Connected by meandering rivers, Sundarbans is a place of perpetual life activity. On the surface as well as beneath the water, what keeps Sundarbans a must-visit travel getaway is its magical charm that attracts a lot of tourists on an annual basis. 

We all know that Sundarbans, in its essence, is known as the land where mangrove forests are found extensively. The locals present here respect their land from which they reap the benefits of satisfying their hunger. And perhaps it’s one of the major reasons why the Sundarban Folk Festival in India is celebrated even until today. 

Major Attractions of Sundarban Folk Festival

1. Bonbibi Pala. This is a dramatic performance which is done in sync with the local traditions. Specifically practised in the Sundarbans and that too in the lower deltaic regions, this dance is connected with the worshipping of the cult Goddess known as Bibi. 

It is said that mostly the Goddess is called upon by the honey collectors and the woodcutters while they are about to enter the forests. This is done as they seek protection from the Devi to protect their lives.

Another end of this little anecdote states that there was a Demon King named Dakkhin Rai who was considered as the arch-enemy of the Goddess. And as per the folklores, it is believed that till today he appears in the guise of tigers and attacks the villagers. And, the fact that this ritual is practised even in today’s times suggests that the people haven’t forgotten their roots and rever the Goddess with boundless faith. 

2. The Significance of Word Pala and Celebrations. In Bengali, the word Pala means a song or a verse. Historically, it was only sung to the deity of Bonbibi. And it was only very much later in history, that this song was converted into a complete enactment quite similar to a play. 

This festival is majorly organized by the Dept of Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises in association with UNESCO. Together, they are known for covering about 650 artists in total who during this festival come together to create some of the most amazing moments to remember. 

How to Reach

The beauty of Sunderban attracts people from across the globe, including biologists, environmentalists, tourists, nature photographers, scientists, and wildlife enthusiasts. The folk festival dedicated to Sundarban is an opportunity for all to witness its rich cultural heritage alongside its mesmerizing views. Sunderban is approximately 1400km, 1600km, 100km, and 1500km from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru, respectively. The nearest cities to Sundarban are Kolkata, Khulna, and Satkhira. Continue reading to discover the best travel modes and routes to reach Kolkata.  

By Air. Kolkata is well-connected by airways, roadways, and railways to the rest of the country.  You may either land at Netaji Subash Chandra Bose International Airport in Dum Dum or at the Bagdogra International Airport, which is in Siliguri. After deboarding the flight, you would need to take a cab or get on a bus to reach your desired destination. 

  • Delhi - Board SpiceJet, GoAir, IndiGo, or AirIndia flight from Delhi. The fare starts from INR 2,900
  • Mumbai - Board AirAsia, or AirIndia flight from Mumbai. The fare starts from INR 3,500
  • Bengaluru - Board GoAir, AirAsia flight from Bengaluru. The fare starts from INR 3,500 
  • Patna - Board IndiGo, GoAir, or SpiceJet flight from Patna. The fare starts from INR 3,400

By Road. Travelling by road is a great way to experience the local culture of any place. If you have time by your side, then you may opt for travelling by tourist bus or may self-drive to Sundarban. The road journey will give you a sneak peek into the local life and culture. Listed below is the estimate of distance in kilometres required to travel if arriving from nearby cities.   

  • Siliguri - 546km 
  • Khulna - 131km
  • Satkhira - 86km
  • Ranchi - 403km 
  • Bhubaneswar - 360km 

By Train. The Howrah railway station and the Sealdah Junction are the two nearest railheads to reach Sundarban. After you get off from the railway station, you would need to cover the remaining distance via some means of transportation. 

  • Delhi - Board Poorva Express SPL from Delhi and deboard at Howrah Jn 
  • Mumbai - Board CSMT HWH SPL from Mumbai Central and Deboard at Howrah Jn
  • Bhubaneswar - Board Jansatabdi SPL from Bhubaneswar and deboard at Howrah Jn
  • Bengaluru - Board Duronto Express from Yesvantpur Jn and deboard at Howrah Jn

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