If you are looking for a place which can offer you beauty, scenery, history, and religious beliefs, then Hooghly is where you need to go. It is a perfect place with rivers and traits of history living in there. It has the influence of the French and Dutch which is visible in its culture and architecture. Here we have listed the best tourist places to visit in Hooghly and many more things to explore in the city. Again, the city is accessible through railways, smooth roads and the nearby airport.

Best Time To Visit Hooghly

The winter months are a great time to visit Hooghly. This is an ideal time for sightseeing and exploring this gem of a place.

History of Hooghly

The district of Hooghly derived its name from the town of Hooghly on the west bank of the Hooghly River about 40 km north of Kolkata. This town was a major river port for trade in India before colonialism. The district has thousands of years of rich heritage as part of the Bengali kingdom of Bhurshut. 

The first European to reach this area was the Portuguese sailor Vasco da Gama. In 1536 Portuguese traders obtained a permit from Sultan Mahmud Shah to trade in this area. In those days the Hooghly River was the main route for transportation and Hooghly served as an excellent trading port.

Places To Visit In Hooghly

1. Bandel Church

This church was built in the year 1599 by Captain Pedro Tavares. And by the middle of the 16th century, the Portuguese had used Bandel as a port. What is really worth knowing is the fact that the original building of this church was burnt down and was rebuilt in 1660.

2. Imambara

This Imambara was built by Hazi Mohammad Mohsin. This tourist Destination has been located on the bank of river Ganga in Chinsurah. The construction of this place started in 1841 and then came to its fruitful end in 1861.

3. Kamarpukur

Located in the Arambagh subdivision of the Hooghly District, this is the place where Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa was born in the year of 1836. This village is around 48 km away from Taraknath Temple.

4. Pandua Bari Mosque

Visit Pandua Bari Mosque which is out and out amazing. If we look at the architecture of this place, then it is a typical brick style of Bengal. This building has around three aisles and has around 21 door openings. This mosque also has a canopied platform.  

5. Antpur Math

Antpur Math was initiated in the Hooghly River in the year of 1965 and then was officially affiliated in the year of 1986. This centre has been situated in the birthplace of Swami Premananda.

Furthermore, what is really interesting to know is the fact that many young disciples of Sri Ramakrishna took the vow of renunciation under the unparalleled leadership of Swami Vivekananda.

6. Deer Park

Visit Deer Park which is simply an amazing place to visit. This place is really great as an ideal picnic spot. Thus, you should definitely give this tourist spot a try.

How To Reach Hooghly

You can easily reach Hooghly via various modes of transportation. The city is well connected with other major nearby cities by road, rail and air network. You may consider driving to the city if you reside in the nearby cities or may consider travelling by air or rail. The frequency of flights to the city and the number of trains that pass through the station is good which means that you can plan your visit at your convenience.  

  • Nearest Major City. Kolkata
  • Nearest Airport. Netaji Subhash Chandra International Airport 
  • Nearest Railhead. Hooghly Railway Station
  • Distance from Kolkata. 54 km 

By Air

Netaji Subhash Chandra International Airport, Kolkata is the closest airport to Hooghly. From there, you will need to take a cab or some other means of transportation.  

  • Distance from Netaji Subhash Chandra International Airport. 53 km 

By Road

The overall connectivity via the road route is quite good. Thus, if you are planning a road trip then it will also be a convenient option for you.

  • Distance from Kolkata. 54 km 
  • Distance from Ranchi. 429 km
  • Distance from Bhubaneshwar. 469 km  
  • Distance from Patna. 564 km
  • Distance from Lucknow. 982 km

By Train

Chinsurah Railway Station is the nearest railway station from Hooghly. And from there, you would need to take a taxi or a cab.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hooghly 

Q 1. What is Hooghly famous for?

A 1. Hooghly is a popular tourist destination in West Bengal famous for its ancient temples, churches, mosques, parks, jute industry, picturesque riverfront, and a rich culture to explore. The place witnessed an intriguing shift in political power from time to time from the Mughals, the Portuguese, the Dutch, the Britishers, and the French. This influenced the culture of this place and exploring this diversity would be a memorable experience. 

Q 2. How many villages are there in the Hooghly district?

A 2. Hooghly district has 18 blocks comprising 77 towns and 25 villages. 

Q 3. Is Hooghly the same as Ganga?

A 3. Hooghly river is an arm of the Ganga river. The Farakka Barrage that diverts the river Ganga to West Bengal is called Hooghly river or Kati-Ganga by the locals.  

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