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Jalpaiguri is the largest city and also the headquarters of the Jalpaiguri district in the state of West Bengal. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations within the state which attracts a lot of crowd from all around the nation and even people from around the world who come to visit India and its beauty. The city is located right at the banks of the Teesta river which is the second largest river after the Ganges. The city is quite prominent in the state and is important for all sectors be that tourism, education, transport, commercial or trade. The significance of the city doubles when it merges up with its twin city which is only 35 km from there known as Siliguri. Both of them together combine to be the largest metropolis in the region and thus hosts major tourists coming to the state.

The culture of West Bengal has always been a talking point and is also a unique highlight about it. The vibrant and charming festivals, the intimidating energy and also the rich culture and heritage is reflected through each one of its cities. All the major festivals celebrated PAN India and in Bengal can be seen cheerfully celebrated in Jalpaiguri as well.

Places to visit in Jalpaiguri

Murti River

The Murti River is situated at a distance of 9km from Jalpaiguri. And the Murti river is situated near the place Murti. Here, you can see a wide variety of animals such as Elephants, Deer, and many others. Particularly these animals can be seen in the limelight when they come to satiate their thirst for water.

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Buxa National Park

The Buxa National Park is located in the Alipur division of West Bengal. Buxa is one of the most popular tourist destinations to visit in Jalpaiguri. Moreover, it is quite a popular place to visit especially for the adventure buffs.

Gorumara National Park

This national park is located in the very foothills of the Terai region and is known for their seamless natural abundance. It was declared as a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1949 and is responsible for attracting tourists and travellers from all walks of life.  

Things to do in Jalpaiguri

Visit Mendabari Fort which is out and out an amazing place to visit around with your loved ones. Also known by the name of Nal rajagarh Fort this place dates back to the 5th century. Moreover, this place has an amazing vibe when it comes to visiting this place.  

Buxa Duar Trek

This trek has been cradled in the Jalpaiguri District of West Bengal. This place is so unique that it offers an amazing opportunity to have a look at the mysteries of the wild jungles of the Buxa Tiger Reserve. Fundamentally, it is a densely forested reserve which is proud of being the only tiger reserve in the entire Kanchenjunga circuit.

Events and festivals in & around Jalpaiguri

Durga Puja

There is no doubt that Durga Puja is one of the most popular festivals in all of Bengal. Jalpaiguri is situated in West Bengal and has assimilated a great number of rituals and ceremonies. It is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Read More...

Kali Puja

This puja is based on the invocation of Goddess Kali. This temple was established in the 19th century near Gosala. A great number of devotees can be seen visiting this temple. The spiritual vibe of this place is simply amazing. 

Teesta Tea & Tourism Festival

Situated in the hilly area of West Bengal, the Teesta Tea and Tourism festival is an amazing opportunity for you to explore and enjoy the subtle nuances of life. The hilly area in West Bengal has been laden with tea gardens which are extremely beautiful. Read More...

Best time to visit Jalpaiguri

The months from October to March is a great time to visit Jalpaiguri. During this time, it is a great time for sightseeing. Especially, your children would love the overall abundance and atmosphere.

How to reach Jalpaiguri?

The nearest airport is Bagdogra airport. And from there, you would need to reach your destination either through a cab or some other means of transportation. Jalpaiguri mainly has 5 railway stations which are all well-connected with other cities and parts of India. Within the city, people can easily find public transport options which can help in roaming around in the city in the cheapest fares possible. By road as well, the overall connectivity is quite good.

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