Losoong Festival

24 December 2022 - 27 December 2022


Rumtek Monasteries, Sikkim

18°C / Clouds

One of the most anticipated festivals of Sikkim, Losoong is celebrated as per the Tibetan Lunar Calendar. It falls on the 18th day of the 10th month of every year and the festivities of the same continue for 5 days.

During this time, farmers celebrate the harvest of their crops and although this one is a traditional festival of the Bhutia tribe, the Losoong festival is celebrated with equal zeal by the Lepcha tribe as well by the name of Namsoong Festival. 

Losoong is celebrated not just in India but in the neighboring countries of Nepal and Bhutan too. Did you know that the dances performed during this festival showcase the narrativized tales from the life of the great saint Padmasambhava?

It is considered one of the most important festivals observed in North-East India. And as for tourists, it is definitely a great time to discover the Sikkimese culture.  

Major Attractions of Losoong Festival

The main celebrations of the Losoong Festival begin after the priests offer ‘Chi-Fut’ to the gods. The Chi-Fut is a special kind of alcohol and is quite famous locally. After this ritual, an effigy of a symbolic demon king is burnt which majorly represents the destruction of the evil.

The black hat dance and chaam dance are the major eye-catching performances that happen during the Losoong Festival. These are mainly performed to welcome the year on a happy and positive note.

The monks also take part in traditional dancing and singing events. What's interesting is that the men who participate in it have to wear huge masks along with heavy traditional attires, making them look very attractive and fun. Attending these festivals of Sikkim are a great way to connect with locals and learn about their culture and tradition.

How to Reach

Sikkim, as a vacation destination, is quite scenic and a gem that must be explored. Interesting travel getaways like Yuksom, Tashiding Monastery, etc. give you a glimpse of their culture but if you want to witness their traditions in full glory then you ought to visit here during the Losoong Festival. 

Sikkim is located at a distance of around 1,591, 2,686, 2,426, and 701 km from Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Kolkata respectively. Let’s discuss the options you can use to reach the traveler's paradise

By Air

Planning a trip to Sikkim via the air route is convenient and recommended. For this, you will need to deboard at the Pakyong Airport which is situated at an approximate distance of 100 km from Sikkim. It is known as one of the five highest airports of India and North East's very first greenfield airport too. Various airlines like Spicejet, IndiGo, Air India, Jet Airways operate to and fro this airport. 

Apart from Pakyong Airport, you can also deboard at Bagdogra International Airport. This airport is located at an approximate distance of around 150-160 km from the city center and airlines like IndiGo, Air India, Spice Jet have fairly good connectivity over here as well. After deboarding the flight, you can take a cab to reach your destination. 

By Road

Planning a trip to Sikkim via road? Well, nothing can be better than this! For this, you will need to cover 127 km via NH10 from Darjeeling, from Bagdogra you will have to travel for 154 km via NH 10, and from Patna, it would be 603 km via NH 27.

By Train

Planning a trip to Sikkim via a train network is also a good option. While traveling via train, you must know that Siliguri and New Jalpaiguri are the two nearest railway stations located at an approximate distance of 145 and 149 km respectively, and are well connected to Indian cities. Here's a list of the cities near Sikkim and the trains you can catch from there. 

  • Delhi - Arunachal Express from Anand Vihar Terminus
  • Kolkata - Shatabdi Express from Howrah Junction
  • Darjeeling - DJ NJP Passenger
  • Patna - DBRT Rajdhani from Danapur.

Once you deboard the train, you will have to cover the remaining distance by some means of public transportation like a taxi or bus.

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