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Top 15 Tourist Places to Visit in West Bengal 2024

A perfect amalgamation of rich diversity, spectacular locations, breathtaking natural wonders, and crazy city life, Rabindranath Tagore's West Bengal is definitely one of the top destinations in India for peace lovers. Right from the cosmopolitan culture of the capital city Kolkata to the spectacular landscape of Darjeeling, there are many gorgeous tourist places in West Bengal. If you are planning to explore this side of the country, here is the list of best tourist places in West Bengal that can amaze you with their exceptional beauty.

15 Best Tourist Places to Visit in West Bengal

Here's the list of the best places to visit in West Bengal. Enjoy!

  • Kolkata
  • Shantiniketan
  • Hooghly
  • Sundarbans National Park
  • Kalimpong
  • Darjeeling
  • Bankura
  • Midnapore
  • Siliguri
  • Bishnupur
  • Mayapur
  • Murshidabad
  • Kamarpukur
  • Jalpaiguri
  • Cooch Behar

1. Kolkata

Kolkata Tourist Places in West Bengal

Known for its vibrant culture, the city of Kolkata has grown exponentially from a British colony to the cultural capital of India. Formerly known as Calcutta, the city is the third-most populous metropolitan city of India. Educationally, commercially and culturally ahead, Kolkata is a leading hub in the field of drama, arts, theatre, and literature. Being the only city in India with network trams or streetcars, the city has old-world charm alive despite all the development. 

2. Shantiniketan


The place where the spirit of poet Rabindranath Tagore is still alive, Shantiniketan or Visva Bharati University is an abode of peace, unlike other ordinary universities. To develop a relationship of nature with nature, this university offers the best platform to people. The magnificent beauty of Shantiniketan gets glorified even more with its art gallery, museum, and mostly by the Upasna Griha where people meditate. Also, the place serves as a platform for various handicrafts, wall paintings, sculptures, and other artistic representations.

3. Hooghly

Hooghly Best Tourist Places in West Bengal

Highly influenced by the Portuguese, French and Dutch cultures, Hooghly gets an overwhelming response from tourists for several reasons. The place also has sacred significance being a residence for Devi Sarada and Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. This tourist place in West Bengal also opens to a lot of interesting destinations such as Deer Park, Shri Ramakrishna Math, Hooghly Imambara, Bhadreswar, Hangseshwari Temple, and Serampore. 

4. Sundarbans National Park

Places to visit in West Bengal Sundarbans National Park

Reserving its seat as one of the most famous West Bengal tourist spots for a long time, Sundarbans National Park's largest mangrove forest across the globe is gaining popularity amongst wildlife enthusiasts day by day. Also listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India, the park is home to about 400 Royal Bengal tigers along with other endangered species such as the estuarine crocodile and Ganges River dolphin. A paradise for wildlife lovers, people can grab a view of tigers sunbathing near the banks of a river that extends to Bangladesh.  

5. Kalimpong

Kalimpong places in West Bengal

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Kalimpong is a quaint town in West Bengal that offers relaxing nature walks, adventurous activities, and a peaceful atmosphere. This town lies at an elevation of 4100 ft overlooking the majestic Himalayas and breathtaking Teesta River. This tourist place in West Bengal has recently gained popularity among tourists due to stunning vistas along with bird watching, exploring beautiful monasteries, and taking enduring treks. 

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6. Darjeeling

Darjeeling Tourist attractions in West Bengal

One of the top hill stations to visit in West Bengal, Darjeeling secures its position right at the top. From the splendid view of Kanchenjunga to exploring expansive tea gardens, everything in Darjeeling is ethereal and exceptionally stunning. The mountain railway toy train adds more fun as it opens the door to various other tourist destinations of the state. Moreover, Tibetan-Nepalese food, interesting monasteries, and exquisite handicrafts by locals are a treat for travelers. 

7. Bankura

Bankura Tourist Places in West Bengal

The western city of West Bengal, Bankura is known for its artistic features. For trekkers and hikers, it offers loads of exciting trails and is considered the best tourist place in West Bengal. Moreover, one can also enjoy discovering hidden gems, historical monuments along with the spectacular view of hills. The famous places here include Ganesh and Nandi statues, Garh Darwaja, Krishna-Balaram temple, Susunia Hills, Biharinath Hill, and Rasmancha which add more charm to the trip to Bankura.   

8. Midnapore

Midnapore Best Tourist Places in West Bengal

Popular with the name Medinipur, Midnapore is one of the popular tourist places in West Bengal. While the western part of the city is dotted with ancient temples and forts, the eastern side of Midnapore endows the visitors with the pristine coastline of beaches like Digha and Mandarmani. Known for its natural beauty, historical significance, and amazing landscape, Midnapore is a great place to pay a visit. Some of the famous attractions of Midnapore are Chandrakona, Jora Masjid, John's Church, Chilkigarh Raj Palace, Jhargram Royal Palace, and Karnagarh.

9. Siliguri

Siliguri places in west bengal

A splendid location to visit in West Bengal, Siliguri offers a divine side of the Himalayas. With lush gardens of tea and timber, Siliguri becomes a heavenly place for nature lovers. Consisting of tourist destinations including Coronation bridge, Salugara Monastery, Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, Chilapata Forests, Kali Mandir, HongKong Market, etc, Siliguri is totally worth visiting. 

10. Bishnupur

Tourist Places in West Bengal Bishnupur

The birthplace of terracotta, Bishnupur is one of the most famous places to visit in West Bengal. The terracotta temples in Bishnupur elevate the beauty of this heritage town even more. In the 17th and 18th centuries, Malla dynasty rulers built many beautiful temples here which are a perfect amalgamation of Bengali-style architecture and Islamic-style domes and arches making it a must-visit place in West Bengal. Not too far from Kolkata, Bishnupur is marked as a landmark for art and architecture lovers who visit here from different parts of the world. 

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11. Mayapur

Best Tourist Places in West Bengal Mayapur

A heavenly location for devotees of Lord Krishna, Mayapur is known for its pilgrimage significance. The Vedic spiritual leader Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu who is considered as an avatar of Lord Krishna also took birth on this land. The teachings of the leader were revived in the 20th Century by Krishna Srila Prabhupada who laid the foundation of ISKCON, which is the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. Typically, the headquarters of ISKCON are present in Mayapur and it is considered the vital reason behind the Hare Krishna Movement. So, the devotees of Krishna must visit this place once in their lifetime.

12. Murshidabad


Located on the eastern banks of River Hooghly, Murshidabad offers a vibrant view of diversity to travelers from all over the world. The erstwhile capital city of West Bengal, Murshidabad’s glorifying history dates back to ancient times of the prehistoric era. Home to many exciting tourist destinations, Murshidabad is known for its iconic Imambara, Kathgola, Katra Mosque, Hazarduari Palace Museum, Jalangi River, and Nasipur Palace.

13. Kamarpukur


A typical Bengali village located in Hooghly district, Kamarpukur is a land full of ancient buildings, tanks as well as temples. To get a glimpse of the past glory, this beautiful village is a remarkable place to pay a visit. Also considered as sacred, the village is dotted with Yogi Shiva Temple, Gopeshwar Temple, Matri Mandir, Mukandpur Temple as well as Jairambati temple. One of the best places to visit in West Bengal, this place never ceases to amaze the visitors with its fascinating charm.

14. Jalpaiguri


The place with topographical constructive upshots, Jalpaiguri entices a lot of tourists who seek the bliss of nature. Situated in the Bhaktinagar area in Siliguri, it's amazing to see tourism flourishing at this place as it is easily accessible from Sikkim and Darjeeling. Dooars, Buxa Tiger Reserve, Jubilee Park, Gorumara National Park, Mendabari Fort, Panjhora River, and the Baptist Church are the most exciting places to visit here. 

15. Cooch Behar

Cooch Behar

A district in Jalpaiguri, Cooch Behar lies in the north-eastern region of West Bengal. It shares the boundary with Bangladesh on the western and southern sides. Known for its rich heritage, one can find evidence of the Mughal reign here by exploring the ancient monuments built during their rule. The huge water bodies present in the territory of Cooch Behar add more charm to the glory of this place. Some of the major tourist attractions of this place are Cooch Behar Palace, Rasik Bil, Danger Ayee Temple, Chilapata Forest Range, and Madan Mohar Bari which must be on your wishlist.

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Best Time To Visit West Bengal

You can consider visiting West Bengal during the months of October to March as the weather in these months is extremely pleasant and appropriate for excursions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In West Bengal

Q1. What is famous in West Bengal?
Ans. The cultural capital of India, West Bengal is known for its vibrant diversity which can be seen in its culture, festivals, cuisines, and terracotta temples. West Bengal is also known for having the largest staircase and the second-largest Chandelier in India. 

Q2. How many famous places are there in West Bengal?
Ans. Being home to several famous places, West Bengal does not have a specific count of tourist destinations. But most famous among them are Kolkata, Shantiniketan, Darjeeling, Sunderbans, and Kalimpong.

Q3. What is the most important place in West Bengal?
Ans. Being the cultural capital, Kolkata is an important place not only in West Bengal but also in our country.

Q4. Is West Bengal a tourist destination?
Ans. Yes, West Bengal surely is a favorite place for travelers as it offers the best tourism in religious, adventurous, cultural, and historical aspects.

Q5. Why visit West Bengal?
Ans. You should plan a trip to West Bengal for its colonial-era monuments, temples, hill stations, cuisines, beaches, wildlife, trekking, jungle safaris, sightseeing, spirituality, Toy Train, arts & crafts, heritage, and culture.

Q6. Which is the best way to plan your trip to West Bengal?
Ans. You can either use an AI-Driven Trip planner AI tool by Adotrip if you believe in self-planning or simply get in touch with our customer care executive who will help you get the best deals on flights, hotels, and tour packages. 

Q 7: What are some tourist places in West Bengal to visit with friends?
A 7: Some tourist places in West Bengal to visit with friends include Darjeeling

  • Kalimpong
  • Sunderbans
  • Digha
  • Mirik

Q 8: What are some places to visit in West Bengal with family?
A 8: Some places to visit in West Bengal with family include

  • Darjeeling
  • Sundarbans
  • Digha
  • Kalimpong
  • Victoria Memorial

Q 9: What are some tourist places in West Bengal for kids?
A 9: Some tourist places in West Bengal for kids include

  • Science City
  • Nicco Park
  • Indian Museum
  • Alipore Zoo
  • Aquatica

Q 10: What are some tourist spots in West Bengal for solo trip?
A 10: Some tourist spots in West Bengal for solo trip include

  • Darjeeling
  • Kalimpong
  • Sunderbans
  • Gorumara National Park
  • Bishnupur

Q 11: What are some of the best tourist places in West Bengal for honeymoon?
A 11: Some of the best tourist places in West Bengal for honeymoon include Darjeeling

  • Kalimpong
  • Sundarbans
  • Digha
  • Shantiniketan

Q 12: What are some of the famous places for one day trip in West Bengal?
A 12: Some of the famous places for one day trip in West Bengal include Digha

  • Sundarbans
  • Diamond Harbour
  • Hooghly
  • Bishnupur

Q 13: What is a tourist place in West Bengal to visit in summer?
A 13: Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Dooars, Sunderbans, and Mirik are some of the tourist places in West Bengal to visit in summer.

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