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Simlipal, a magnificent and fascinating town in Orissa sited in Marurbhan, used to hunt; now stands as the largest wildlife sanctuaries of India. Alongside, a major tiger project in India and knotted with the dense forests, striking meadows, incredible waterfalls and rivers.

A perfect destination if you are camping lovers, Simlipal Reserve is a heaven where a large mix of animals like Leopard, Elephant, Pangolin, Sambar, four horned Antelope and so forth. The Simlipal Elephant Reserve is a complete ecosystem with the wonderful vegetation along with Santhal tribal settlements.

Top attractions of Simlipal National Park

Green forests and extensive grassy lands

Enjoy the perfect weather with captivating dense forests, a perfect place if you wish to see the roaring tigers, fleeing deer, flying squirrels, talking myna and dancing peacocks, and much more.

The wildlife ecosystem

The Simlipal reserve is known as a complete ecosystem that has various rivers, forests, and wetlands, not just wetlands are the key attraction points of the park, view the nestling avenue of turtles as well as a rendezvous with migratory birds.

Barehipani and Joranda falls

When you visit this Simlipal reserve, you can view a number of tigers, fauna and flora along with the Barehipani and Joranda falls, undoubtedly, offers a charming tourist destination where one can view the charming beauty of nature. Positioned at a distance of around 60 km. from Baripada, falls as the famous spots in Orissa.

A national park, a tiger reserve and an Elephant reserve

An exotic national park filled with prettiness, alongside a tiger reserve, and an Elephant reserve too. The reserve got its name due to the abundance of Semul and red silk cotton trees that bloom and create an amazing charm.

Things to do in Simlipal National Park 

  • View the 1076 species of mammals
  • Appreciate the 29 types of reptiles
  • Explore the unique 231 species of birds
  • Adore the wonderful colored orchids

Best time to visit Simlipal National Park

December is the best time to visit the Simlipal Reserve where the temperature remains between 130C to 250C.

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Source: HISTORY TV18

How to reach Simlipal National Park?

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