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Amazing Packing Tips

12 Amazing Packing Tips that Travel Experts Swear by

When it comes to travelling, there is a long list of things that follows, one of which is packing. Travelling and packing go hand in hand, and even though it looks like a big deal to pack everything that we want to carry in a couple of bags or maybe in just one, it is possible, you bet!

We, at Adotrip, have come up with some tried and tested amazing packing tips and hacks that will make your India tour even more hassle-free. So, here are the 12 packing hacks that will help you pack flawlessly and effortlessly the next time you plan a trip. Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Colour Palette

It would be a great idea to sort everything according to their colour, all your clothes, all your stuff so that you can decide what goes well with what. It won’t just help you staying sorted but also when you are taking things out of your bag, you would know where you have kept certain things basis their colour segregation. It would really intrigue your creative side as well, as you choose outfits that go with the season and destination. For example, if you’re travelling to a place where you are also planning to have a candlelight dinner or a romantic evening, do carry your favourite black/red dress with black high heels.

2. Packing Cubes

When packing clothes, we often commit this common mistake of putting all the stuff together in the bag. It not only takes the extra space but also becomes a mess when you start taking things out of the bag at the destination. So, instead of packing everything together, take packing cubes that are readily available in the market. It will take less space and will not over-stuff your bag as well.

3. Ziplock Bags

It is highly advisable for you to pack your loose stuff in ziplock bags as the see-through bags make it easy to see and find small and loose things that get us all worked up when we are unable to find them during a trip. These clear ziplock bags, too, are easily available in the market and are not too costly also.

4. Jewellery Carriers

When it comes to travelling for girls to their favourite travel destinations in India, we know that no look is complete without the perfect on-the-go jewellery or accessories. Almost all of us are fond of dressing well, having a great time while clicking the best holiday pictures. And, in that case, jewellery and accessories do play a major role, hence, leaving them behind is definitely not a good idea. How to pack them then? All you have to do is take a jewellery carrier with multiple sections, wherein you can just organize all your earrings, those beautiful necklines and whatnot! Everything packed in one place would make it more convenient for you and you are sorted!

5. Laundry Bags