Flowers are always there for those who want to see them, and if you want to see the best of them, well, then there is nothing better than Sikkim. That is exactly the place where you need to head to, to get enthralled by the beauty of flowers. The orchards, fields, and mountains around the heavenly state are what make it so rich. The variety of flowers and wildlife, too, are sure to leave you mesmerized. Apparently, Sikkim has about 30 native species of flowers which attract a huge number of people from all around the world.

To let people fully see and enjoy the wealth of flowers in Sikkim, there is organized an International Flower Festival every year. It is held in the season when flowers bloom naturally. You ought to pay this event a visit if you are fond of flowers.

The International Flower Festival is observed in the northeastern state of Sikkim. Needless to say, the exhibition of flowers is the main center of attraction. It takes place near the White Hall Complex or at the Flower Exhibition Centre.

An annual event that is held for a whole month, The International Flower Festival is one of the major festivals in Sikkim that is organized by the Tourism Department of the Government of Sikkim. Usually, the month of May is selected for the do. 

Major Attractions of International Flower Festival

1. Variety of Flowers

You get to see here 600 species of orchid, 140 gladiolas, 240 species of different ferns and trees, and so much more. Also, there are presented myriads of alpine plants, climbers, herbs, cacti, and roses. Several other beautiful species of flowers are also showcased. The glowing colorful flowers all around you will definitely give you one of the best experiences.

2. Enhance Knowledge on Flowers

You can learn about different species of flowers and also explore the state flower of Sikkim which is Orchid Dendrobium Nobile. Many seminars and lectures are also organized by renowned botanical scientists who come from around the world to speak on Flowers.

3. International Event

Flower growers from all around the world like the USA, Holland, Australia, New Zealand, etc. participate in the festival and showcase the different varieties of flowers grown in the world. Therefore, it is truly an international event.

4. Adventurous Activities

One can also experience lots of fun and adrenaline-driving activities apart from enjoying the flower festival. The mountainous region is always open to such experiences. From rafting to mountain-related adventures, one has a myriad of options in their kitty.

5. The Food Festival

Apart from bringing you tons of varieties of beautiful flowers, the International Flower Festival 2020 also lets you enjoy mouth-watering delicacies. A grand food festival is organized too, where people can relish the local food.

How to Reach 

International Flower Festival is located in the beautiful city of Gangtok. It is well connected with other major cities in the country and is located at an approximate distance of 1,553, 2,616, 2,395, 671 km from Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Kolkata respectively. Here is how you can reach the International Flower Festival.

By Air

The nearest airport from Gangtok is the Bagdogra International Airport. It is located in the city of Siliguri, West Bengal. It is situated at an approximate distance of 150 kilometers from Gangtok. Once in Siliguri, one can visit Gangtok by road.

By Rail

The nearest railway station from the city of Gangtok is the New Jalpaiguri Junction Railway Station, which is situated in the town of Siliguri, West Bengal, which is about 150 kilometers from Gangtok.

By Road

If you happen to live nearby, you can choose this option too as the roads of the city are in quite good condition. You will have to hire a cab or a taxi or maybe use your own vehicle as buses are not very frequent around here. 

You can plan your trip and create your own route to the city with Adotrip’s technically driven circuit planner. Click here

PLEASE NOTE : Dates can vary due to cancellation or last-minute changes.

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