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India is an exciting mix of myriad traditions, culture, ancient heritage, beliefs, and nature’s beautiful landscapes.

On this soil, you will experience the bliss of thousands of local and major festivals and can also hope to go on the best adventures of your lifetime, while wandering in the lap of nature.

Truly, when it comes to unity in diversity nothing comes close to this nation - a joyride of travel ecstacies.

So, if you have finally decided to explore India in its various colourful hues, then Adotrip helps you discover this land of warmth and snowy mountains in its raw beauty. How? Let’s discuss.

Be Travel Ready with Adotrip

Adotrip ensures that your whole travelling experience is filled with nothing but joy and is free of hassle. This is also the reason why we believe Nothing is Far. With us, you get all the latest trivia about trending events and festivals in India, while also not missing out on the chance to discover top travel destinations as well.

The objective of Adotrip has been always to offer the most relevant travel particulars to you. This is to make you realize and actually know, how diverse India as a nation really is, with so much to devour.

Adotrip’s AI-Driven Travel Planner Tool

To help you travel better, we have built a tool that goes by the name, Adotrip’s AI Trip Planner. The primary objective of this coming-of-age technology is to curb and minimize the struggle of a traveller, helping them choose dates and know the travel route to their desired travel getaway. 

It has been essentially fabricated to help you choose, plan and travel without any kind of delay whatsoever. Yes, now, you don’t need to rummage multiple websites for pricing, planning and nearby stays of your desired destination.

The user-friendly approach of the circuit planner brings everything together on an interesting platter, making your journey a memorable one.

So, How to Use the AI Circuit Planner?

Using the circuit planner is quite easy. Let’s help you explain the process in a few simple steps.

Step 1. Go to the circuit planner page

Step 1 of How to use Adotrip's Circuit Planner Tool?

Step 2. Choose where do you want to go and from where?

Step 2 of How to use Adotrip's Circuit Planner Tool?

Step 3. Select your duration and create the plan. For instance, we have chosen to create a planner from Delhi to Amritsar.

Step 3 of How to use Adotrip's Circuit Planner Tool?

Now, this screen will show up on your respective desktops and smartphones. The circuit shows the starting and ending geographical points of the journey.

Now, take your cursor to the plane icon and click it for further info

Example 1 of How to use Adotrip's Circuit Planner Tool?

With this, before you lay the multiple travel options which you can choose to travel from Delhi to Amritsar along with a tentative pricing and time duration. 

As per your convenience, you can check out these options. And just to show you how? Let us choose the flight mode and click the arrow as shown in the below-mentioned screenshot.

Example 2 of How to use Adotrip's Circuit Planner Tool?

As you can see, it shows the route to take if you want to fly to Amritsar i.e. you will first need to go to Indira Gandhi International Airport and from there take a flight to Amritsar Airport. Once you deboard, you will need to take a cab to cover the further distance.

Similarly, if you are planning to travel via train or by bus, you just have to click that option and all the necessary information like the pricing for the same would be on your fingertips. 

And did we tell you that you can plan your route to multiple destinations with this? 

Yes, for instance, instead of choosing Delhi to Amritsar, you can also go with something like Delhi - Amritsar - Ludhiana, and it will show you all the important information there is to know.

The Nearby and Recommended Stay Options

Now, that you have successfully planned the whole trip as per your suitability and budget, it is natural for you to want to find suitable accommodation and explore the nearby travel attractions of a place which, in this example, is Amritsar.

To get all the important info regarding the recommended stays, just click on the icon and you will come across some of the finest staying options in close proximity of your physical location.

Nearby and Recommended Stay options of Adotrip's Circuit Planner Tool-1

To know the attractions, you just have to click the button which says Nearby and you will come across some of the best-handpicked travel getaways of that particular place. You can scroll down and see what fits your vibe and get started with your adventure.

Nearby and Recommended Stay options of Adotrip's Circuit Planner Tool-2

So this was it. We hope it wasn't that difficult to use the planner. For any query, you can always connect with us anytime. Stay tuned with Adotrip for more interesting travel trivia. Tour Planner Tool 

--- Published By  Rohan Bhalla

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