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Are you a nature lover? If yes then you cannot skip Chilika Wildlife Sanctuary. No matter if you are with your family, friends, or lovers, this travel destination is just too perfect a picnic spot for you. You can sit amongst the greens, hearing the chirp of different birds, and enjoy the natural views to the fullest. It is located in southwest Puri which is a popular tourist destination itself.

If you are planning a trip to this place then it is recommended that you travel in the months of November to February. This is the time when you would be able to witness the lush and contrasting variety of migratory birds.  

Things To Do Near Chilika Wildlife Sanctuary

Chilika Wildlife Sanctuary is among the best tourist places in Odisha. Here's the list of things to do and places to visit near Chilika Wildlife Sanctuary.

1. Dolphin Point

Dolphin Point is one of the most amazing tourist spots to visit especially with children. They will adore this place. If you are lucky then you might just be able to spot a dolphin as well. This place witnesses a variety of dolphins such as Irrawaddy dolphin, Bottlenose Dolphins. The sight is just truly mesmerizing to explore.

2. Mangalajodi

Mangalajodi is one of the ancient villages which is situated around the Chilika region. This village is quite ancient in terms of its history and is also much popular among the people who like to go fishing. So much so, that now it is also known by the name of the fishing village.

3. Nalabana Bird Sanctuary

The Nalabana Bird Sanctuary is quite a popular tourist attraction among people. You can see a lot of tourists just about any given time. This park is situated along the circumference of around 8 kilometres and here you can find practically thousands of migratory birds ranging in the diverse spectrum of variety.

3. Tara Tarini Temple

This temple is dedicated to the twin goddesses Tara and Tarini. Located on the very top of the blue-capped hill, this tourist spot is visited by a considerable amount of tourists and locals alike. The devotees who come to this place have to climb a distance of 1000 steps to reach the shrine.

4. Satapada Resort

This resort has been situated along the shores of the lake. And owing to its popularity, this place is considered to be one of the chief tourist attractions. Perhaps what acts as a major factor to draw the attention of the tourists is the confluence of the lake along with the Bay of Bengal. If lucky, then you might also be able to sight some dolphins in this place. Boating is also a great activity in which people can be seen participating and enjoying.

5. Narayani Temple

It is believed that the Goddess Narayani was the manifestation of the Goddess Durga herself. While traveling and exploring this temple you will get to see the beautiful idol of the Goddess established in the sanctum. This shrine has been situated in the Eastern Ghats which are just too beautiful and thus are a famous picnic spot among the people as well. 

How to Reach Chilika Wildlife Sanctuary

Chilika wildlife sanctuary in Odisha is a must-visit destination for nature lovers, nature photographers, wildlife lovers, and every person who likes to be surrounded by nature in any form. The wildlife sanctuary is approximately 1700km via NH 44, 1600km via NH 16,65, 570 km via NH 16, and 1300km via NH 16 away from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru, respectively. 

By Air

The nearest airport is nearly 120 km away in Bhubaneshwar. The airport receives regular flights from all parts of the country. After deboarding the flight, you may hire a taxi or get a bus ticket to travel to your specific destination.

  • Delhi - Board Indigo, AirIndia, or Vistara flight from Delhi. The airfare starts from INR 3,000
  • Mumbai - Board GoAir, or AirAsia flight from Mumbai. The airfare starts from INR 4,000  
  • Kolkata - Board IndiGo flight from Kolkata. The airfare starts from INR 4,000
  • Bengaluru - Board AirAsia or GoAir flight from Bengaluru. The airfare starts from INR 4,000

By Train

Bhubaneswar railway station is where you have to get down to reach the wildlife sanctuary. The overall connectivity via the train network is good, which makes the train journey a preferred, convenient, and economical option. After deboarding at the train, you will need to cover the remaining distance by some means of public transportation, which is easily available at reasonable prices outside the railway station.

  • Delhi - Board Purshottam SPL from New Delhi and deboard at Bhubaneshwar
  • Mumbai - Board CSMT BBS SPL from C Shivaji MAH T and deboard at Bhubaneshwar
  • Kolkata - Board HWH SC SPL from Howrah Jn and deboard at Bhubaneshwar
  • Bengaluru - Board BNC GHY EXP from Bengaluru Cant and deboard at Bhubaneshwar
  • Raipur - Board Durg BBS SPL from Raipur Jn and deboard at Bhubaneshwar

By Road

If you are arriving from nearby cities, then you may consider traveling to this place via road networks. You can travel via tourist buses or may drive to the city in your vehicle as the place is connected via well-maintained motorable roads. Here is a list of the best routes that you may take to reach the sanctuary from the nearby prominent cities.   

  • Cuttack - 135km via NH 16
  • Srikakulam - 230km via NH 16
  • Visakhapatnam - 346km via NH 16
  • Puri - 78km via NH 316
  • Bhubaneswar - 110 km via NH 16
  • Ranchi - 588km via NH 20

You can plan your trip and create your own route to the city with Adotrip’s technically driven circuit planner. Click here.

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