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Forts in Kerala

Forts in Kerala 2024 : A Treat For History Lovers

One historical monument that has survived and continues to tell a country's story is forts. They served as the fortifications of protection and security for the land's governors because they constructed them. Similar to other countries, Kerala has some forts that can be visited and which can narrate historical tales. However, a handful continues to stand as symbols of the age in which they were constructed, even though the majority are in ruin. Here are famous forts in Kerala, built about the 1500s, that you must see before they proceed forever.

Visit 7 Historical Forts in Kerala 

Many of Kerala's ancient forts testify to the state's glorious heritage. Tourists worldwide are drawn to these artefacts because they allow them to travel in time and experience all the luxuries. Here are some of the best historical forts in Kerala mentioned below:

  • Palakkad Fort. High Walls and Impressive Bastions
  • Chandragiri Fort. Historic Architecture and Cultural Significance
  • Anjengo Fort. The Best Coastal Fort in Kerala
  • East Fort. Heart of Thiruvananthapuram
  • Kodungallur Fort. Lush Greenery With Stone Walls And Watchtowers
  • Nedumkotta Fort. Ancient Architecture Offers Panoramic Views
  • Hosdurg Fort. Intricate Carvings And Robust Bastions

1. Palakkad Fort | High Walls and Impressive Bastions

One of the best-preserved Hill forts in Kerala is Palakkad Fort, commonly referred to as "Tipu's Fort" or occasionally "Hanuman Kotta," which is looked after by the Indian Archaeological Survey. Until the Palakkad Fort was built, a different fort is said to have existed in the exact location. The fort's entryway is reached through a short bridge-like construction. The fort is essentially a granite building that is encircled by a moat. Incredible panoramic views of Palakkad could be seen from the fort.

  • Where. 70 km to the northeast of Thrissur.
  • Entry Fees. No entry fees

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2. Chandragiri Fort | Historic Architecture and Cultural Significance

Sivappa Naik of Bednapore constructed Kasaragod's Chandragiri Fort in the 17th century, 46 meters above sea level. The Payaswini River and the fort share the fort's seven acres of land as a border. The fort's magnificence is steadily eroding as a result of negligence. Shivappa Nayaka built some forts, including Chandragiri Fort.

  • Where. Kasaragod, Kerala
  • Entry Fees. INR 100 for Adults and INR 20 for children

3. Anjengo Fort | The Best Coastal Fort in Kerala

The East India Company constructed Anchuthengu and Anjengo Fort during the 17th century, which served as the initial permanent imperial outpost of the British on the coast of Malabar, India. There's a beach close to the fort that is popular with visitors. Numerous sights may be found near the Anchuthengu fort, including the home of renowned Malay poet Kumaran Asan and a few well-known Keralan temples, including Sree Bala Subrahmanya Swami Kshethram.

  • Where. Thiruvananthapuram's northern side is 36 km away.
  • Entry Fees. No entry fees.

4. East Fort | Heart of Thiruvananthapuram

The name of the East Fort, which is in the centre of Thiruvananthapuram, comes from the fort's eastern gateway. The fort had been built to safeguard the city. The Sri Padmanabha Swamy Temple, Ganesha Temple, Gandhi Park, and Kuthiramalika Palace Museum are all situated within the centre of the fort. You can add to your bucket list this Kerala fort tourism.

  • Where. Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
  • Entry Fees. INR150

5. Kodungallur Fort | Lush Greenery With Stone Walls And Watchtowers

Cranganore Fort or Kottappuram Fort were the earlier names of Kodungallur Fort, which was constructed by the Portuguese in 1523. Translated, Kottappuram implies "the area surrounding a fort." The Archaeological Survey of India discovered one pillar while preserving it as public property because this fort was found in ruins.

  • Where. Thrissur District
  • Entry Fees. No entry fees

6. Nedumkotta Fort | Ancient Architecture Offers Panoramic Views