Anjaw district is a place that is well-known for its amazing natural beauty. And, what is perhaps a little more intriguing is the fact that this place is also the second populous district of India. 

It is a land of many enchanting rivers which flow freely in alignment with nature. Some of the most famous ones are the Lohit River, Lam River, Dichu River, etc. 

This district is quite rich in terms of wildlife and has an exotic variety of fauna and flora. There is a great chance that you might even find a rare variety of rare mammals such as Mishmi takin or Red goral if you visit this place. 

Historically speaking, this place has always been the land of Tawrah Mishmi, Kaman Mishmi, and the Major tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. And, it was in the year 2004 that it was separated from the Lohit district on February 16. It was then established again with seven different circles namely Hayuliang, Goiliang, Manchal, Chaglagam, Walong, Hawai, and Kibithoo.   

The local inhabitants of this place are the Tawarahs, Digarus, and Kamans, who are also known as the Zakhrings. The Diagaru Mishmis are great people when it comes to hospitality. Diagru Mishmis are settled in the Hayuliang district and the Chaglagam area. Whereas the Miju Mishmis are settled in the Goiliang area. The majority of the people here are dependent on agricultural activities for their livelihood.

We can say that nature has been quite generous to this district and has bequeathed it with a lot of waterfalls so much so that it has become quite popular among the people with the name 'The Land of Hundreds of Waterfalls'.

History of Anjaw District

Around in the year of 1914, this district was a part of Lakhimpur. British Administration had created the North-East frontier tract for the very purpose of administering three key areas - 1) The Central & Eastern Section 2) The Lakhimpur Frontier Section 3) The Western Section. Furthermore, a politician in charge was also appointed in each section. 

And then in 1948, under the North-East Frontier Tract, the portion which had remained particularly from the Sadiya district was divided into two separate charges namely Abor Hills District and Mishmi Hills district. After that in June 1980, Lohit District was bifurcated further into two separate ones namely Lohit District and Dibang Valley. 

Major Attractions in and Around Anjaw District

1. Kibithoo

Situated at an approximate height of around 1305 meters, this is a place where you will be finding a lot of flowers, enchanting waterfalls, pine forests. All of this makes Kibithoo an interesting place to explore and visit as a traveler. Furthermore, the Herculian mountains standing tall and proud in the valleys give you all the more reason to visit this place again and again. 

2. Tezu

The beauty of listening to chirping birds, their soothing melodies, nature, the Shivalinga rocks comes across as praise-worthy. Overall, in Tezu you will get to find an abundance of nature’s glamour and fascinating beauty.

3. Dong Valley

Dong Valley is a place where the sun rises first in our country. It is a place where many people visit to see the early morning sunrise at 3 am. Can you imagine 3 am? And owing to this one particular factor it has garnered a lot of attention from the people.

4. Walong

In the local dialect, the meaning of this very word means 'Place full of bamboos'. Located on the west bank of the Lohit River, this is the kind of place which you will definitely love to discover. It also carries an intense historical significance as during the 1962 war Indian soldiers lost their lives while protecting our nation.

How to Reach Anjaw District

Situated amid the glistening beauty of waterfalls, rivers, and mountains Anjaw is a terrific place to visit. It is situated at an approximate distance of 2,597, 3,441, 1,704, 3,642 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively. Check out the details mentioned below on how you can reach Anjaw district by the following means of public transportation.

By Air

The nearest airports are Tezu Airport (TEI), Tezu and Dibrugarh Airport (DIB), Mohanbari situated approximately 100 and 150-200 km away respectively. The nearest international airport is the Guwahati Airport (GAU). However, due to close proximity, Tezu Airport will be a better option for you. It was recently upgraded in 2019 to provide a better flying experience to tourists. The airport has good flight connectivity with other cities. From the airport, you will need to cover the remaining distance by some means of public transportation. 

  • From Guwahati - Board Air India flights from Guwahati Airport.
  • From Kolkata - Board Air India flights from Kolkata Airport. 

Here is a list of Indian cities from where flights are available to Anjaw District

By Train

The nearest railway station is the New Tinsukia Railway Station situated (approx) 200 km away from the destination. This station is located on the Lumding-Dibrugarh section and is responsible for serving the Tinsukia district along with its nearby regions. Apart from this, you can also consider deboarding at the Old Tinsukia Railway Station. Once you get off at the railhead, book a taxi or board a bus to further reach your destination.

By Road

If you are residing in nearby regions like Tezu, Pasighat, or Daparjito you can easily travel to Anjaw via booking interstate/private buses at nominal pricing. Apart from this, you can also book state-run taxis to reach here. As the roadways and national highways connecting this region are considerably well-routed, you can also take your own vehicle here.

  • From Tezu - 90-100 km via NH13
  • From Lohitpur - 109 km via NH13
  • From Digboi - 208 km via Hayuliang Road

You can plan your trip and create your own route to the city with Adotrip’s technically driven circuit planner. Click here


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