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Top 12 Stargazing Places in India for Every Astrophile

Do you find gazing at stars magical? I certainly do because a dark sky full of twinkling stars fuels my creativity. Having travelled to so many places in search of incredible experiences, stargazing in India by far has been the most fascinating and memorable. Brilliant views of star studded skies have turned me into a big time astrophile. Stargazing paved my path when I was in oblivion, it lifted me up when I faltered, it’s indeed an answer to my quest. So here I am sharing with you these Top 12 Stargazing Places in India where infinite glittering stars will quiet your mind. Looking at these tiny lights is a gentle reminder that every little thing if shines can ignite the darkest of nights. Sounds like a plan! Here’s your dose of inspiration. Check out!

These dreamy stargazing places mentioned below are just similar to paradise. All you need is to take a dekko!

1. Spiti Valley - Himachal Pradesh

One of the most magical places in India for stargazing, Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh offers the most fulfilling vistas as it is extended upto an altitude of 15,000 feet above sea level. Clean air, fresh breeze and crystal clear sky, Spiti valley has it all. Known for the highest motorable village in the world, the strategically perched town, Kibber in Spiti valley is a great place to satiate a space enthusiast in you. Other stargazing places in Spiti are Tabo, Losar, Dhankar and Komik where you can grab the most captivating view of the night sky.   

Best time to Visit Spiti Valley: Anytime between May to June and then October to November

2. Nubra Valley - Leh Ladakh

Stare at glittering stars in Turtuk village, one of the most spectacular stargazing spots in Nubra Valley that has everything to feast your senses. Nestled amidst majestic mountains, this cold desert with highest passes, sweeping rivers, pristine lakes and star studded night sky is ideal for travellers who like to indulge in extraordinary experiences. A special permit is required to enter this breathtaking valley as it is the gateway to Siachen Glacier. Apart from enjoying stargazing from high altitudes, you can also visit monasteries and the tallest Buddha statue which are a reflection of the vibrant culture of the valley. People also get an opportunity to enjoy Bactrian camel rides which are exclusive to the region.

Best time to Visit Nubra Valley: Being one of the coldest regions, temperature dips down massively during winters. People usually prefer months between April to June and from September to October to visit this beautiful valley in Leh Ladakh region.

3. Roopkund - Uttarakhand

Situated at an altitude of 16900 ft, Roopkund is one of darkest places in India where stargazing is highly recommended as there is zero light source in the region. Also known for the Skeleton Lake, Roopkund is a popular trekking trail in the state that opens avenue for dare heart trekkers. Located in Chamoli district, the frozen lake with hundreds of human skeletons in its shallow depth is an unresolved mystery and only enduring and trained trekkers can reach this point. Lying on the foothills of Mt. Trishul, camping in this snow desert is a magical experience especially during night.

Best time to Visit Roopkund: Roopkund trek usually opens twice a year, once in the summer months from May till June and then between September till mid October.

4. Sonmarg - Kashmir

Astronomers delight, Sonmarg in Kashmir is an uninterrupted, undisturbed slice of heaven with crystal clear skies and breathtaking meadows. Eponymous of the Meadow of Gold, this tourist destination in India is known for its dazzling peaks, natural beauty and magical night skies that are filled with crystalline dots lighting up the entire valley. Perched at an altitude of about 2800m, Sonmarg is home to Kolahoi Peak, Amarnath Peak and Sirbal Peak that are visited by a large number of trekkers and pilgrims. Ideal for camping, stargazing, trekking, rafting and many thrilling activities, Sonamrg is a dream destination for travellers around the globe.

Best time to Visit Sonamrg: Sonmarg can be visited throughout the year, however, the months between April to June are recommended to grab the best of experiences in the valley.

5. Coorg - Karnataka

Nature lovers, holiday makers, honeymooners or star gazers, Coorg aka Kodagu has everything to fix your wanderlust. Right from spellbinding beauty of nature to spectacular vistas of night sky, visiting the Scotland of India is worthwhile. Known for its gorgeous landscape that includes mystifying cloudy hills, teak wood forests, verdant tea, coffee and spice plantations and romantic vibes, Coorg is one of the most visited hill stations in Karnataka where you can catch the bewitching view of night sky. You can visit temples, Abbey Falls, go trekking, cycling or simply stroll around.

Best Time to Visit Coorg: The months between March and June are pleasant making it the best time to visit this beautiful hill station of South India.

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6. Mount Katao - Sikkim

Located at an elevation of 15,000 ft, Mount Katao is one of the most fascinating places in Sikkim that is known for grabbing the magical view of stars, surreal mountains and mystical surroundings. Untouched and less explored, this part of the country is absolutely free from chaos and pollution and therefore is among the most sought after places for stargazing in India. Prior permit is required to discover the undeniable beauty of snow clad mountains and picturesque view of this heavenly destination. Covered in thick snow during winters, one can also enjoy activities like skiing, snowboarding, stone grinding etc.

Best Time to Visit Katao: March to June are the best months to visit Mount Katao, however, if you want to indulge in snow activities then winter months of December to February are favourable.

7. Sariska - Rajasthan