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Forts in Tamil Nadu

7 Famous Forts In Tamil Nadu

People enjoy visiting forts as one of the tourist destinations during their free time or working days. Numerous forts that date back thousands of years can be found in Tamil Nadu. Individuals from other regions of the country and those residing in Tamil Nadu have visited the forts. The historical forts in Tamil Nadu display old art, sculpture, and historical occurrences. In contrast to the present, sculpture and art were unique in the ancient world. The ancient people were well-educated in the arts, sciences, medicine, literature, and other fields.

List of Top 7 Forts in Tamil Nadu

A sizable number of tourists visit these Famous forts in Tamil Nadu. Many forts are among the guests' faves and Tamil Nadu's top tourist destinations. Here are some of the best of Tamil Nadu's ancient forts that you must visit:

  • St George Fort. Aerial View of Fort
  • Aranthangi Fort. A Historic Fortress With Towering Walls
  • Kattabomman Fort. The Fort's Imposing Stone Walls and Watchtowers Stand
  • Manora Fort. Coastal Fortress Surrounded by the Sea
  • Vellore Fort. Exquisitely Designed Historic Fortress
  • Krishnagiri Fort. Panoramic Views of Hilltop Fortress
  • Sivaganga Fort. A Majestic Historical Fort

1. St George Fort | Aerial View of Fort

St. George, the capital city of Tamil Nadu state, is located on Rajaji Salai Road Forts near Chennai. As one of several bastions built by a British firm in 1640, St. George Fort was one of them. This fort was built to protect its place inside the nation against competing businesses. St. George Fort also carries evidence of Madras City's development into a modern city. This castle resembles a rising flagstaff and is currently the tallest in India. After some time, it changed from being a British Regiment mess to becoming a lighthouse.

  • Timings. 9 am to 5 pm
  • Entry Fee. Rs.5 for Indians and Rs.100 for foreigners

2. Aranthangi Fort | A Historic Fortress With Towering Walls

Aranthangi Town was a renowned settlement, and the fort there used to be an essential part of the Thanjavur district. The Aranthangi Fort has intriguing and appealing characteristics. Unlike the other forts, this one was not built with bricks or stones. This old structure was constructed of mud. A lot of information was found regarding tourism in Tamil Nadu. Tondaimans built this ancient structure.

  • Timings. 9 am to 6 pm
  • Entry Fee. No entry fee

3. Kattabomman Fort | The Fort's Imposing Stone Walls and Watchtowers Stand

The Kattabomman Fort was constructed on the six acres of ground where the Kattabomman Memorial is located. This fort is close to the cemeteries of some British soldiers. The heroic soldier Kattabomman, who battled against British control throughout Tamil Nadu, is constantly remembered by this fort. During the conflict with Kattabomman, the British partially demolished this fort.

  • Timings. 9 am to 6 pm
  • Entry Fee: No entry fee

4. Manora Fort | Coastal Fortress Surrounded by the Sea

Nearly 65 km separate Thanjavur and Manora Fort, another historic Tamil Nadu fort. Due to the British, along with Napoleon Bonaparte's victory around the Battle of Waterloo around 1814, this fort was built. There are eight stories in this fort, each spanning approximately 300 meters. You can see the entire Bay of Bengal from this location. The word "minaret," which means "tiny Minar," is the origin of the name of this fort.

  • Timings. 9 am to 5 pm
  • Entry Fee. Rs.5 for Indians and Rs.100 for foreigners

5. Vellore Fort | Exquisitely Designed Historic Fortress

The Vellore Fort was of utmost significance in the past. Because India's emperors were inconsistent and changed from one to the next, a chain of associations was associated with them. Nayak, the emperor's leader, constructed it. However, the fort was later taken over by the sultan of Bijapur during the 17th century. The Marathas entered the picture in the middle of this century and took control of the Vellore fort.

  • Timings. 8 am to 6 pm
  • Entry Fee. Rs.5 for Indians and Rs.100 for foreigners

6. Krishnagiri Fort | Panoramic Views of Hilltop Fortress

The Vijayanagara Empire's king, Krishnadevaraya, constructed the fort at Krishnagiri. One of the strongest forts in Tamil Nadu, this one is situated along the route connecting Bangalore and Hosur. The Baramahal is the name of the fort's site and the areas around it.

People go to this fort with neighbouring attractions like Syed Basha Mountain and the KRP dam. The KRP Dam, gardens, etc., are additional options if you are an elderly couple who found it difficult to travel to this fort because it is perched above the Syed Basha Hill forts in Tamil Nadu.

  • Timings. 7 am to 5 pm
  • Entry Fee. No entry fee

7. Sivaganga Fort | A Majestic Historical Fort

The Nayak king Shivappa Nayaka constructed the quadrangular fort called Sivaganga. This fort is located in the Sivaganga district. The fort's structure has crumbled with time, but the main entrance reminds Maruthupandiar. The public amusement park, Schwartz Church, and Brihadishvara Temple are all located within this fort.

  • Timings. 8 am to 6 pm
  • Entry Fee. It costs 50 INR for entry. For a cost of 30 INR, cameras are permitted.


Tamil Nadu has many impressive forts, each with its unique history and charm. The state boasts several famous forts, including St. George Fort, Aranthangi Fort, Kattabomman Fort, Manora Fort, Vellore Fort, Krishnagiri Fort, and Sivaganga Fort. These forts are tourist attractions and symbols of Tamil Nadu's rich cultural heritage. Visitors can explore the forts of Tamil Nadu to learn about ancient art, sculpture, and historical events.

The question of how many forts in Tamil Nadu can be answered with numerous significant ones, each telling a unique story. Vellore Fort is often considered the biggest fort in Tamil Nadu, known for its extensive design and historical importance. So, when planning your visit, include these magnificent forts in your itinerary.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Forts in Tamil Nadu

Q 1: What are some famous forts in Tamil Nadu?
A 1: Here are some of the famous forts in TamilNadu mentioned below:-

  • Sankagiri Fort
  • Vellore Fort
  • Gingee Fort
  • Uchippillaiyar Temple
  • Vattakottai Fort

Q 2: Where can I find the oldest fort in Tamil Nadu?
A 2:
Here I can find the oldest Famous forts in Tamil Nadu:-

  • Fort St. David
  • Udayagiri Fort
  • Gingee Fort
  • Aranthangi Fort
  • Manora Fort

Q 3. How can I reach the Gingee Fort in Tamil Nadu?
A 3.
The Gingee Fort is about 160 kilometres from Chennai International Airport, the closest airport. From there, you can take a bus or arrange a taxi to the Tindivanam district, wherein the fort is located. Pondicherry is only 65 kilometres away from The Fort. There will be no issues at all because the transit facilities were excellent.

Q 4: Are any guided tours available for forts in Tamil Nadu?
A 4:
In Tamil Nadu, guided tours are given for forts. Numerous ancient forts in Tamil Nadu draw travellers from around the world. The Gingee Fort, Vellore Fort, and Fort St. George in Chennai are well-known forts.

These forts inform tourists about the historical significance, architectural aspects, and cultural legacy connected with each fort through guided tours of the fortifications.

Q 5: What is the historical significance of the Thanjavur Fort in Tamil Nadu?
A 5:
The fort was constructed between 1814 and 1815 by Tanjavur Maratha monarch Serfoji II (1777–1832 CE) to honour the British army's victory over Napoleon Bonaparte (15 August 1769–5 May 1821) at the Battle of Waterloo. The fort served as both the royal family's house and a lighthouse.

Q 6: Are there any architectural marvels or unique features in the forts of Tamil Nadu?
A 6:
Tamil Nadu is home to some forts with remarkable architectural wonders and features. Here are a few notable instances:

  • Thirumayam Fort
  • Vellore Fort
  • Dindigul Fort
  • Gingee Fort

Q 7: Can I explore the interiors of the forts in Tamil Nadu?
A 7:
Yes, The inside of Tamil Nadu forts can be explored. The general public can visit numerous historic and ancient fortresses in Tamil Nadu for sightseeing and research. These forts show visitors the area's rich architectural and historical legacy.

Q 8: What are some nearby attractions near the forts in Tamil Nadu?
A 8:
Here are some of the nearby attractions near the forts in Tamil Nadu:

  • Marina Beach
  • Kapaleeshwarar Temple
  • Gingee Ranganathar Temple
  • Kalvarayan Hills
  • Jalakandeswarar Temple
  • Amirthi Zoological Park
  • Masilamani Nathar Temple

Q 9: Are there any accommodation options available near the forts in Tamil Nadu?
A 9:
There are numerous accommodation options available nearby forts in Tamil Nadu. They are:-

  • Time Travellers Hostel
  • Hotel Thaj Regency
  • Lakshmi Cottage
  • Kodaikanal Cottage
  • Limra Residency
  • Sathish Guest House
  • Fortune Park Vellore

Q 10: Are there any specific safety precautions I should take while visiting the forts in Tamil Nadu?
A 10:
To ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience, some safety considerations must be considered while visiting Tamil Nadu forts or any other historical monument. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Pay close attention to any warnings, guidelines, or notices the fort's administration posted.
  • While climbing and exploring, consider caution.
  • You can stay hydrated throughout your visit by carrying a water bottle with you. A modest first aid kit with basic supplies like bandages and painkillers is also good.
  • Watch your possessions when touring the forts, especially in crowded places. To avoid theft or loss of valuables, carrying a compact bag or backpack that can be fastened firmly is advisable.

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