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Water on left, water on the right, separated by a road straight in sight! 

Maravanthe is one of its kind places in India that will surely amaze you! Let me build up the plot for this hotshot destination with a question. Have you ever seen or imagined a road that runs alongside a sea and a river? It sounds impossible and bizarre but it exists and that too in India! Yes, you read it right, the National Highway 66 is the place to be to experience this surreal view. This road is popularly known as Maravanthe road as its a part of Maravanthe village, Kundapura, Karnataka. The Maravanthe road has the Arabian Sea on one side and the Souparnika river on the other.

Driving on this road is no less than a magical experience. The local people and those who have been there said that it feels like a road to heaven! The unending blue sky and blue water both meeting at the horizon on either side of the road is an impeccable view that can never fade in the memory of a person who has been to the place!   

More places to visit around Maravanthe 

  • Trasi Maravanthe beach is another tourist destination that has not been a commercial place yet as a lot of people don’t know about it. The beach is a real beauty surrounded by the super calming views, fresh air, and nature in abundance.

  • Apart from Maravanthe beach, one can explore many other not so popular but definitely worth visiting beaches for their beautiful views. Kaup beach for its lush green coastline, Maple beach for its turquoise blue water,  and Padubidri beach for its soothing vibes are a few beaches that will rejuvenate your soul.

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  • Souparnika river is another beautiful spot to visit and explore. One can admire the beauty of the place by sitting in a tranquil environment for hours or observe the amazing sunset.

  • People believe that the rare sight has appeared because of their local deity who made this impossible and serene sight a reality. While some believe that the river on one side was the part of a forest that existed many years ago. For some more exciting folktales related to the origin of this enigmatic view, one has to meet the locals.

  • The place is great to experience water sports such as snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, and more water sport activities. If you are a beach person then this place has to be on your travel list and it will not let you down as far as adventure, serenity, and beauty are concerned.

Best time to visit Maravanthe 

Maravanthe is situated along the coastline in the Udupi district of Karnataka. The geographical location of Maravanthe is such that it observes moderate climate throughout the year hence one can visit the place anytime but the best time to visit Maravanthe is in winter from September to March. The weather is pleasant during this time and is neither too hot or too humid. During this time one can swim in the river or enjoy water sports on the beach or may relax on the beach throughout the day. 

How to reach Maravanthe 

By Rail: If you are planning a trip via rail then the Mangalore railway station is the nearest station. From thereon one can take local transport to reach the nearby resorts or hotels.  

By Road: Going by road is a good option as one will get to see a lot of delightful sights along the way. The place is well connected through roads and the most interesting thing is that this Maravanthe road itself is a national highway 66 so even if you are traveling to some other place through NH66 you can experience the surreal scene on either side of the road.   

By Air: The nearest airport to reach Maravanthe is Bajpe Airport. One can get down at the airport and from there onwards one can take up the buses or taxis to the Maravanthe beach or the village.  

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