The Gravity Defying Reverse Waterfall Of Naneghat

There are so many fascinating wonders of nature that we have discovered throughout human existence, but the reverse waterfall of Naneghat is surely one of those wonders that have left us absolutely speechless. Well, if you didn’t know about it, maybe be this can be your next weekend getaway from Mumbai or Pune. Also popularly deemed as Nana Ghat, Naneghat is a majestic mountain range near the Konkan coast and Deccan plateau in the state of Maharashtra. The stunning mountain pass of Naneghat overlooks a serene view and offers an opportunity to enjoy a short trip here with your folks.

You must be thinking how this cascading beauty defies all the laws of nature, well, it does not. The actual reason why it looks like the water is going upwards is the strong force of the winds that push the water in the reverse direction. So, don’t forget to carry an umbrella in case it starts raining and it is highly recommended that carry warm clothes as well.

What You Can Do At Naneghat?

Someone said it right, “Mountains are to be climbed”, and this Naneghat mountain range calls for a trek. No matter if you are a first-timer, or a regular trekker, a trek to the reverse waterfall is no less than a feast to your soul and a treat for your eyes. Around the time of monsoon is the best time to visit this serene site, when the force of plummeting water is strong enough to put on a good show. One can trek all the way to the waterfall and come back in approximately 5 hours. To ease down your hunger, you can hog on the combination of Bhajiyas and tea at the local Dhabas located near the reverse waterfall. 

Major Attractions Of Naneghat

With inscriptions in Devanagari and Brahmi scripts, an ancient cave is located at the end of the Naneghat trekking route which is believed to be more than 2.000 years old. This provides evidence of the rule of the Satavhana dynasty over these regions. Archaeologists suggest that these inscriptions give information about the deities like Surya, Indra, Vasudev or Krishna, Chandra, and Yama and rituals of Vedas, and some historical information on Satavahana rulers. The researchers also mentioned that this cave was made by a female, Queen Mother or Satavahana Queen, the wife of Satakarni.

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Essential Items To Carry

It is highly suggested that you pack in a waterproof jacket, a wind-cheater, sunglasses, umbrella, power bank, warm clothes, and some cash apart from the usual items to be carried on a trek such as a water bottle, power-packed food, a torch, and medication.

How To Reach Naneghat

To reach the reverse waterfall of Naneghat, you have to hop on a bus from the Kalyan bus stand and get down at Junnar. From Junnar, you can easily reach your destination by road. Alternatively, you can also book guided tours from Pune and Mumbai that costs around INR 750 per person.

Frequently Asked Questions About Reverse Waterfall Of Naneghat

Q1. What is a reverse waterfall?

Ans - A waterfall flowing upwards or in the reverse direction is known as a reverse waterfall. The most famous reverse waterfall in India is tucked away in Naneghat, Maharashtra

Q2. How can I reach Naneghat?

Ans - Kalyan Railway Station is the nearest train station to Naneghat. If you are visiting the reverse waterfall via a bus then get down at Junnar and cover the remaining distance via a cab.

Q3. What are the best weekend gateways near Mumbai?

Mumbai is surrounded by several adventurous and beautiful weekend getaway destinations. Some of the best weekend destinations near Mumbai are Karjat, Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Matheran, Khandala, Lonavala, Alibaug, Kamshet, Raigadh, and Igatpuri. 

Q4. How can I reach Naneghat from Mumbai by train?

Ans - If are visiting Naneghat from Mumbai via rail then you have to get down the train at Kalyan Railway Station and from there you can cover the remaining distance via a taxi or a local bus.

Q5. Is there any reverse waterfall in India?

Ans - Yes, one of the most famous reverse waterfalls in India is situated in Naneghat in Maharashtra.

Q6. What can I eat near Naneghat Falls?

Ans - There are several local Dhabas just outside the Naneghat waterfall. You can eat Pav Bhaji, Vada Pav, Pooran Poli, Misal Pav, Stuffed Eggplant, Ragda Pattice, and many other scrumptious local dishes.

Q7. Why is Naneghat famous?

Ans - The reason behind why Naneghat is famous is because that it is an ancient pass that connects Konkan Coast with Junnar town. Nowadays, this destination is becoming famous amongst weekenders because of its gravity defending reverse waterfall. However, there is still so much to explore here as many parts of Naneghat are still untouched.

The reverse waterfall of Nenghat is natural to wonder what we all should experience while we can. Follow Adotrip for more information on such amazing and unique destinations. You can also book tour packages, flight tickets, and hotels. With us, nothing is far! 


--- Published By  Vineet Gupta