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places to visit in karjat

10 Best Places to Visit in Karjat

Are you looking for a memorable trip to a quaint place that is filled with greenery blanketing mighty mountains? If so, Karjat is the place to visit which is your perfect next weekend getaway. Located close to Pune, it is a beautiful destination with the choicest attractions waiting to be explored. Let us explore the best places to visit in Karjat or Kotligod and enjoy a memorable holiday with loved ones.

When planning a vacation to this mini hill station, try to coincide it with the monsoon season. It is the best time to explore this place with its plunging waterfalls, brimming rivers and creeks, mist-covered lofty mountains, and steep valleys embraced with verdant greenery. It is so calming and relaxing that you would love to revisit this place. People with a religious bent of mind can explore several religious sights peppered through Karjit and check out the river Ulhas.

So, get ready to explore the top 10 places to visit in Karjat and enjoy the staggering beauty of stunningly beautiful Karjat.

10 Best Places To Visit In Karjat In 2023

  • Kondana Caves
  • Ulhas Valley
  • Sondai Fort
  • Kondeshwar Temple
  • Peth Fort
  • Bahiri Caves
  • Bhivpuri Waterfall
  • Bhor Ghat
  • Mahavir Jain Temple
  • ND Studio

Karjat has a range of tourist attractions that suit every tourist or visitor's like and interest. Its ambrosial landscapes and raw natural beauty will keep you hooked. Engage in interesting activities like hiking, trekking, river rafting, mountain climbing, and more that will keep your adrenaline pumping. Let us have a look at the Karjat tourist places to add to your bucket list.

1. Kondana Caves

Front view of Kondana Caves In Karjat

Set out to explore the famous Kondana Caves, known for its adventurous trek and awe-inspiring beauty. These ancient Buddhist caves will leave you spellbound with their bewildering marvels. It is nestled amidst verdant hills, enveloped by nature's beauty. It is an incredible cave where some of the most ancient and prehistoric Buddhist stupas and sculptures are housed. Check out cascading waterfalls close to these caves and enjoy the melodious sounds of water. If you are traveling with kids, make it a point to take them to visit this cave. It will give them a glimpse into their ancient history.

Pro Tip - Set aside one whole day to visit this cave, as going and coming back from this place may take your entire day.

2. Ulhas Valley

River gushing in Ulhas Valley of Karjat

Another attraction that you must visit in Karjat is the famous Ulhas Valley. Words seem to fail when describing the awe-inspiring beauty of this valley. Sparking green in color, the valley has all the heavenly vibes to it. Small water streams and cascading waterfalls amidst verdant nature will keep you mesmerized. Just standing at a cool vantage point and watching the water gushing into the deep valley is a sight to behold. Stay here for some time and enjoy your time in the lap of nature.

Pro Tip - If you love camping, it is the best place for this activity. You can enjoy the alluring serenity of this place while camping here with your friends.

3. Sondai Fort

A beautiful photo of Sondai Fort in Karjat

It is a majestic fort nestled amidst lush greenery, offering picturesque views of the area. While visiting the fort, you can check out the stunning views of the Changewadi waterfall. If you are visiting Karjat during monsoons, you will find this place to be simply magical. Visiting this fort gives you a chance to enjoy trekking. You can park your private vehicles at the base village and then trek ahead. Villagers from the nearby village are always ready to guide the visitors on this lovely trek.

Pro Tip - Carry a small backpack with you and carry a water bottle, some snacks to munch on, sunscreen, etc.

4. Kondeshwar Temple

An image of Kondeshwar temple in Karjat

Karjat is also known for its ancient temples. One of them is the Kondeshwar Temple that is situated at the banks of a gushing river. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Every year, thousands of devotees visit this temple to seek blessings from the deity. Its scenic locations and positive vibes make it all the more enthralling. The temple overlooks the magnificent peaks of the Sahayadri mountain ranges. The interior of the temple has beautiful rock sculptures with a Shivling set inside the rocky caves. Close to the temple, there is a magnificent waterfall, and the area is replete with rich flora and fauna. Check out the magnificent Kondeshwar Lake that surrounds the area.

Pro Tip - You can dangle your feet in the water stream filled with an amazing array of fish and enjoy getting a fish spa.

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5. Peth Fort

Top view of Peth Fort, Karjat

It is also one of the must-visit Karjat tourist places, giving you a glimpse into its raw natural magnificence, leaving you mesmerized. The Peth Fort is perched atop a small hill. Check out the amazing hiking trail that leads you to this fort which starts from the base village. Hiking to this fort from the base village takes approximately 2-3 hours. It is moderate to a slightly tough hiking trail. While engaged in hiking activity, you can catch some of the most awe-inspiring views of verdant hills and woods. The blissful greenery makes this area truly charming, more so, in the rainy season. A light mist falls all over the place, giving it a fairy tale look. Peth Fort or Kothaligod Fort was used as a lighthouse in the erstwhile times.

Pro Tip - Carry a camera with you to capture the spellbinding views of nature’s marvels strewn all over this place.

6. Bahiri Caves