With the onset of Disco Dandia, prepare yourself to match your steps to the music beats and have some real fun. It’s a time when people dress up in their traditional clothes and get ready to experience loads of fun and festive thrill. 

As the night of the event unfolds, the excitement and overall enthusiasm also rise as Disco Dandia is all about cherishing the festive spirit of the occasion and discovering joy, music, dance along with tasting the most mouth-watering cuisines. 

The celebrations of Dandia mainly reflect the commencement of Navratri, which is a time to celebrate the victory of good over evil. Yes, throughout these nine days of Navratri, the entire state of Jharkhand comes out as a colourful state showcasing the heritage significance of this festival. It is as if almost every street organizes a Garba and Dandia event.  

Background of this Tradition

Navratri is a time when particularly, Goddess Durga is worshipped in her nine forms. These nine nights prior to the major Hindu festival of Diwali also sees a major upliftment in terms of spiritual vibrations. 

Dandia, which is a significant part of the celebrations dates back to the era when folk dances were performed in the form of Garba to honour Goddess Durga. Moreover, it is also a belief that Dandia is essentially a mock fight between Goddess Durga and the demon, Mahishasura where the sticks of the festival represent their weapons. Another belief also suggests that dandia finds its origin from Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha’s Raas Leela.  

Major Attractions of Disco Dandia

Disco Dandia is all about giving the traditional dandia a somewhat new perspective. It is quite increasingly becoming very popular among the youth of the country because of the fun and revelry which it has to offer. On the occasion of Disco Dandia, people can be seen coming out as impeccably dressed and quite eager to celebrate. The major attractions of this event include DJ, Dhol, Bollywood songs, food stalls and much more.  

While participating in Dandia Raas, people majorly assemble in two circular formations where the inner circle typically moves clockwise and the outer circle moves in the complete opposite direction. Apart from that, the celebrations of this festival mainly start after the ritual of aarti is completed. 

How to Reach

Ranchi, Jharkhand is a very interesting place where you can hope to spend some memorable moments of life. Ranchi, Jharkhand is located at an overall distance of about 1,290, 1,816, 418, 1,962 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bengaluru. Let’s discuss how you can reach Ranchi Jharkhand via the following routes.

By Air. The best option to reach Ranchi via flight would be the Birsa Munda Airport (IXR). This airport has been named after one of the legendary tribal freedom fighters Birsa Munda. This particular airport is currently managed by the Airport Authority of India. It is known for handling about 2.2 million passengers on an annual basis.

Various airlines like Vistara, Air Asia, Air India and Go Air operate to and fro connecting various cities in India. After you deboard at the airport, you can easily take some means of transportation like a cab or an auto to reach your destination. 

By Road. You can also reach Ranchi via road. Depending upon your location here is the route you can take to reach here.

  1. Delhi - 1,290 km via NH19
  2. Lucknow - 748 km via NH19 or NH20
  3. Kanpur - 760 km via NH19 or NH27
  4. Jamshedpur - 130-140 km via NH43 or Ranchi-Purulia Road
  5. Aurangabad - 1,358 km via NH53 or NH43

You can also rely on reaching here via interstate buses as well. The Khadgarha bus stand is considered as one of the primary bus terminus here. It has great bus connectivity with other cities to and fro.

By Train. The Ranchi Rail Junction is one of the primary train stations of Ranchi. Here is the route using which you can visit Ranchi.

  1. Cuttack - Board Tapaswini Express via Cuttack station and deboard at Hatia railway station
  2. Chennai - Board Dhanbad Express via MGR Chennai Central Station and deboard at the Ranchi Junction
  3. Puri - Board Tapaswini Express from Puri Railway Station and deboard at the Hatia Junction
  4. Patna - Board Patliputra Express from Patna Saheb Railway Station and deboard at Ranchi Junction
  5. Kanpur - Board Jharkhand S Kranti from Kanpur Central and deboard at Ranchi Junction

After deboarding your train, you can easily take a cab or some other means of public transportation to reach your desired location. 

You can plan your trip and create your own route to the city with Adotrip’s technically driven circuit planner. Click here

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