the road. Kickstart your bike and this amazing journey from Mumbai and make your way to Mangalore or pump up a little more adrenaline and take the longer route till Trivandrum. Either way, you just can’t say no to this bike trail kulu to mangalore flight price.

4. Manali To Rohtang Pass

This is a short one but offers a mind-blowing experience. The walls of snow are just one of many spectacular experiences of this trail. Riding a bike on this route is a life-changing experience as you will be riding on one of the most difficult roads in India. The air might be thin, so if you feel uneasy, then just stop for a while on the roadside and catch your breath.

5. Zanskar Trail

This is one of the highest trails on this list. This route will test not just your bike riding skills but endurance as well. The stunning mountains will never leave a chance to amaze you with every turn you take. Don’t forget to bring extra jerry cans filled with fuel as there not many petrol pumps in the region and you wouldn’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere.

6. Western Arunachal Trail