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12 Best Tips for Women Solo Travellers to Enjoy the Most Liberating Trip

A solo trip sounds so much fun!  Many people are joining the bandwagon, however, we still very conservative when it comes to solo female travel. If you are a woman and contemplating travelling solo, this blog will guide you through the possibilities for the most liberating trip. It's scary when you think but once you hit the road, you would know how exhilarating a solo trip can be. 

India is as safe as any other travel destination across the globe, it’s just that we need to know how and where to travel? In case you want to know, India is the best holiday destination that has everything from pristine beaches to mighty mountains. Right from the famous adventure sports to popular yoga retreats, India is the best place for the tourists. With a plethora of choices, one can also check the desert safaris and wildlife safaris in India that are delightful and leave a lasting impression on the visitors.   

So what else you want for a solo trip? These engaging fun trips in India will help you evolve into a responsible traveller.  And to make it even easier, we have listed some of the most useful travel tips for the tough and resilient women who dare to trot all over India without restraint. Take a look: 

  1. Choose the Destination Wisely

We all have choices, some love serene mountains and some love calming sea. It is really important to decide what kind of holiday you need because if you are traveling solo you will have to keep yourself at pace and if you choose the right destination that matches your mood can work wonders for you and you will surely gather good travel stories in your satchel.

2. Solo Female Travel Destinations in India

We need to understand that not every place is safe to travel solo. Here is the list of destinations that you can freely hop to without thinking twice.

Rishikesh: In the north of India, nothing can be as delightful as visiting Rishikesh that is also known as the yoga capital. The best part is if you are all by yourself, this place in India will keep you occupied. From famous yoga retreats to white water rafting, it offers a variety of activities you may love to indulge in. If you are looking for a break from hustle bustle then this place will help you to find solace as people from all over the world travel here for meditation sessions and yoga courses. Best retreats of all-star ratings can be found according to your budget.  


Goa: Everyone’s favourite, Goa is the safest haven for any type of traveller be it solo, with family or with friends. The expansive sea, famous beaches, boutique resorts, water sports, radiant night clubs;  you name it and you can find it here. Goa is amongst the highly recommended destinations in India where people from all over the world visit and have fascinating stories to share. You can pick Goa even with closed eyes.

Goa Beach

Kerala: Lush green landscape, serene backwaters, beautiful beaches, houseboat stays, Kerala is God’s own country. You actually don’t need anyone if you pick Kerala to travel solo. You can explore tea gardens and the tea tasting is something that you would never want to miss, bird watching, Ayurveda sessions, yoga courses, and the list is endless. Kerala is always the best choice that will leave lasting memories. 


Kolkata: Old colonial city that can charm you with the friendliness of folks here, Kolkata is a city worthwhile spending time in. Howrah Bridge, Kumortuli (potters’ colony), Indian Museum, College Street (Asia’s largest book market), Khalighat Temple, and many more places in-store that can make your solo trip the most exciting experience. Also famous as the gastronomy hub of India, you can savour the most delectable dishes of West Bengal in Kolkata. 

Maidan in Kolkata

3. Always Travel Light

The best solo trips are the ones with minimum luggage because the free mind wanders more. There might be chances when you alone will have to lift your luggage, keeping it light is a safe option. Prepare a list first and then pack the things you can’t do without. Pack essentials carefully and avoid stuffing your bags too much. Don’t forget to carry the first aid kit and a pepper spray for your safety. Nobody will judge you if you repeat clothes, perhaps the fun part of solo travel is you don’t have to bother about what you are wearing.

4. Protect Your Documents, Cash, and Cards

You can be in the eyes of goons so always keep a backup for your documents and cards. Be more vigilant and aware because it’s a big wide world and you never know. You can always leave your documents in safe lockers of your hotel rooms and keep a folder of xerox copies for any emergency at home. For cards, you can keep changing passwords for they need some extra protection. It would be of great use if you carry some cash of lesser denominations, change is mandatory to buy tidbit if you travel around remote places in India as cards don’t work everywhere.

5. Book Your Accommodation Prior to Your Visit

You don’t mind sleeping in the car when you are on a road trip with your folks but when it comes to traveling solo you have to be a little mindful because nobody wants to sleep on a roadside. Confirm your accommodation status even at the last moment before you step out with your bags packed. Keeping yourself doubly sure of accommodation can save you from last moment panic attack.

6. Avoid Getting Drunk

Don’t get tipsy when you travel solo, that’s one thing that is most important to understand. Firstly, because there would be no one to manage you if you are stoned. And second is of course from your safety perspective. Solo trips reflect your own responsible behaviour. You are responsible for your own safety, just mug this travel tip. Don’t get carried away even if you want to. By staying alert, you will discover just how capable you are!

7. Avoid Mingling with Strangers

It’s exhilarating to meet new people and making new friends but when you are traveling solo remember not to trust strangers. Exchange pleasantries, be friendly but maintain distance. It's never a good idea to eat anything that a stranger may offer you. Not necessarily the food might be spiked but there is a possibility of your stomach getting irritated. Maturity can take you places.

8. Take a Break from Social Media

Digital Detox is just like detangling your brain. Unwinding yourself helps you to perform better and this is what, taking a break from social media can do. There cannot be a complete disconnect from technology, however, social media can be avoided. It's definitely not a good idea to share your check-in points on Facebook. Plus, the whole idea behind travelling solo is to gather yourself back and be more aware of yourself. If you can enjoy your own company then you are an interesting person; there's also a side of solo trips where you can learn so much about your endurance. Introspect!

9. Keep Your Phone Fully Charged

Keeping your phone well charged and carrying a power bank as a back-up can be a bliss. Luckily, we are in an era where we have apps like Google maps that can be resourceful when you have to take your own decision of choosing your path since roads and lanes can be tricky when you are at a new place. Our phone has replaced your bulky camera which is why you must keep a check of the battery in your phone before you step out to venture a new day at a new place.

10. Be Like a Local

You must have heard, “when in Rome do as Romans do.’ This is so apt if you wish to experience and learn from the diverse cultures of different countries.  You can enjoy different cultures by being one of them. As they say, it is experiences that make us rich! Also, from a safety point of view, you would never look like an alien to the locals, hence, making it a swift travel experience for you.

11. Stay in Touch with Family and Friends

You must be in touch with your family and friends on a daily basis when you are traveling alone. Fix a time and make sure you exchange words at that particular slot every day. God forbid if something goes wrong with you, your family will get a clue instantly. Solo female travels are not as easy, it is always nice to have some important numbers handy in the time of crisis. We don’t have to take this negatively but being prepared will only keep us more secure and confident. 

12. Solo Female Travel Groups

Travelling in herds is not a bad idea when you embark on your solo travel journey as you can enjoy your personal space and your trip is well planned by the professionals. This can give you a hang of solo traveling. We have listed below, these top women solo travel groups in India to make it a cakewalk for you.

  • Byond.travel
  • Soul purpose
  • Ladakhi Women’s Travel Company
  • Girls on the Go

Nothing is far when you travel with a little common sense and some prior information. We, at Adotrip, make sure that our readers get complete guidance from our end. We share because we care for you. Don't forget to plan your trip to India with our Tour planner tool, it helps the travellers to curate a free itinerary.

Wish you a safe journey and a pleasant trip. Happy travel to you. Don’t forget to share your experiences, we look forward to knowing your travel stories. Thank you for reading :)

--- Published By  Shradha Mehra

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