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A brilliant example of hanging waterfalls, this destination is all about discovering the exotic nature. Watching the water flow from a great height of around 43 meters, this whole scenario paints a quaint picture in your mind and imagination. Jonha falls are situated at the edge of Ranchi plateau and anyone visiting here would have to descend about 722 steps to admire the incredible surroundings of nature. 

For people who love to travel, this place simply cannot be missed. It is an amazing melange of nature entwined with endless happiness. The lush green surroundings and the throbbing sounds of water are what essentially attract people here.  

The best time to visit Jonha Falls is from the month of October to February. The overall climate is also quite pleasant as compared to the summer months when typically the temperature is quite high and not suitable for travelling around. 

Major Attractions of Jonha Falls Ranchi

1. Pentecostal Church of God

If you are a little spiritual then you can consider visiting this church while on your trip to Jonha Falls in Ranchi. It is an adorable church where you can find solace and peace. Contemplative times are always good, isn’t it?

2. Tagore Hill

The view of the sunrise and sunset from this place is truly majestic. What’s really interesting to know here is that before this place was popular as a hangout destination, it was the Ashram of Rabindra Nath’s elder brother Jyotindra Nath.

3. Hundru Falls

It is the 34th highest waterfall in India. And being one of the most popular waterfalls in Ranchi, the famous tourist destination is all about finding and knowing true joy.  

4. Hirni Falls

The Hirni Falls is located in the West Singhbhum in the Indian state of Jharkhand. Majorly known for its flawless natural beauty these waterfalls are full of grace and bliss of nature’s beauty. 

5. Birsa Zoological Park

Also known as the Birsa Jaivik Udyan, this destination is very eco-friendly and is situated near the Ranchi-Patna National Highway. Some of the popular species of animals that the park includes are tigers, monkeys, deers and many more forms of wildlife. 

6. Deer Park

From spotted deers to the Sambhars, this deer park has 15 incredible species of deer. Visiting this park will prove to be a great chance for you to discover wildlife in its raw form and any day it is a great outing activity here.  

How to Reach Jonha Falls

Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand which and is also known to be the mineral-rich state of India. This city has its fair share of various sceneries and hues of nature ranging from waterfalls, hills, adorable natural vistas. And the Jonha falls is one of them. Ranchi is located at a distance of 1,290, 1,816, 1,971, and 414 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata respectively. Let’s discuss how you can reach Jonha falls, Ranchi by the following routes.

By Air

The best option to reach Ranchi via air is the Birsa Munda Airport (IXR). This airport is situated at an approximate distance of 4-5 km from the city centre and is maintained by the Airport Authority of India. However, from the airport, the Jonha falls are situated at an approximate distance of 35-40 km. This airport is considered as the 26th busiest airports in the country handling passenger traffic of about 2.2 million on an annual basis.

It has been named after one of the tribal freedom fighters Birsa Munda. It has direct flight connectivity from various cities namely Chennai, Mumbai, Goa, Jammu, Kolkata and many others.

  1. Delhi - Airlines like Vistara, Air Asia, Air India, Air Asia have good connectivity to Ranchi
  2. Mumbai - Go Air, Vistara, Air India IndiGo are good options to choose while boarding your flight from Mumbai city
  3. Goa - IndiGo, Air Asia, Air India, Vistara are a few good options
  4. Kolkata - IndiGo, Vistara, Air India have good connectivity with Ranchi airport

After you deboard at the airport, you will need to cover a total distance of 40 km to reach Jonha falls. For this, you can easily take a cab.

By Road

Ranchi has overall well-maintained road networks. You can easily travel to Jonha Falls, Ranchi. Here is the route that you can take from various places to reach here.

  1. Delhi - 1,302 km via NH19, NH43 or Taj Express Highway
  2. Nagpur - 924 km via NH53 or NH130
  3. Kanpur - About 800 km via NH19 or NH27
  4. Agra - 1,083 km via NH19 or Lucknow Expressway
  5. Jamshedpur - About 120 km via NH18, Ranchi-Purulia Road or NH43
  6. Kolkata - 380-400 km via NH19, NH16 or NH14

By Train

You can also take a train to Ranchi. A few of the prominent railway junctions are Ranchi Junction, Hatia Junction, Tatisilwai Junction, and Namkom station.

Out of these, the Tatisilwai Junction would be your best bet as it is located at an approximate distance of 20-25 km from Jonha Falls. Here is the route you can take to reach Ranchi from the following places.

  1. Patna - Board IPR Hatia Express from Patna Junction and deboard at the Tatisilwai railway station.
  2. Prayagraj - Board JAT SBP Express from Allahabad Junction and deboard at the Tatisilwai railway station.
  3. Gaya - Board IPR Hatia Express from Gaya Junction and deboard at the Tatisilwai railway station.
  4. Jammu - Board JAT SBP Express from Jammu Tawi and deboard at the Tatisilwai railway station.

As you get off from the train, you can book a cab to reach Jonha falls.

You can also rely on interstate buses to reach Ranchi. All you will have to do is book the buses from JSRTC website online. 

You can plan your trip and create your own route to the city with Adotrip’s technically driven circuit planner. Click here

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