Travel to Places in India with Bold and Stunning Bollywood Actress, Bidita Bag

Travelling reduces stress levels. Nah! It’s not to hype but a scientifically proven fact. Unplugging from the stress of daily life is imperative and travelling opens the door to a different world altogether. And if you are still hawking for a dose of travel inspiration, here’s to you! An exclusive travel interview of Indian actress and stunning model, Bidita Bag.

The super gorgeous and extremely warm-hearted Bollywood actress, Bidita Bag in a casual banter revealed her fetish for exploring new places. It was a delight to get acquainted with a strong-minded woman whose take on travelling and her favourite places in India are as striking as her selection of roles. She breaks all stereotypes even while travelling. Ahaan! We will not talk much. Scroll down and read!

: What’s travelling to you?

Travelling lays different challenges and also opportunities that help us evolve as a person. There are instances when solace seems entirely out of reach, in that state of mind travelling helps me to align myself. Travelling not only elevates my mood but also enhances my creativity. And the biggest gift of travelling is that it pushes me from my comfort zone and with every trip, I discover a stronger-self.

Travelling for me is a short break from the hustle and bustle to put together some scattered pieces.

: Why do you think people should travel to India?

India is an exceptionally mesmerizing country to discover. I would call it a mini-world where there’s everything ranging from grandeur of heritage to geographical diversity. From hospitable locals to breathtaking locales, it can take a lifetime to discover all the places that lie within Indian boundary. The ancient town, Varanasi to heritage-rich, Hampi, serene beaches of Andaman to the shimmering deserts of Rajasthan and then there is the virgin beauty of the places in the north-east India, it’s beyond comprehension.

Visit India to witness the intricately intertwined legacy of the bygone era thriving with conventional establishments.

: You hail from West Bengal. What keeps you connected to roots?

I was born and raised in Santragachi, Howrah, travelled to so many places and have been working in the city of dreams, Mumbai but trust me I am so fascinated with the pleasant vibe and lifestyle of West Bengal. Despite being in a world of glitter and glamour, a part of me always stays in my hometown where life goes by swiftly; undisturbed and quiet!

I can travel miles away or I may even settle in some other part of the world but West Bengal will always stay in me as my core.

: Any unique festival in India that you wish to experience?

Durga Puja in West Bengal has some unique rituals and ceremonies that many people are unaware of. Bodhon, Kola Bou Snan, Kumari Puja, Shandhi Puja and Dhunuchi Naach are famous ceremonies and the grandeur of these events catches the whims of many. Apart from the rituals, the decor of pandals is quite splendid. Local artisans work year long on the spellbinding idols of Maa Durga and the entire state is under the spell of euphoric festive vibe. I certainly like to be in West Bengal during this festival so that I don’t miss the fun.

: Any interesting story from India that left behind a beautiful memory?

Born in a land where great scholar Rabindra Nath Tagore was born, I grew up hearing many of his stories that inspired me to travel. One of his stories took me to Meghalaya. I could actually relate to his obsession with this stunning state after seeing its beauty with my own eyes. To tell you all, Meghalaya was a writing retreat for the great poet and the state was named by him, which precisely means ‘abode of clouds’. Meghalaya is actually a must-visit tourist destination in India that is a treasure trove of natural wonders.

: Which is your favourite shopping destination in India?

I love shopping in Delhi and Kolkata. The fine zardozi work in Delhi and the handloom of Kolkata are the best in the country. If someone has a fancy for junk jewellery and handicrafts then Shanti Niketan is also a great place to shop. Rajasthan of course is a shopper’s paradise. I like to collect local handicrafts and handloom sarees from different places in India. Every place has something new to offer.

: How do you manage fitness while travelling?

I don’t restrict my fitness regimen to the enclosed gym, for me, the open spaces are my gym. Some treks require a great endurance level and that comes with fitness, therefore, I walk miles and go on treks regularly. My most enduring trek in India was to Deomali Peak which is the highest peak in Odisha. I would rather say that my holidays are a blend of everything; adventure activities, meditation, trekking and relaxing. I walk a lot and meditate to keep myself fit. Simple and sorted way to manage both together.

: Which is one place in India that you want to visit sometime soon?

My list is long! I have travelled to Kashmir but there is so much more that I have to see. Loktak Lake which is the largest freshwater lake in North East India, Vineyards in Nasik, some heritage sites in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra are on my wishlist. Every year, I en route to a new yoga retreat in India, I have to explore them all. Phew! So much to explore.

: Do you prefer an active or a relaxing vacation? Why?

I travel to relax and also explore different places. It’s enriching to gather knowledge about different places around the world. First two days of my vacation are to acclimatize and sit back in the lap of nature and then I embark upon the journey of discovering the geographical and cultural nuances of a place. Like, it was refreshing to explore spice gardens in Goa when I was on a laid back beach holiday and it is equally amazing to sip a cup of tea amid the serenity of Darjeeling. Every place in India has its own charm and I can’t sit at the couch for days to miss all the fun of exploring new places.

: You are a model and an actor. What do you carry in your bag while travelling?

It's been a while that I have given up on getting validation from people. Since then I am casual and easy while travelling. I really don’t care how I am caught by paparazzi. I want to travel the world in my desi accent, I want to see places in my comfortable attire, I want to walk miles in my sneakers and track pants. I want to travel across borders to feel liberated.

The true essence of travelling lies in my spirit and not in my bag.

Rapid Fire

: 3 Travel Essentials

Mobile, Cash and My comfortable clothes & shoes

: An actor you would like to travel with?

Vidyut Jammwal. He’s a big time fitness freak and nature lover. We belong to the same tribe.

: A travel movie that inspires you?


: One place from where you felt nothing is far?


: Where did you go on your last vacation?

Goa with my parents

: What’s your favorite weekend getaway?

From Mumbai it’s Lonavala and Pune. And when I am in West Bengal then I often visit Digha for a short break.

: Circuit Planner or Travel Agent?

I will definitely go with a Circuit Planner. It’s a new concept.

: Your favorite travel app?

Google maps

: Any dish from the Indian menu that everyone must try?

Macher Jhol Bhaat, typical lip-smacking Bong dish

: Which Indian airline you think is the best?

Vistara and IndiGo

'The Sholay Girl' actress, Bidita Bag has not only blazed the film circuit with her lethal looks but has been a talk of the Tinsel town for her iconic performance in movies such as Babumoshai Bandookbaaz, Moksh to Maya, Once Again and many more. The unrelenting spirit and strong screen presence bagged her plenty of films based on socio-political issues. Quadrupling her talent quotient, she has proven her versatility in parallel cinema, regional movies, glamorous roles, webseries and walking ramp for best designers. Already paved her way as a new-age actress in short span, Bidita today runs a bandwagon with her substance and beauty wrapped beautifully in one parcel.

Smitten with her sorted attitude? Don’t forget to watch our Trip Talkies section for more travel interviews of your favourite celebrities. You can now grab exclusive holiday packages with us and there’s a lot of excitement brewing in the pipeline. We will be back with great news very soon. Till then hold your horses and stay connected with Adotrip - your best travel buddy!


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