Bhalukpong is a small town which is located in the district of West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh in India. Situated along the Kameng River, it comes under the district that goes by the same name as the town. It is also one of the must-visit tourist attractions in Arunachal Pradesh. Apart from being a picturesque destination, Bhalukpong is historically rich as well. 

If you want to see something different other than the same valleys and lakes then Bhalukpong is the place you ought to visit. It is a place where you can look for some adventure and fun while you are there with your friends and family. Try going on hiking, trekking, river rafting, etc. and enjoy the beauty of the land. Bhalukpong might be just a small town in the reaches of Himalayas but is certainly the most beautiful place in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. 

Best Time to Visit Bhalukpong

Its lush green landscapes here are always a sight for sore eyes but if you want to know the perfect time to explore this place to the fullest then October to March would be the right time. 

History of Bhalukpong

According to history experts, Bhalukapong was ruled by a local tribal named Aka Rulers. Apart from this, the ancient Bhalukpong Fort was built around the 10th century under the reign of King Bhaluka on the banks of Bharali River. Now, the remains of the fort can be seen on the location. 

Major Attractions in and Around Bhalukpong

1. Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary

It’s undoubtedly a wonderful place to visit that covers a land of 862 sq. km., a must-visit place for nature lovers. Encircled with rivers and positioned in the mid of the Himalayan ranges, the Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary is really a pleasure to the eyes. A wide range of animals including tigers, jungle cat, black bear and much more can be seen and appreciated over here.

2. Bhalukpong Fort

It is believed that Bhalukpong Fort was constructed in the 10th century, giving us a glimpse of the history of this spot. The fort was constructed by king Bhaluka positioned on the Bharali river.

3. Bomdila

An enticing destination sited in the North of Bhalukpong where one can appreciate the beautiful lush green forests and mesmerizing orchids. And the enjoyment doesn’t end here, the place is a hub for a larger number of monasteries and it is 36km away from Bhalukpong.

4. Tipi Orchid Research Centre

It is one of the important orchids of Arunachal Pradesh. It is spread over 10 hectares and consists of tissue culture lab, orchidarium, museum, herbarium, and gardens. The centre houses around 100 species of orchids in pots and hanging baskets. 

5. Pakke Tiger Reserve

It is also known as Pakhui Tiger Reserve which comes under Project Tiger Reserve in the East Kameng District in Arunachal Pradesh. Here, you can get the opportunity to see Bengal Tiger, Indian Leopard, and clouded leopard. Also, it consists of elephants, barking deer, gaur, and sambar.

How to Reach Bhalukpong

To reach Bhalukpong, you will need to cover a total distance of about 2,085, 2,909, 1,188, 3,159 km from cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively. Here are all the details on how you can reach here. 

By Air

The closest airport is Tezpur Airport (TEZ) which is just 51 kilometres away from Bhalukpong.  After reaching Tezpur Airport, one can easily hire a taxi, cab or bus to reach their respective destination. Many prominent airlines connect this place with other Indian cities and towns via direct and connecting flights. If you don’t find any direct flight to Tezpur from your location then consider taking a connecting flight via Guwahati or Kolkata. 

  • From Guwahati - Board Air India flights from Guwahati Airport. The airfares start from INR 5,000-6.,000
  • From Kolkata - Board Air India flights from Kolkata Airport. The airfares start from INR 6,000-7,000

Here is a list of Indian cities from where flights are available to Bhalukpong

By Train

You can consider deboarding at the Bhalukpong Railway Station or Rangapara Railway Station. Both these stations are situated within 50 km distance of this town and are also considerably well-routed with other nearby regions. From the stations, you can easily get a taxi to continue your journey further. 

By Road

The road connectivity of Bhalukpong with its closest regions is well-linked to ease the road trip for locals. There are several buses running from Tezpur and Guwahati to Bhalukpong. If you are planning a road trip from major cities of India, it can be a bit overwhelming, however, worth the energy. From nearby regions, you can also consider booking a taxi or self-driving here. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Bhalukpong

Q. What are the popular attractions in Bhalukpong?
A. The popular attractions in Bhalukpong include the Bhalukpong Wildlife Sanctuary, Tipi Orchidarium, Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary, and the Kameng River.

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