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What are the different types of New Year Celebrated in India?

2018 is about to end now and 2019 is right around the corner, definitely, you have planned for great New Year parties. Today, we brought you a list of new year festivals celebrated in different states across India.

What do people do?

Ugadi – Telugu New Year

Ugadi refers to the starting of age, celebrated in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh comes in the month of March-April, the date may vary as per the Hindu Calendar. It is the beginning of the Chaitra month as people wear new clothes on this day, visit relatives, and it’s the beginning of Hindu lunisolar calendar. Sweets and pachidi (sweet syrup) are prepared with raw mangoes, neem leaves are offered while having Ugadi meal.

Gudi Padwa- Marathi New Year

It generally takes place on the same day of Ugadi and it is celebrated by hoisting the green and yellow flags and it is also known with a name Gudi. This day refers to the victory of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj over the enemies along with the celebration of Shalivahan’s victory.

Baisakhi- Punjabi’s new year