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Wildlife Photography in India

10 Best Places for Wildlife Photography in India

India, with its diverse landscapes, is home to some of the rarest and indigenous wildlife species. Our tropical land is replete with distinctive landforms ranging from mangrove forests to deserts, plateaus to hilly terrains. Visitors love enjoying and checking out wildlife attractions in their natural habitat. Are you a wildlife photographer? If yes, India offers you a lot of places where you can engage in wildlife photography. Check out these beauties and click pictures to your heart's content. It is recommended to picture these animals in their habitat to capture amazing snapshots. If you are a budding photographer, you may need a little time to perfect timely moves for perfect shots. Here, we introduce you to the top 10 places for Wildlife Photography in India. Explore these places and create a good portfolio of wildlife photographs.

1. Dudhwa National Park

Dudhwa National Park

It is a beautiful ecosystem park located close to the Indo-Nepal border in Uttar Pradesh. Here, you will come across diverse animals to capture in your camera. Whether it is a hog deer or a one-horned rhino, you will be treated to an eclectic array of wildlife. It lies in the Tarai belt of marshy grasslands, stretching over an area of 490.3 square kilometers. Plan a trip in the winter or spring season to spot migration and local birds. The park experiences a clear climate throughout the year. Thus, it is easy for the photographers to click animals even in low-light situations.

2. Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park

It is one of the most well-known national parks and a visual treat for photography enthusiasts. This park in Uttarakhand is famous as the residence of large carnivorous mammals. Visitors are taken deep into the jungle in a jeep safari where they can spot mammals gracefully wandering around in their natural environment. The park is divided into five zones, and each zone has a diverse set of birds and animals. Choose the zone you must visit depending on the type of animals you wish to photograph and season. When clicking pictures of wildlife in the park, do not forget to add the stunning backdrop of the Himalayan foothills. It will add a subtle character to your pictures.

3. Dachigam National Park

Dachigam National Park

This National Park is nestled in Kashmir, the Paradise on Earth, known for its iconic beauty. Lovely environs, amazing weather, and a perfect place to capture the untamed. Dachigam National Park is the perfect place to capture the images of rare wildlife species like musk deer, Himalayan black bear, Kashmiri stag, and more. You can also spot some rare birds if you visit early in the morning. It is fun watching them and listening to their melodious chirping.

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4. Great Himalayan National Park

Great Himalayan National Park

This National Park is the perfect place for wildlife photographers who wish to capture wildlife photography in India. Nestled in Himachal Pradesh, you can explore all cliché wildlife elements that are a must for every wildlife photography tour. Here, the Himalayan ecosystem embraces some of the most brilliant species of exotic animals. The park has a lot of valleys that are replete with exotic flora and herbivorous herds. You will need to give a couple of days to the park to enjoy its unique environmental sceneries and capture time-perfected snapshots.

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5. Hemis National Park

Hemis National Park

Ladakh is a beautiful destination known for its natural allure. It is also a place visited by international and national wildlife photographers to capture the rare beauty of wildlife in their natural environs. Hemis National Park attracts thousands of professional photographers who wait for the elusive white leopard to show up and get captured in their camera frames every year. Snow Leopard is a ferocious animal, and it is recommended to accompany most experienced guides when photographing them. Capture the awe-inspiring beauty of the Indus River and Zanskar river and their fusion. Amazing fauna and flora, and interesting birds make it a perfect spot for wildlife photography.

6. Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park

This park is located in royal Rajasthan, known for its majestic forts, palaces, painted havelis, and other architectural marvels. The state is also home to majestic the Royal Bengal Tiger. Photographers wait patiently to spot this fierce animal walking leisurely through the park along with its cubs. The tigers in the park are now used to photographers clicking their images, and some of them even pose for it. Although this park has dangerous predatory animals, it is the perfect spot to capture them in their graceful gait and elegance. Photographers need to take a jeep safari to go deep within the jungle, where there are earmarked places to spot tigers.  

7. Gir National Park

Gir National Park

This park is also home to fierce-looking lions. Here, photographers will surely get a lot of chances to capture the photographs of this carnivore. A variety of migratory and local bird species, up to 300 species, resides in the park. If you wish to capture images of fish and crocodiles, head to the water region. It is sprawled in a 1412 square kilometer area. This place is no less than a heaven for wildlife lovers and photographers.

8. Simlipal National Park