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Most Famous Beaches in Gujarat

Plunge Into The Sheer Beauty Of These 15 Incredible Beaches in Gujarat

Gujarat, a pinnacle of wonders, shares its borders with the massive Arabian Sea. This vibrant state is adorned with dense forests, white deserts, striking Indo-Saracenic architecture, rich wildlife, and so much more. From the glorious temple towns to hypnotic landscapes, this dreamland features a shoreline of 1666 km taking its visitors on a mesmerising ride to all the paradisiacal beaches it has! The sandy shores, the idiosyncratic skyline, and the heavenly winds eagerly welcome discerning travellers. Come and visit this vibrant state and immerse your soul in its sheer beauty. Get to know more about the incredible beaches of Gujarat, which have a unique charm and a hint of rustic vibes.

Here we reveal to you our well-curated list of some of the most breathtaking Gujarat beaches, scripting nature's majesty to the core. Scroll down quickly to know more!

List of Most Famous Beaches In Gujarat

Gujarat is a paradise that screams perfection at you from every angle. Some spectacular marvels along its extensive shoreline encapsulate beauty at its finest. Get a brief overview of the best beaches in Gujarat and build your dream holiday plans!

  • Diu - The Paradise Beach
  • Mandvi - The Pearl-grey Beach
  • Ghogla Beach - The Golden-Sandy Beach
  • Gomtimata Beach - The Majestic White-Sandy Beach
  • Khambhat Beach - The Incredible Blue-water Beach
  • Beyt Dwarka - The Heavenly Beach
  • Umbergaon Beach - The Serene Beach
  • Nagoa Beach - The Magical Paradise
  • Madhavpur Beach - The Peachy Seaside
  • Shivrajpur Beach - The Dreamy Devbhoomi Dwarka Beach
  • Dandi Beach - The Historic Beach of Gujarat
  • Nargol Beach - The Pristine Windswept Beach
  • Chowpati Beach - The Phenomenal Beach
  • Miyani Beach - The Panoramic Coastline 

1. Diu | The Paradise Beach

If you are the one searching for a peaceful essence of nature, then mate, this beach is for you. Diu Beach will undoubtedly introduce you to a magical view and allow you to enjoy a close connection with nature, leaving you completely spellbound. From pristine sandy shores to mesmerising waters, this island also offers a multitude of water sports activities perfect for a soul-stirring getaway. Keep this phenomenal island on top of your Gujarat bucket list!

Places to Visit near Diu - Diu Fort, INS Khukri Memorial, Gangeshwar Mahadev, Shell Museum, St. Paul’s Church, Naida Caves

How to reach Diu. Diu Airport | Distance. 8.4 km

Delvada Railway Station | Distance. 16.3 km

Best Time To Visit Diu Island. November to February

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2. Mandvi | The Pearl-grey Beach

Located in Kutch, this beach is renowned as the largest beach in the district, offering the most panoramic views. Right from the soothing winds and multiple adventurous opportunities, this beach never fails to amaze its visitors. You can also try the mouth-watering Gujarati street cuisine here; we bet you will surely go for another round! Enjoy the scenic walk on this cleanest beach in Gujarat.

Places to Visit near Mandvi Beach - Mazar-e-Noorani, Vijay Vilas Palace, Jain Temple, Shyamji Krishna Varma memorial, Rukmavati Bridge

How to reach Mandvi. Rudra Mata Airport | Distance. 61 km

Bhuj Railway Station | Distance. 64 km

Best Time To Visit Mandvi Beach. November to February

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3. Ghogla Beach | The Golden-Sandy Beach

This is another one of the most immaculate beaches in the Diu district, possessing the power to fill visitors with awe. This incredible golden sand stretch of land is famous for its majestic views, cloudy skyline, wonderful fortresses, and amazing Cathedrals. Ghogla Beach has even been awarded a “blue-flag certificate” and designated as “Safe swim heaven”.

Places to Visit near Ghogla Beach - Panikota Fort, Naida Caves, Diu Fort, Gangeshwar Temple, Shell Museum

How to reach Ghogla Beach. Diu Airport | Distance. 10.3 km

Veraval Railway Station I Distance. 86 Km

Best Time To Visit Ghogla Beach. October to February

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4. Gomti Mata Beach | The Beautiful White-Sandy Beach

This largely-deserted beach features undisturbed solitude on the western end of Diu Island. This extremely panoramic beach is lined up by towering palm groves on one side and is adorned with a wonderful shoreline on the other! This beach has a total of 21 km of coastal length and even has a temple situated near it.

Places to Visit near Gomti Mata Beach - Diu Fort, Gangeshwar Mahadev, INS Khukri Memorial, St. Paul’s Church, Diu Museum

How to reach Gomti Mata Beach. Diu Airport | Distance. 9 km

Veraval Railway Station | Distance. 87.1 km

Best Time To Visit Gomti Mata Beach. October to February

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5. Khambhat Beach | The Incredible Blue-water Beach

This beach is also tagged as the “ Gulf of Khambhat '' or “Gulf of Cambay”. The ultimate destination to enjoy the warm sun, salubrious climate, soft sand, and some scrumptious street foods. Famous for its sunrise and sunset, this beach will offer you some terrific tints of the skyline, leaving you awestruck. Not a very crowded beach making it perfect for visitors.

Places to Visit near Khambhat Beach - Shri Siddhi Maa Temple, Amba Mata Temple, Swaminarayan Mandir, Salva Lake, Khodiyar Mata Mandir

How to reach Khambhat Beach. Vadodara Airport | Distance. 71 km

Kathana Railway Station | Distance. 11 km

Best Time To Visit Khambhat Beach. January to February

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6. Beyt Dwarka | The Heavenly Beach

A glorious beach is renowned as the best beach in Dwarka, with several beautiful birds surrounding it. Also regarded as “Dwarawati'', this legendary beach is located in a city of huge religious significance. Do not miss out on the fun of scuba diving and exploring the mesmerising Coral reef of Beyt Island. The pollution free and the most wonderful beach awaits you!

Places to Visit near Beyt Dwarka - Shri Nageshwar Jyotirlinga, Dunny Point, Bhai Mohkam Singh Ji Gurdwara Panj Pyare, Nageshwar Shiva Temple

How To Reach Beyt Dwarka. Jamnagar Airport | Distance. 141 km

Okha Junction | Distance. 5 km

Best Time To Visit Beyt Dwarka. October to March

7. Umbergaon Beach | The Serene Beach

This incredible beach, majestically outlining the Arabian Sea, is perfect for an escape from the cacophony of the city. The calming aura, the pleasing winds, the eye-soothing panoramas, the crystal blue skyline, the glorious sunset, and the relaxing sand beneath make this beach a paradise on earth. The Chowpatty-style street food will leave you licking your fingers.

Places to Visit near Umbergaon Beach - Parnera Hill, Tithal Beach, Sai Baba Temple, Wilson Hill, Daman Ganga Dam, Bilpudi Mavli Mata Waterfall

How To Reach Umbergaon Beach. Surat Airport | Distance. 155.9 km

Bhilad Railway Station | Distance. 18.6 km

Best Time To Visit Umbergaon Beach. November to February

8. Nagoa Beach | The Magical Paradise

This popular tourist attraction in Diu is a place that will run calming goosebumps on your skin. You will take at least some seconds to plunge into the mesmerising beauty of this beach. Strongly attracting tourists from all walks of life, this beach will cast spells on you with the ultra-soothing breezes, the relaxing sands, and of course, the wonderful panoramas. You can enjoy many water sports activities at the wonderful Nagoa Beach.

Places to Visit near Nagoa Beach - Dinosaur Park, St. Thomas Church, Panikota Fort, Fortim-Do-Mar, Chakratirth Beach

How To Reach Nagoa Beach. Diu Airport | Distance. 1.2 km

Veraval Railway Station | Distance. 85.6 km

Best Time To Visit Nagoa Beach. October to February

9. Madhavpur Beach | The Peachy Seaside

A wonderful blue water beach in Gujarat with pristine surroundings as far as the eyes could see. You can enjoy sitting here, watching fabulous views or walking on the grainy sands, admiring the panoramic vistas of the shoreline. Speed boating, camel riding, horse riding, and parasailing are some of the famous activities here. Do not miss sipping on the refreshing coconut water at this beach.

Places to Visit near Madhavpur Beach - Madhav Rai Ji Haveli Temple, Krishna Rukmini Temple, Madhavpur Beach Fair, Mocha Hanuman Mandir

How To Reach Madhavpur Beach. Porbandar Airport | Distance. 59.4 km

Veraval Railway Station | Distance. 66.9 km

Best Time To Visit Madhavpur Beach. November to March.

10. Shivrajpur Beach | The Dreamy Devbhoomi Dwarka Beach