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Mumbai in Monsoon

Top 9 Places to Visit in Mumbai in Monsoon

Summer is intolerable, be it on the plains or the coast. But in the coastal town of Mumbai, the sweat starts to bother between April and June. That’s why Mumbaikers (local Mumbai residents) await the rains with bated breath. With the first showers, there’s a sigh of relief. As the showers get denser, there’s rejoicing all around – not just amongst the humans but also the region's natural habitat. Mumbai in monsoon is a sight to behold. The showers infuse a fresh lease of life into the surroundings and the residents. 

The energy and vibrancy are unpalatable. From a humid, sweaty zone, Mumbai transforms into a lush green paradise as the rain cleans the busy streets of the city. So, if you plan to visit Mumbai during the monsoon season, you may be in for a refreshing change. But remember to visit the place in July and August because, towards the end, the region starts to get waterlogged, with higher risks of flooding. Traffic mess is another common problem that rains bring to the city.

List Of Top 9 Places to Visit in Mumbai in Monsoon

If you arrive in Mumbai during the monsoon, you can make the most of it by visiting the following places in and around the city.

  • Marine Drive - Where Time Stops
  • Worli Sea Face - Seeking Solace in Solitude
  • Powai Lake - Artificial Beauty
  • Gateway of India - Historic Landmark
  • Manori Creek - The Goa Vibes
  • Lonavala - The Foggy Weeke Experience the magic of monsoon in Mumbai with lush landscapes, vibrant street scenes, and a refreshing escape from the summer heat. nd Gateway
  • Khandala - The Scenic Hotspot
  • Mahabaleshwar - Rivers & Peaks Culminate
  • Panchgani - Picturesque Landscape

1. Marine Drive - Where Time Stops

The Queen’s Necklace is a true delight for nature lovers all year round, but during the monsoon season, it is pure joy to be on this beautiful beach in Mumbai. This is a romance of the land with the sea and the rain with the waves. When the sun is down, the beach comes alive with the reflections of the shimmering lights on the wet streets.

  • Distance: 4.3 km from Mumbai Central Railway Station
  • Major attractions: An iconic beach, the 3.6 km rain-washed boulevard along the Arabian Sea offers the best sea views amidst the sounds of the waves and the lashing rains crashing against the rocks.
  • Things to do: Enjoy the rain with a hot steaming cup of cutting chai, feel the cool breeze, and take a leisurely walk along the coast
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2. Worli Sea Face - Seeking Solace in Solitude

Want to feel the high tides' pulse during the Mumbai monsoon? Visit the Worli Seaface promenade; you can’t ask for more excitement. The waves can almost soak you wet if standing too close to the sea face. The backdrop is a stunner with the Bandra-Worli, Worli Fort, and the Haji Ali Dargah in the background. Essentially, this place is not as crowded during rain as it generally is; therefore, it is an excellent option to visit during the monsoon.

  • Distance: 5.8 km fro
  • Mumbai Central Railway Station
  • Major Attractions: Bandra-Worli, Worli Fort, and the Haji Ali Dargah
  • Things to do: Feel the waves washing your feet while enjoying the serenity during rain. A drive on the beautifully lit-up Sea Link at night invigorates the senses.

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3. Powai Lake - Artificial Beauty

To escape from the chaos of city life, stop by the Powai Lake, one of the best places to visit Mumbai in the monsoon. Low hills, a thick green cover, and diverse flora species surround this man-made lake. The blooming flowers add to the spectacle. Beware, though, because the lake's water level rises due to rain showers.

  • Distance: 28.3 km from Mumbai Central Railway Station
  • Major Attractions: The flora and fauna surrounding the Lake and the serenity of the place.
  • Things to do: Take a boat ride to the centre of the Lake, where you can get the best views. You can also stop by the Powai Lake Garden to enjoy hot snacks.

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4. Gateway of India - Historic Landmark

Standing tall and proud, the Gateway of India on the western coast of India is beauty always personified. This historic monument and one of Mumbai’s most-visited landmarks should be on your bucket list to cover during your Mumbai trip in the monsoon. Experience the rain like never before as you witness rain gushing across the Arabian Sea.

  • Distance: 15 km from Mumbai Central Railway Station
  • Major Attractions: The historic monument and an unobstructed view of the Arabian Sea.
  • Things to do: A ferry ride to the Elephanta Caves, enjoy a cup of hot coffee at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, or book a yacht for a ride.

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5. Manori Creek - The Goa Vibes

A quaint hamlet and a sprawling beach characterise the creek. One of the best places to visit in Mumbai during the rainy season, this getaway in the city will instantly remind you of Goa. The drive to Manori Creek takes about an hour from central Mumbai, but the moment you arrive, it is a visual delight. The landscape is dotted with mud houses and green surroundings.

  • Distance: 38.7 km from Mumbai Central Railway Station
  • Major Attractions: The beach and the quietness of the village.
  • Things to do: Enjoy seafood at the food shacks on the beach. Take a ferry ride to the Water Kingdom and Essel World. Indulge in a few watersports activities.

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6. Lonavala - The Foggy Weekend Gateway

One of the most frequent hill stations around Mumbai, Lonavala is the perfect monsoon gateway you cannot miss near Mumbai during the rainy season. It is only a couple of hours' drive from Mumbai. The dense green valleys' lushness enhances the misty weather and scenic waterfalls, lakes and hills. The hill station, located 624 m above sea level, close to Pune and Mumbai, is nestled in the Sahyadri range of the Western Ghats. You cannot leave the place without tasting the native hard candy called chikki. 

  • Distance: 83 km from Mumbai
  • Major Attractions: Bhaja Caves, Karla Caves, Ryewood Lake, Rajmachi Fort, and Bushi Dam.
  • Things to do: Trekking and camping, along with many adventure sports. The most popular trek is the Andharban Trek, beginning from Pimpri and ending at Bhira.

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7. Khandala - The Scenic Hotspot

Khandala is located in the foothills of the Sahyadri range. As monsoon season knocks on the doors, Mumbai seems to get flooded, but Khandala’s beauty takes on a new meaning. Soak in the lush beauty of its grasslands and serene valleys, which look magical with a misty background. The cascading waterfalls and meandering lakes add to the ambience.

  • Distance: 82 km from Mumbai
  • Major Attractions: The Duke’s Nose Peak, Karla Hills, Karjat, and Lonavala.
  • Things to do: Trekking is a popular pastime, even during the rain. The romantic hill retreat is popular among newlyweds because of its natural beauty.

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8. Mahabaleshwar - Rivers & Peaks Culminate

This is a hotspot tourist destination in Satara district in the Western Ghats. The place is popular for its strawberries. Nature has blessed this region with cascading rivers, waterfalls, thick vegetation, dense forests, and stunning peaks. The sight becomes even more mesmerising with rainfall. Besides this, Hindus consider it a holy place as it is the origination source of the River Krishna. The place is also home to many temples and boarding schools. It was once the summer capital of the British. 

  • Distance: 224.7 km from Mumbai
  • Major Attractions: Pratapgad Fort, Shindola Village, Elephant’s Head Point.
  • Things to do: Scenic waterfalls, temple visits, Venna Lake boating, and a visit to the Mapro Garden

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9. Panchgani - Picturesque Landscape

This is another top hill station located close to Mahabaleshwar. The name is derived from the place being surrounded by five hills. It is one of the most loved spots by tourists to catch a glimpse of the sunset and sunrise while offering a panoramic view of the valley below. At a height of 1,334 meters on the Sahyadri mountain range, this place transforms into a paradise during the rain. Due to its location, the place is bordered by the hills on one side and the beautiful coastal plains on the other.

  • Distance: 244.2 km from Mumbai
  • Major Attractions: Dhom Dam, Kate’s Point, Table Land, Parsi Point, Bombay Point and Sydney Point
  • Things to do: Indulge in an adventure at Sydney Point, trek to Table Land, taste the local cuisine, and participate in a strawberry-picking activity.

Mumbai in monsoon is one of the best times to visit this captivating capital of Maharashtra. Rain-washed streets and buildings shine bright as the sun rays fall on them, giving a nascent look to the city. From Powai Lake to the Gateway of India, every place in Mumbai during the rainy season becomes explore-worthy. You can also plan trips to places nearby, as umpteen destinations satisfy your adventurous and nature-loving streaks, especially during the enchanting monsoon season.

If you plan to visit Mumbai during the monsoon season, let Adotrip handle your travel plans. We are reliable and reputed travel solutions providers and take care of every travel-related service, such as flight bookings, tour packages, hotel reservations, sightseeing, and more. Get ready to explore Mumbai when it is experiencing monsoon rains, admire its beauty, and come back refreshed.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Mumbai in Monsoon

Q. Is it okay to visit Mumbai during the monsoon season?
A. If you love the rain, Mumbai is the best place to head during the monsoon season. That’s because Mumbai and the adjoining areas receive consistent downpours between July and September. At times, the rain’s rage gets out of control, causing flooding in the city. However, with greenery, the trees and plantation look refreshed, making visiting Mumbai worthwhile during monsoon. If you are there at the end of August and the beginning of September, you’ll also get to experience Ganesh Chaturthi, the festival that rocks the financial capital of India.

Q. Can I visit Mumbai in August?
Yes, Mumbai is the best place to visit during the monsoon season. Summers get pretty hot and humid, but the showers are a breath of fresh life. The monsoon begins in July and lasts until September. The views are fantastic, as the surroundings are at their greenest best. It is the ideal time to trek the hills and feel the power of the gushing waterfalls.

Q. Which are the top places to visit in Mumbai during rain?
A. If you visit Mumbai during the rains, you must stop by Marine Drive, Juhu Beach, Worli Seaface, Bandra Bandstand, Carter Road, Powai Lake, Manori Creek, and the Gateway of India.

Q. Which are the best places to visit around Mumbai during monsoon season?
A. During the monsoon season, some must-visit places around Mumbai are Khandala, Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar, and Khandala.

Q. Which places are the best to visit in Mumbai during monsoon?
A. Some of the places that are worth visiting during monsoon season in Mumbai are

  • Marine Drive - Where Time Stops
  • Worli Sea Face - Seeking Solace in Solitude
  • Powai Lake - Artificial Beauty
  • Gateway of India - Historic Landmark
  • Manori Creek - The Goa Vibes
  • Lonavala - The Foggy Weekend Gateway
  • Khandala - The Scenic Hotspot
  • Mahabaleshwar - Rivers & Peaks Culminate
  • Panchgani - Picturesque Landscape

Q. Can I visit the Elephanta Caves during the rainy season?
A. Yes, visiting Elephanta Caves is not a big issue during the monsoon. But travelling by ferry may be risky. It is recommended that you check the ferry schedule before the trip.

Q. What are the things to carry to Mumbai during monsoon?
A. You must carry suitable walking shoes, an umbrella, and, if possible, waterproof clothing, including a raincoat. Waterproof bags are advisable. Pack light. Carry an insect repellant if possible.

--- Published By  Arpita Mathur

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