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Famous foods of gujarat

9 Delectable Foods Of Gujarat That Will Gain A Sweet Spot In Your Heart

Most people think of Khakhra, Dhokla, and scrumptious Gujarati thali. But that’s not it, there’s more to the best foods of Gujarat. Different regions of the state, Kutch, Kathiyawad, North Gujarat, and Surti Gujarat are the regions that majorly influence the cuisine and bring uniqueness to it.

Top 9 Famous Foods Of Gujarat

Here we will talk about the lip-smacking foods of Gujarat to die for. If you are a foodie, then keep reading to find out what you should eat when you are in Gujarat.

1. Khaman

Made from freshly ground lentils and chickpea flour, Khaman is a healthy and tasty steamed snack. Khaman looks exactly like its close cousin, Dhokla. To prepare Khaman, turmeric is boiled with the Khaman mix, baking soda, and salt to make it light and fluffy. After this process, it is cut up into small cubes and garnished with coriander leaves, mustard seeds, chopped onions, and sev. Khaman is traditionally served on a big green leaf called Kesuda, but the urban version is served on a newspaper at snack shops with tangy chutneys and green chilies. Ameri Khaman (mashed up khaman garnished with pomegranate and sev), Nylon khaman (softer and fast cooked) and Masala khaman (served with hot & spicy chilly powder) are some of the famous adaptations of Khaman.

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2. Thepla

Any picnics, journeys, business trips, or even foreign trips are incomplete without this ubiquitous dish. Made from whole wheat flour, gram flour, spices, and fresh fenugreek leaves, these flatbreads are healthy snacking options with a long shelf life. Served piping hot with curd, chundo, or pickles, they are wholesome meals. Accompanied by a hot cup of tea, they make a tasty breakfast or a great snack during the rainy seasons. The methi (fenugreek) ones are the most popular, but there are other varieties available including palak (spinach), muli (radish), or amaranth Theplas-specially recommended for fussy eaters.   

3. Khandvi

Khandvi is multiple thin layers of gram flour cooked with buttermilk, rolled up in mushy goodness, seasoned with sesame seeds and other spices. The fragrant garnishing of coriander, curry leaves, mustard, sautéed cumin, and coconut makes it simply irresistible. Also known as 'suralichya wadya' in Maharashtra, it is a famous snack among Marathis and Gujaratis alike. Khandvi is loved by all, but no one can deny that cooking this dish is a tricky business, especially getting the consistency of the batter right. Khandvi is light on the stomach and pleasing on the tongue that can be a perfect breakfast or a lip-smacking evening snack.

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4. Undhiyu

Probably the king of Gujarati dishes, Undhiyu is the reason why all the Gujaratis eagerly await the winter season. It got its name from the local word “undhu”, which means inverted when translated to English, Undhiyu is a classical Gujarati dish cooked in an inverted clay pot. It is a special winter Gujarati dish that every Gujarati would die for. Common ingredients include crunchy muthiyas (fried dumplings made from chickpea flour), eggplant, yam, green peas, potatoes, bananas, and beans, slow-cooked to perfection with coconut, buttermilk, and spices. Undhiyu with puris and shrikhand is also served during Gujarati weddings.

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5. Muthiya

Deriving its name from the action that is used to shape the dough, Muthiyas make for a great breakfast or evening snack. To cook these, a mixture of bottle gourd, chickpea flour, and spices is made, steamed, pan-fried, and seasoned. To make a great meal for health-conscious people, skip the pan-frying part. Other varieties of Muthiya include the usage of fenugreek, spinach, amaranth, or even bitter gourd. Juicy and fluffy on the inside, golden and crispy on the outside, no one can ever resist a bowlful of muthiya. It tastes best with a dash of mint-coriander chutney and a cup of steaming hot tea.

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6. Handvo

Traditionally cooked in a pressure cooker or over charcoal, handvo is actually a savoury cake. To prepare handvo, a mix of rice and lentils is fermented overnight and then baked. The pan-fried version of handvo is crispy and golden, and the sesame seed seasoning over them makes it irresistible! These healthy baked or pan-fried savoury cakes are a very popular meal in Gujarat. Like most other Gujarati snacks, they taste best with green chutney and a hot cup of tea.

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7. Fafda-Jalebi