10 Best Places To Visit In Singapore To Experience The Best It Has To Offer

Singapore is famously deemed as a playground for rich people, and it’s absolutely true that the small city does have a certain amount of wealth. But this city offers much more than just luxury hotels, high-end shopping malls, and fine dining though it is something that people enjoy indulging in. Singapore also provides a peek into its old-charm culture, diverse ethnic quarters, and vibrant history, which is perfect to explore with your family and friends.

With an excellent network of public transport, it is very easy to explore the city and its surroundings. The people who have a sense of the metro map, don’t find any difficulty in zipping from one place to another. English is a widely accepted language here, and signboards are written in English as well. These qualities make Singapore one of the easiest and most comfortable countries to explore in Southeast Asia.

For ideas on things to do and see, read this extensive guide to the best places to visit in Singapore curated by Adotrip’s travel experts.

1. Little India and the Arab Street

Little India and the Arab Street

Little India and Arab Street are some of the most popular places of interest in Singapore. Apart from delivering a unique experience to the visitors, these places are foodies' delight. It is nothing short of paradise wrapped in a world of its own. Sometimes, people feel transported to an altogether new and different world, unlatched from today's modern world. The streets are lined with cozy and stylish cafes, small shops, historical mosques, and a lot more to admire and explore.

When strolling through Arab Street, it is a delight to check out small eating joints selling various food items. The wafting aroma from freshly cooked food is sure going to stop you in your tracks and encourage you to take a bite of the scrumptious and authentic Arabia cuisines. Stop at shopping stalls selling colorful trinkets, admire age-old structures trying to share a story or two with you, and get a glimpse of the colonial times. In Little India, you will find a lot of stalls selling Indian wares and eat-outs offering mouth-watering Indian delights. It also houses a beautiful temple called Sree Veeramakliamman Temple.

2. Universal Studios

Places to visit in Singapore - Universal Studios

The presence of Universal Studios makes Singapore a more exciting and thrilling place. Located in Sentosa Island, it is one of the must-visit places, especially when traveling with the family. There is a lot to see, enjoy, and explore in this lovely attraction. Enjoy a fun-filled day loaded with enthusiasm, excitement, and entertainment. Amazing cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy tasteful food, shopping areas, and more will keep you thoroughly engaged.

If you are fascinated with Hollywood, visit the "Walk of Fame," where you will find several Hollywood personalities in a striking pose. Adventure-minded people or all those who love thrilling activities can enjoy hair-raising roller coaster rides and adrenaline-pumping Battlestar Galactica. Other activities and sights that will keep you engaged are Ancient Egypt Zone, Sci-Fi City, Lost World of Dinosaurs, and a lot more.

3. SEA Aquarium

SEA Aquarium

One of the most loved and visited Singapore tourist places, the SEA Aquarium, is undoubtedly one of the most exhilarating experiences. This attraction is also located within Sentosa Island and is a huge attraction for people of all ages. This aquarium has more than 1,00,000 marine species and is a perfect place to watch the marine world from close. You can check out exotic marine species like Sharks, Sting Rays, Turtles, Bottlenose Dolphins, and Coral Reefs.

Apart from checking out amazing marine life, the aquarium has other activities and attractions that keep people thoroughly engaged and involved. Have interactive and delightful sessions with dolphins, play with them, or take a dive into the Shark Seas Habitat. Swimming close to marine predators like manta rays and stingrays is an experience you will never forget.

4. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands

The opulent Marina Bay includes a mall with a canal running through it, the Marina Bay Sands Skypark, a high-end luxury hotel, and an Art & Science Museum. The Skypark offers an awe-inspiring view of the entire city. The Skypark’s infinity pool and viewing deck are situated in a ship that sits on top of the hotel. Anyone can visit the observation deck, but the infinity pool is reserved for hotel guests only.

The Skypark offers a view of the port, impressive skyline, innovative double helix bridge, and the Gardens by the Bay at once.

While standing on top of the city, visitors and guests can grab a cup of coffee or a snack at the rooftop restaurant. One can buy a picture of themself green-screened in front of the monolithic hotel as it’s all lit up at night, but it might be a little heavy on your pockets as it costs 50 Singapore dollars - it would be better if you ask a fellow tourist to click a picture of you. The elegant opulence of this place is the epitome of Singapore’s style and status.

5. Gardens By The Bay

Gardens By The Bay

Once you have set your eyes on this gorgeously designed green space from the top of Marina Bay, you won’t be able to keep your distance from it. Stroll around the Bay East Garden, which is perfect to enjoy the vibrant plant life and escape the bustling cities for a while.

The Supertree Grove here is not something to be missed. Here, you can find a cluster of futuristic, iconic buildings designed to perform environmentally sustainable functions. The Cloud Forest Dome houses the world’s tallest indoor waterfall and educates visitors about biodiversity.

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6. Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens are very different from the Gardens on the Bay that are also worth a visit. The first UNESCO World Heritage nomination of Singapore was given to the botanical gardens, and for all the good reasons. The city provides a clean and comfortable life but still, sometimes it feels like a concrete jungle, but the botanic gardens preserve the wilder side of Singapore, offering a relaxed environment away from the hustle and bustle.

Here, the garden’s heritage trees are conserved as part of an effort to preserve Singapore’s mature tree species.

7. Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo

Widely popular as the world’s best rainforest zoo, the Singapore Zoo is an impressive place that won’t shy away from impressing its visitors. The zoo is inviting and clean, and the animals seem to be well-treated, with plenty of habitat space and lush vegetation.

The major attractions of the Singapore Zoo are the orangutans, which can be seen as babies and adults alike swinging on trees and eating fruits. The zoo is home to a large family of chimpanzees, meerkat, mole rats, kangaroos, zebras, komodo dragons, white tigers, and many other wild animals.

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8. Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer

If you aren’t satisfied with the view from Marina Bay Sands, then climb up the Singapore Flyer to look out over the city. Singapore Flyer is the world’s largest giant observation wheel. One can choose from several different packages that offer one to be served and pampered while gazing at the view that encompasses not only the Singapore skyline but as far away as Malaysia’s Straits of Johor and the Spice Islands of Indonesia.

There are many different packages to choose from, and each package includes access to the multimedia Journey of Dreams exhibition, which provides a peek into the history of Singapore and the creation of the Singapore Flyer.

The flight lasts 30 minutes and runs from morning till late at night, so one can choose which view of the city they want to enjoy the most: when Singapore is aglow after dark or the beginning of another busy day.

9. Chinatown