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The headquarters of Ramakrishna Math and Mission, Belur Math is located in Belur, Howrah, West Bengal. It is found by the chief disciple of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swami Vivekananda. People from all over the world visit the pilgrimage site irrespective of their religions. Even, atheists can find a true meaning of life spending some hours at the divine place.

Top attractions of Belur Math

Shri Ramakrishna Temple- The tranquillity around the space lets you feel that the Swami Ramakrishna is here. On the main entrance, you will see the Swami is seated on a lotus with his spoken eyes that holds eternal wisdom. 

Shri Maa Sharda Devi Temple- Another majestic attraction that will lend you in the divine atmosphere is the Shri Maa Sharda Devi Temple. As long as you are in the temple, you will feel the positivity. 

Swami Brahmananda Temple- The heavenly temple is dedicated to the Swami Brahmananda, the son of Ramakrishna. The temple is built on the same spot where his body was cremated after on his passing away on 10 April 1922. 

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Things to do in Belur Math

You can attend the evening aarti that is dedicated to Swami Ramakrishna Paramhansa and mother Sarada Devi. The timing of aarti is 5:30 PM every day in the evening. Attending the aarthi can definitely be your divine experience.

You can visit the Ramakrishna Museum to have a glimpse of such pure soul.

Best time to visit  Belur Math

The temple is open for the duration of 6 Am to 9PM every day. The visiting is absolutely free of cost.

How to reach Belur Math?

From Howrah, there are many local trains that go to Belur Math. some of them are HWH BRMH LOCAL, HWH BRMH LOCAL, HWH BRMH LOCAL, HWH BRMH LOCAL. Also, you can pick the Bus number 54 from Howrah to reach Belur Math. there are also auto and taxis run towards Belur Math.

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