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Have you ever witnessed the sheer brilliance of nature on the Earth that makes it look nothing less than heavenly? If not, head to Tsomgo Lake, a crystal clear, glacial lake located in Gangtok, Sikkim. It is famous for its healing properties. The faith healers of Sikkim, who are called, use the lake waters and their healing properties to heal people suffering from various health issues. 

Tsomgo Lake stays frozen during winters. The first and foremost feature of the lake is that it has an enticing oval shape, spreading over an area of 60.5 acres. Moreover, the lake is surrounded by natural beauty through and through. You get to see Alpine forests covering the lake’s catchment. Surrounded by soaring pine trees and silver firs, this glacial lake is one of the major attractions in Sikkim. As the season changes, the lake and its surroundings also change, adding new colours all over. In springtime, the lake water appears to be sapphire blue, while in winters, it deepens to look dark inky green. These changing colours lend a mysterious aura to the lake. The lake is approximately one kilometer long, and its banks are replete with nature’s choicest marvels that liven up the entire area with sheer beauty and magnificence. Beautiful, fresh, seasonal blooms make the area look vibrant and appealing. Bird lovers love spotting some very rare species of birds like golden eagles, yellow-bellied fantail flycatchers, rose finches, and attractive migratory birds like brown-headed gulls, tufted pochards, brahminy ducks, and more.  It is very common to spot wildlife like Himalayan Black bears and leopards in the nearby thickets. For tourists, there are joy rides on decorated mules and yaks. Various kiosks are also arranged to offer sumptuous food and drinks.

Best Time to Visit Tsomgo Lake

Visitors can plan a visit to the beautiful Tsomgo Lake anytime in the year. Winters are biting cold, sometimes dropping to minus zero temperature. The lake is frozen in winters shrouded in mist, creating a surreal ambiance. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks add to its splendour. The best time to visit Tsomgo Lake is from May to October in the summers. During this time, wildflowers start blooming, and the snow starts melting. It is also the perfect time to capture the picture-postcard beauty of the lake with vibrantly coloured flowers in full bloom all around. 

History of Tsomgo Lake

Sikkim is known for its rich culture and heritage with its roots in its scenic locales. Tsomgo Lake is associated with popular folklores. The lake's name is sourced from two words from the Bhutia language, where Tso means lake and go means ahead. As per the legend, there was a yaks barn where today the lake is situated. Once a yak herder, an older woman used to live there who had a dream where she was asked to move from this place as it was soon going to be flooded with water. The older woman decided to vacate the place, but other herders in the area refused to believe her. As the older woman left the area, people saw an older woman enter the valley with her snow-white hair, and soon the place was filled with water.  The entire area was flooded, drawing the remaining herders in the area. This older woman was believed to be the lake’s guardian deity, and later the lake came to be known as Tsomgo. Depending on the changing colours of the lake, lamas used to predict the future. Today, this is a sacred spot, and locals annually visit with shamans during Gurupurnima to offer prayers.

Places To Visit Near Tsomgo Lake 

Snow-covered peaks of the Himalayas overlooking Lake Tsomgo, or ‘source of water situated at a steep height of 12 500 feet, are one of the major attractions in Sikkim. Its closeness to the Indo-China border and gorgeous scenic locales add to its glory and stunning beauty. Tsomgo Lake is among the best places to visit in Sikkim. Here's the list of the top 8 sites you can explore near Tsomgo lake. 

1. Shiv Temple

The Shiv temple carries a great spiritual vibe, and spiritually inclined people are highly likely to find this place impressive. More or less, this place is quite a fantastic Destination to visit around with your loved ones.

2. Kyongnosla Waterfall

This is yet another magical place to visit around with your loved ones. The spiritual aura of this place is out and out amazing to experience.

3. Nathula Pass

The Nathula Pass is one of the most exciting places to visit with your loved ones. Here you get to discover some of the most pleasing aspects of this place.

4. Himalayan Zoological Park

You can visit the Himalayan Zoological Park and discover a wide variety of animals. This park holds a great variety of picturesque scenic views.

5. Smritivan

This is yet another awesome place that is out and out amazing to travel and visit. The main idea of this setup is to plant a tree in the memory of your dear loved ones.

6. Tashi View Point

This View-Point is an exciting place to visit and explore. It offers the tourists some of the most iconic and beautiful views of nature.

7. Jawahar Lal Nehru Botanical Garden

Located at a 2 km distance from Tsomgo Lake, this botanical garden is home to some of the rarest and unique species of plants and blooms. It is a calm and quiet place, perfect for enjoying closeness with nature. 

8. Phensong Monastery

If you wish to experience spirituality and a sense of calm washing over you, head to Phensong Monastery. It is a quiet place located among serene natural locales. 

How to Reach Tsomgo Lake?

Lakes are the ultimate mood-changing destinations. Be it anywhere in the world, one does want to visit a breathtakingly beautiful lake or two. Here in Sikkim, Tsomgo Lake is a must-visit place and an absolutely easy getaway for all travelers. It is just 38 km away from Gangtok which is the capital city of Sikkim as well as it is in itself a popular tourist destination. To reach this awe-inspiring destination, you can use the nearest airport, railway station, and bus services. Here are the details of how to access this destination using diverse modes of transportation. 

  • Nearest Major City. Gangtok
  • Nearest Airport. Pakyong Airport, Gangtok 
  • Nearest Railway Station. New Jalpaiguri Railway Station
  • Distance from Gangtok. 36.3 km

By Air. Deboard at Pakyong Airport in Gangtok and from there you can take a private bus or a taxi to reach Tsomgo Lake which is 63 km away. Flights from all parts of the country arrive at this airport hence planning a trip via airways can be a comfortable, convenient, and faster option. State-run and private buses are also available to ferry passengers to Tsomgo Lake. 

  • Distance from Pakyong Airport. 63 km

By Train. There is good connectivity of train routes from New Jalpaiguri Railway Station to Tsomgo Lake from all parts of the country. From New Jalpaiguri Railway Station, tourists can take a cab or just a walk to the centre of the town. 

  • Distance from New Jalpaiguri Railway Station. 99.5 km

By Road. Depending on your geographical location, you can consider traveling to Tsomgo Lake by road as well. The overall road network which includes national highways is well-maintained and easily accessible. As per your convenience, you can choose to travel by state-run buses, cabs, or by your personal vehicles as well. 

  • Distance From Singtam. 123.1 km
  • Distance From Rangpo. 74 km 
  • Distance From Jorethang. 117.5 km 
  • Distance From Naya Bazaar. 119.2 km
  • Distance From Mangan. 88.7 km
  • Distance From Gyalshing. 156.6 km
  • Distance From Namchi. 114.3 km
  • Distance From Delhi. 1608.4 km
  • Distance From Mumbai. 2434.6 km
  • Distance From Kolkata. 730.6 km
  • Distance From Bengaluru. 2665.6 km

Permission To Visit Tsomgo Lake

Visitors keen to explore Tsomgo Lake must carry their ID cards and seek permission from the government authorities to visit the area.  This permission is granted by the Police Check Post. Foreign Nationals can seek permission to visit Tsomgo Lake from Sikkim Tourism and Civil Aviation Department. It is recommended to apply for the permission a day advance. 

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Tsomgo Lake

Ques 1- Does Tsomgo Lake require a permit to visit?

Ans 1- Visitors keen to explore Tsomgo Lake must seek permission from the government authorities to visit the area.  This permission is granted by the Police Check Post. Foreign Nationals can seek permission to visit Tsomgo Lake from Sikkim Tourism and Civil Aviation Department.

Ques 2. What is the best time to visit Tsomgo Lake?

Ans 2.  The best time to visit Tsomgo Lake is from May to October in the summers. During this time, wildflowers start blooming, and the snow starts melting. 

Ques 3. What makes Tsomgo Lake famous?

Ans 3. Tsomgo Lake is famous for its sheer natural brilliance. It is a crystal clear, glacial lake located in Gangtok, Sikkim, famous for its healing properties.

Ques 4- What should you wear in Tsomgo Lake?

Ans 4- Wear comfortable, walking shoes that give a good grip as the area around Tsomgo Lake may be slippery due to snow deposits. Carry an umbrella and a raincoat to keep safe from sudden showers. A water bottle and something to eat is also recommended as you may feel woozy due to high altitude.  

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