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High Speed Train From Pathankot

Successful trial of the high speed train from Pathankot to Paprola in 5 hours 5 minutes

The long-awaited finally has turned into an end as the trial of the high-speed train from Pathankot to Parola took place on 19th December 2018 ended with success. After the instructions given by the railway minister Piyush Goyal, the trial of the train took place the second time in order to improve the speed of the train on Jogindranagar railway track from Pathankot where 4 coaches were added.

According to the report, various officers from the locomotive, carriage and Wagon were present inside the train when the trial took place. There were three stoppages for the train; the speed was examined around 35 km per hour from Pathankot to Noorpur station and 40 km per hour from Noorpur to Baijnath.

In the second trial, the train took a stop at Palampur and Jwalamukhi Road Station; the train stopped for 5 minutes in the Kangra temple and for 2 minutes at Nagarkota. The total time calculated was 5 hours and 5 minutes to reach from Pathankot to Baijnath-Paprola.

The first trial took place on 3rd November

The first trial of the train had been taken place on 3rd November in which the time taken by the train was 5 hours and 30 minutes to reach Patrol from Pathankot. After the second trial, it has been decided that train will consider as the high-speed train and run on the scheduled time. As per the views of the Railway Department’s DRM Vivek Kumar final trials have been done to run the high-speed train on this track. Now the department will fix the time in order to run this train and how many coaches need to be added to this train will be decided by the department.


--- Published By  Gagan Sharma

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