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Forts in Gujarat

7 Most Famous Forts in Gujarat

If one can relate to a location on a deeper level, one can virtually hear the noises of the historical events that have occurred there. Nowhere is this tendency more evident than in old forts, and ancient forts in Gujarat are no exception. In Gujarat, forts are often constructed of stone and embellished with arches and large gates. Even though the basic concept hasn't changed, developments in military technology have led to changes in architecture and design.

These well-known forts in Gujarat are visited during some of the best road journeys in Gujarat, and they narrate the glorious tales of times gone by:

7 Historical Forts to Visit in Gujarat

Visit some of the most amazing forts in the state and know about the rich historical legacy. Here are some of the Famous forts in Gujarat mentioned beneath:

  • Diu Fort. Arabian Sea On Three Sides
  • Lakhpat Fort. Historic Fort Surrounded By Vast Desert
  • Roha Fort. Place of Royals
  • Indragadh Fort. A Symbol of Strength and Timeless Beauty
  • Champaner Fort. Intricate Architectural Details
  • Surat Castle. Defence structure For The Ruling Authorities
  • Uparkot Fort. Insights into India's rich historical and cultural heritage

1. Diu Fort | Arabian Sea On Three Sides

During the colonial era, the Portuguese constructed the fort at Diu. This Ancient fort in Gujarat is situated on Gujarat's western coast. The Portuguese occupied this fort, built in 1535, for 424 years. Within the fort, there are three churches, along with a Shiva temple. In Gujarat, this is a popular tourist destination.

  • Timing: Sunrise to Sunset

2. Lakhpat Fort. Historic Fort Surrounded By Vast Desert

Would you think a town could exist within a fort? That is a fact. A little settlement called Lakhpat is found inside the Lakhpat fort and is part of the Kutch district. Given that it links Gujarat and Sindh, the town has been of utmost significance to the state. Jamadar Fateh Muhammad constructed the 7-kilometre fort in 1801. Consider visiting forts in Gujarat at sunrise or sunset for a beautiful landscape perspective.

  • Timing: 6 am to 6 pm

3. Roha Fort | Place of Royals

The Roha Fort is situated in the village of Roha, about 50 kilometres from Bhuj. The Historical forts in Gujarat cover 16 acres and served as Rao Khengarji I's administrative centre from 1510 to 1585. Around 120 Rajput princesses from the Soomra clan committed suicide at this fort because they preferred to die rather than be captured by the invaders.

  • Timing: 6 am to 6 pm

4. Indragadh Fort | A Symbol of Strength and Timeless Beauty

Indrasal Singh Hada built the Indragadh Fort in the 17th century. The ancient forts in Gujarat, next to a mountain, are distinguished by their unusual design of enormous walls and four gates. Within the walls of this fort are three palaces. Janana Mahal, Supari Mahal, and Hawa Mahal were the given names of the palaces.

  • Timing: Throughout the year

5. Champaner Fort | Intricate Architectural Details

During the reign of Champaner, Forts in Gujarat were built around the city. You will find a few remnants of the old fort now, but you may still tour its enormous structure. Try reaching the fort's pinnacle to get a fantastic view of Champaner.

  • Timing: 8.30 am to 5 pm

6. Surat Castle | Defence structure For The Ruling Authorities

A historic structure constructed in the 16th century, Surat Castle was once known as the Old Fort of Surat. Sultan Mahmood-III of Ahmedabad took the initiative to start construction on the fortress, and he gave it to Turkish soldier Safi Agha. In 1546, the castle was finished.

  • Timing: 10 am to 6 pm

7. Uparkot Fort | Insights into Rich Historical and Cultural Heritage

One of Gujarat's oldest forts is likely Uparkot Fort. Some of the walls of this over 2,300-year-old fort have a height of almost 20 meters. Under the fort's walls, a moat that was 300 feet deep once housed crocodiles. Step wells and caves are still present within the fort. The Turks brought Manek along with Neelam, two of the most significant attractions in this area. A fort tour costs Rs 25, which is the entrance fee.

  • Timing: 8 am to 6 pm

Frequently Asked Questions About Famous Forts in Gujarat

Q 1. What are some famous forts in Gujarat?
A 1:
Here are some of the famous forts in Gujarat are -

  • Manek Burj
  • Pavagadh
  • Roha Fort
  • Bhadra Fort
  • Bhujia Fort
  • Surat Fort

Q 2: Where can I find the largest fort in Gujarat?
A 2:
The well-known Bhadra Fort near Ahmedabad is a monument with historical value and dates back to the Middle Ages. The fort is named after "Bhadra," a Hindu goddess and Kali avatar revered among numerous Hindus, and was constructed in 1411 by Sultan Ahmed Shah.

Q 3: How can I reach the Junagadh Fort in Gujarat?
A 3:
The closest airports are Rajkot and Porbandar because Junagadh needs a local airport. There are direct flights from Mumbai to these airports. To get to Junagadh, taxis and buses are available outside the airports.

Q 4: Are there any guided tours available for forts in Gujarat?
A 4:
Yes, some guided excursions are offered at Gujarati forts. Numerous ancient forts in Gujarat draw visitors from around the globe.

Q 5: What is the historical significance of the Bhujia Fort in Gujarat?
A 5:
Jadeja Chiefs built the fort to protect the city. Rao Godji I (1715–1718), the monarch of the Kingdom of Kutch, began building the Bhujia fort as a form of frontier defence for Bhuj. But his son Deshalji I (1718–1741) was in power when most of the work was finished.

Q 6: Are there any architectural marvels or unique features in the forts of Gujarat?
A 6:
Gujarat is renowned for its unique forts, distinctive features, and impressive construction.

Q 7: Can I explore the interiors of the forts in Gujarat?
A 7:
You are welcome to visit the Gujarati fort interiors. Many stunning Coastal forts in Gujarat are accessible to tourists. These forts are renowned for their extensive histories, stunning architecture, and cultural importance.

Q 8: What are some nearby attractions near the forts in Gujarat?
A 8:
Gujarat is a state in western India renowned for its extensive fortifications and long history. Here are a few points of interest close to Gujarat's forts:

  • Gir National Park
  • Modhera Sun Temple
  • Akshardham Temple
  • White Rann of Kutch
  • Rani ki Vav

Q 9: Are there any accommodation options available near the forts in Gujarat?
Yes, there are lodging alternatives close to the Gujarati forts. Gujarat is well recognised for its extensive cultural history and historical forts, and several hotels, resorts, and guesthouses are nearby. The fortifications at Junagadh, Uparkot, Dabhoi, Bhujia, and Lakhpat are just a few of Gujarat's well-known forts.

There are a variety of lodging alternatives close to these forts, from opulent hotels to low-cost guesthouses. Hotels and resorts have various features, featuring Wi-Fi, restaurants, and swimming pools. For detailed information on lodging options close to the Gujarati forts you intend to visit, it is advised to search online booking portals or contact regional tourism offices.

Q 10: Are there any specific safety precautions I should take while visiting the forts in Gujarat?
A 10:
Prioritising safety is always smart when making trips to Hill forts in Gujarat to ensure a positive and secure trip. Here are some particular safety measures to think about:

  • Gujarat may endure scorching summers and other harsh weather conditions.
  • The ground tends to be rocky, and the stairs are steep in forts.
  • There might be challenging climbs or confined staircases in some forts. Use handrails when available, take your time, and be cautious when walking.
  • Forts can be crowded, so be mindful of your surroundings and watch your possessions.
  • Before visiting forts, inform a friend or relative of your plans, including the destination and estimated return time. This can be useful in an emergency or if you require it to be reached.

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