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bollywood celebrities festival celebration

Bollywood Celebrities Awesome Festival Celebration Goals

India is one big, diverse country with a dense population. Every state in India is unique, and it is diverse not only when it comes to the physical features but also in terms of culture. People in India speak many languages, and with this comes different religions. Every religion has its traditions and festivals. It carries peace and joy and brings the communities together. And Bollywood, being the second-largest film industry in the world, influences Indian society and culture. It is considered a major source of entertainment for Indians and the rest of the world. Bollywood celebrities are always enthusiastic when it comes to celebrating festivals. And in a country filled with such diversity, how can the stars fall behind?!

Every festival that we celebrate has a story behind it. These stories hold great significance and convey important messages. Celebrating festivals is a way of keeping our diverse culture alive. The festivities mostly revolve around a deity’s birthday, victory after defeating the evil, changes in seasons, and more. By celebrating festivals and following traditions, we express gratitude to our culture and heritage. It’s about rejoicing the moments with our loved ones and also plays a role in structuring our social life. And who better than the Bollywood celebrities to lead and influence people’s social lives! Here are some of the Indian festivals and how stars celebrate them with so much pomp. 

Diwali festival celebration of Bollywood Celebrities

Known as the festival of diyas and light, Diwali commemorates Lord Ram’s triumphant return to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana. In many southern states, Diwali is celebrated as the day Lord Krishna defeated the demon Nakamura. People, also including Bollywood stars, celebrate Diwali by lighting diyas, lanterns, and bursting firecrackers. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, celebrities gathered for lavish parties showcasing their designer outfits. Diwali plans of Bollywood Celebrities mostly include family getaways and spending valuable time with their loved ones.


The festival of lights is celebrated by Amitabh Bachchan, one of the most fan-worshipped stars in Bollywood. He is an actor, producer, and TV host, and he makes sure to celebrate Diwali with his family. Oil lamps light up his residence as it symbolizes the victory of light over darkness. He also posts pictures of his celebrations on their social media accounts with a heartwarming caption. His place is also the host to a lavish Diwali party every year attended by most big filmstars from Mumbai, dressed in stylish and expensive traditional attires. The Bachchan family hosts grand Diwali parties inviting all famous film stars and close friends from the fraternity.

Superstars like Shahrukh Khan are known to take days off and break from their hectic schedules. He usually makes sure that he is in Mumbai during Diwali, attending the Diwali parties hosted by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and Karan Johar. As he said once, Diwali parties had become a culture in Mumbai, and he is not sure to miss the culture. Diwali plans of Bollywood Celebrities such as Karan Johar included inviting some of the youngest celebs for a photoshoot wearing gorgeous attires.

Durga Puja

Durga puja is popularly celebrated in Bengal and other parts of India as a tribute to Goddess Durga for defeating the demon Mahishasura. The festival begins as Navratri, which is a nine-night festival and it celebrates divine women empowerment. The tenth day is celebrated as Dusshera. They host dandiya and Garba performances showcased on television. Celebrities like Vidya Balan, Kajol, Rani Mukherjee, Varun Dhawan, Tanisha Mukherjee, Ayan Mukherji, Sushmita Sen, Alia Bhatt, and more are seen visiting the Durga pandals at Vile Parle to seek blessings. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and her daughter are also many seen at the pandal wearing beautiful attires. The Durga puja celebrations start with full enthusiasm and the idol of Goddess Durga. The pandals are beautifully decorated, loud drums are beaten, and bhajans are sung while performing rituals. And celebrities actively take part in the festivities. Dressed to kill in traditional Bengali sarees with jewelry and more, these stars add the oomph factor to the different puja pandals in Mumbai.   

Dahi Handi

Dahi Handi is celebrated during Krishna Janmashtami. The ritual represents Lord Krishna’s childhood days. Boys often go around localities breaking the handi that is filled with curd, butter, and milk. People gather at pandals to make human rings, and one climbs up to break the handi. Several film stars participate in the festivities, such as Shah Rukh Khan and Varun Dhawan, among the many who gather. Shahrukh Khan especially organizes the event on his home grounds in Mannat. Loud music is played, hymns are sung, and artis are conducted at the site. Mumbai is where Dahi Handi is popularly celebrated. The Dahi Handi is placed at a certain height, and one has to break the pot by hitting it with coconut. The boys form a pyramid and climb on each other’s shoulders to break the pot. Actors like Arjun Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, and even Bipasha Basu are also spotted where the event is celebrated. Actors like Ranveer Singh and Arjun Rampal are also commonly seen at such events. Some of the actors and actresses. There are also dance performances by actors and actresses at sich events.


Onam is widely celebrated in Kerala as the homecoming of a king named Mahabali. Onam 2021, Bollywood stars celebrated the festivals by singing prayers, dance performances, and participating in the famous boat race. Many south Indians take part in the festivities every year and wish their fans through social media. Actress Malaika Arora Khan celebrated Onam with her family this year, and she posted a picture with her sister and a variety of delicacies on the table. When it comes to religious ceremonies, South Indians eat their food on banana leaves. Other actors post hearty wishes on various social media platforms. During the Covid-19, most stars from Bollywood have wished their fans on their Instagram and Twitter profiles. Many ‘Happy Onam messages’ have been seen during the last year from celebrities like Karan Johar, Priyamani Raj, Hamsa Nandini, Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Vicky Kaushal, Janhvi Kapoor, and more. Actress Shefali Shah this year was in Prayagraj, where she celebrated Onam on the sets of her new film Doctor G. What is noteworthy is that she was dressed in an ethnic South Indian sari to make the celebrations authentic. Actresses like Shruti Hassan and Hansika Motwani also took to their Instagram to wish their fans on this pious festival.


Pongal is a harvesting festival that is celebrated in Tamil Nadu. It is known as a thanksgiving festival because the people who celebrate Pongal thank Lord Indra and the Sun God for helping the farmers yield good crops. When it comes to Bollywood Celebrities, many don’t popularly celebrate Pongal, but our stars don’t forget to wish fans who celebrate the festival. Hrithik Roshan, amongst many, wished his fans on social media this year. Besides Hrithik, stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Kajol, Taapsee Pannu, Rakul Preet Singh, Kangana Ranaut, Diljit Dosanjh, and others sent out wishes on their social media platforms this year on Pongal.


As the month of Ramzan comes to an end, the Bollywood fraternity gear up to celebrate Eid-Ul-Fitr and iftar parties. It is a grand celebration for Bollywood celebrities, and they love attending Eid parties thrown by their colleagues. Sometimes, even the media is invited for the royal feast. Shahrukh Khan throws lavish Eid parties at his grand residence Mannat. It is attended by who’s who of Bollywood. The festivals celebrated in India unite every community. They are important because festivals make us forget about our cultural and religious differences. The sole purpose is to bring together communities and to embrace our culture.

Bollywood Celebrities have their unique ways of celebrating every festival. The good thing is that these film stars are secular in their thoughts and celebrations – thus, you see Muslim stars celebrating Hindu festivals like Diwali and Durga Pujo and Hindu stars throwing gala feasts on Id, Christmas, and Gurupurab. It will not be inaccurate to mention here that Bollywood is the perfect example of secularism and open-mindedness, and we must all try to follow in their footsteps.

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--- Published By  Arpita Mathur

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