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Top 10 Unique Travel Experiences in India that Stays Etched in Heart

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed whilst picking up unique travel experiences in India, we are here to help you. We understand it’s pretty normal to get obfuscated because India offers startling diversity, breathtaking destinations, and extraordinary things to do. So here’s a list of the top 10 unique travel experiences in India for all aficionados out there. Check out the most memorable travel experiences to gather that are distinctively Indian.

Tip: When in India, never settle for ordinary because there are unconventional, strange, bizarre experiences awaiting you. Go, feed your wanderlust!

Unique Travel Experiences in India

Discover these essential holiday experiences found only in India and brace yourself for an exceptional trip. Bookmark your points of interest.

1. Attend Kumbh Mela in Haridwar, Ujjain, Allahabad or Nashik

Kumbh Mela

The largest congregation of pilgrims, Kumbh Mela is our unquestionable top recommendation to gather unique travel experiences in India. Listed as UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage, attending this massive ancient festival will leave you speechless. Right from spotting Sadhus performing tapas and enduring tasks, one can grab a sight of miracles and feel the energy of spiritual powers. When millions of people gather at the Kumbh, the ghats of rivers reverberate the power of belief. Don’t mind losing yourself in the crowd, you are sure to wash off all sins and worries by taking a dip with a mass of people in the holy water of the river Ganges. 

2. Glam up Your Trip with Luxury Train Tour in India

luxury train in India

Traveling on a luxury train to discover opulence and the rich heritage of India is an incredible experience. Offering the most memorable luxury train rides, India boasts about 5 to 6 luxury trains running across multiple destinations. Some of the consistently ranking luxury trains are Maharaja Express and Palace of Wheels that will pamper you with royal treatment on an enriching heritage tour. With facilities like a splendid presidential suite and a private butler, you can spoil yourself with ultra royal amenities. Deccan Odyssey, The Golden Chariot, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, Fairy Queen Express & Royal Orient are other luxury trains that are popular for their impressive Mehmaan Nawazi. So don’t miss the pleasure of the golden age in luxury trains of India.

3. Enjoy the Bliss of Gravity-Defying Waterfall at Naneghat, Maharashtra

Reverse Waterfall of Naneghat

Witness the jaw-dropping beauty of nature at Naneghat which is about three hours away from Mumbai. The place is known for the mystical wonderment of a cascading waterfall that zooms upwards instead of falling down. Surprised? You gotta visit Naneghat during monsoon season to witness this unbelievable gravity-defying phenomenon. The reverse waterfall of Naneghat is one of the unique travel experiences that can be grabbed only in India. So set yourself up for an awe-inspiring view of waterfalls that will instantly refresh your mind. 

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4. Peek into the Traditional Opium Ceremony of Bishnoi, Rajasthan

Opium Ceremony in Bishnoi, Rajasthan

Rajasthan is known for its intrinsic culture and if you happen to visit Jodhpur make sure you grab a unique experience of the Opium ceremony. It is indeed a feast for travelers to witness a 1000-year-old tradition practiced by the locals of Bishnoi village near Jodhpur despite the official ban on Opium. The ceremony is popularly known as the Amal Sabha in which the filtered opiate is soaked and offered to Lord Shiva and then consumed by everyone from the palm of the eldest member of the group. The unusual way of celebrating alliance, the Opium ceremony is definitely one of the unique experiences that are distinctively Indian. 

5. Witness Live Exorcism at Mehandipur Balaji Temple, Rajasthan

Mehandipur Balaji Temple

Out of all the unique travel experiences in India, witnessing live exorcism at Mehandipur Balaji Temple in the Dausa district of Rajasthan will be a hair-raising experience you will never forget.

The only temple in India where live exorcisms are still performed, this revered temple of Lord Hanuman is where thousands of ailing people flock to get relieved from black magic, ghosts and evil spirits. The presiding deity of the temple quintessentially possesses a supernatural power that cures people the moment they step in the temple premise. The sight of people shrieking, banging heads, hitting themselves on walls is really moving, you have to be a daring heart to witness a live exorcism.

6. Raise the Bar of Thrill by Visiting Haunted Town of Bhangarh in Alwar

Bhangarh Fort

If you are a paranormal seeker who loves to visit spooky destinations then visiting the haunted town of Bhangarh will satiate your wanderlust. The haunted town is known for the 17th-century fort which is reckoned as one of the most haunted places in India. The tale behind the doom of this flourishing town fascinates people who love to hear ghost stories. With many stories of paranormal activities doing rounds where the houses are without roofs, mysterious creatures stalk and the evil souls wander, visiting this haunted town of Bhangarh will be a hair-raising experience. 

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7. Enjoy the Serene Drive Between Ocean & River in Kundapura, Karnataka

Kundapura in Karnataka

Have you ever caught sight of a calm river on one side and the roaring beach on the other side? If not, then you can check out the incredible view on Edapally Panvel highway in Kundapur which is about 65kms away from Udupi. You can drive down on the road that stretches all along the Maravanthe Beach and the Souparnika River. Reckoned as one of the rare locations, the drive between two different water bodies is certainly a unique experience India has to offer. 

So be ready for a memorable drive.

8. Watch the Magic Happening at Magnetic Hills in Ladakh

Magnetic Hills in Ladakh

Located about 30kms away from Leh, the magnetic hill is a wonder of nature. The unsolved mystery of defying gravity by pulling the vehicles upwards without ignition is something that has put many in bewilderment. Some believe it's an optical illusion, some say the hill possesses magnetic properties and locals believe that it's a gate to heaven, you will actually have to pay a visit to this magical spot to decide which facts suit your mind. 

9. Discover the Unique Utopian Community of Auroville near Pondicherry

Auroville Utopian Community

Auroville is a small town near Pondicherry that is home to like-minded people from over 55 countries who believe in living a utopian lifestyle. It is one of the unique places to visit in India based on a self-sustaining settlement with no government, no currency, and no religion. I know it’s hard to believe but this one-of-its-kind town exists in south India where inhabitants live in complete harmony. If this fascinated you, you must visit Auroville along with exploring the beautiful French colony of India, which is Pondicherry.

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10. Try Bizarre Specialities Like Frog Legs & Red Ant Chutney

Frog Legs and Red Ant Chutney

Nothing could be quite as magical as grabbing a bite of unique flavors. There’s no denying that India is a culinary paradise and you find diverse platters in every state. So be ready to tantalize your taste palate with some delectable as well as bizarre specialties of India. Have you heard about frog legs or red ant chutney, these are some exotic delicacies that are part of Indian cuisines. From pig brain to dog meat and silkworm pupae, these will be served with some exotic tastes which will add up to the unique travel experiences that you can gather in India.

To tick off these unique travel experiences in India, you need a travel partner who creates the dream vacation for you. Plan your trip with us to enjoy these crazy things to do in India. Feel free to connect with us because, with Adotrip, nothing is far! 

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--- Published By  Shradha Mehra

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