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Things To Do In South Goa

10 Best Things To Do In South Goa For A Dazzling Beach Vacay

One of the best romantic escapades in India, South Goa is a place where you can dig your toes in the sand and bask under the sun. With an array of things to do in South Goa, the traveler also gets an option to let the sound of the rolling surf lull them to sleep. 

From the exotic beach resorts to everything rejuvenating and fun, South Goa offers a perfect blend of modern metropolis and nature’s treasure trove. It’s indeed the magical travel destination that offers multiple enticements for everyone. With the plush beach resorts, trendy nightlife, endless shopping opportunities, historic hideaways, highly caffeinated energy of bustling cafes; with the multitude of tourist attractions, South Goa certainly has a lot to offer.

Top 10 Things To Do in South Goa

A lot more under the surface! Dig in further to know the 10 best things to do in South Goa for a dazzling beach vacay. Here’s your ticket to paradise:

  • Beach Camping
  • Adventure Sports
  • Jungle Walk
  • Houseboat Cruising
  • Spice Plantation Tour
  • Full Moon Party
  • Lip-smacking Goan Delicacies
  • Shopping Spree in Local Markets
  • Ayurvedic Massages and Treatments
  • Heritage & Religious Tour

1. Beach Camping

Things To Do in South Goa | Beach Camping

If you’ve ever dreamed of spending a starry night against the salty breeze at one of the gorgeous beaches then Butterfly Beach close to Palolem Beach in South Goa is the paradise that you have been searching for. The stunning coastline of Palolem Beach makes up for the perfect site for camping where one can light a bonfire and indulge in merrymaking. Offering an array of fun activities, you’re sure to find a spot that is perfect for you and your loved ones to fully experience waking up at one of the pristine beaches of Goa where serenity is spellbinding.

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2. Adventure Sports

Things To Do in South Goa | Adventure Sports

For a thrill-seeking traveler, South Goa is the most preferred beach destination where one can fulfill the sense of adventure. Brimming with a plethora of options for adventure sports, beaches in South Goa are flocked by innumerable adrenaline junkies from all over the world. Popular for Parasailing, Jet Skiing, Bumper ride, Banana ride, Boat ride, Kayaking, Windsurfing, Speed boat dolphin trips, etc, the beaches such as Mobor, Dona Paula, Bogmalo have some amazing options to give you a much-needed adrenaline pump. Also known for the stunning marine life, scuba diving at Nagoa is ideal for exploring the beauty of the world that lies underwater.

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3. Jungle Walk

Jungle Walk Things To Do in South Goa

The pristine environs of South Goa are a blend of scenic coastline and tropical jungles. The best way to get up close and personal with nature is by taking a stroll through the forest that is led by a guide. Hike through the jungle, stop by the waterfalls and take a ride on a zipline, you are sure to have the best hiking, zipping, and waterfall trekking experience in South Goa. Be it Netravali wildlife sanctuary, Maynapi waterfall, Savri waterfalls, or trek to the third highest peak in Goa, Ravan Dongar, the mesmerizing beauty of the beach state is well preserved in the verdant forests of Goa that gives you an entirely different perspective about the best beach destination of India that has so much more to offer.

4. Houseboat Cruising

Houseboat Cruising Things To Do in South Goa

South Goa is endowed with pristine coastline, mesmerizing vistas, and tranquil rivers where houseboat cruising is one of the most magical experiences one can have during a beach vacay. The famous rivers such as Mandovi and Chapora offer partying at ultra-luxurious houseboats amid the serenity of silver-lined waters. Cruising in the backwaters, kayaking, watching the dolphins and crocodiles, gazing at the sun going down, sipping your favorite wine in addition to savoring the delectable Goan cuisine makes the houseboat rides an experience of a lifetime. Apart from a day trip or an overnight stay, people can also book a private yacht to spend a moment in serenity all by themselves.

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5. Spice Plantation Tour

Spice Plantation Things To Do in South Goa

India being the pioneer in the production and export of spices, regions in South Goa such as Ponda also renders to make it to the list of exquisite aromas and spices. Home to many organic farms such as Savoi Spice Plantation, Pascoal Spice Farm, Sahakari Spice Farms, Tropical Spice Plantation; South Goa is a place where travelers can explore spice plantations and also can get a glimpse of how various spices are grown and processed. Special tours are organized for travelers who are keen to gather information about various spices and wish to savor exotic cuisines served on banana leaves. Traditional methods of making products from eco-friendly materials are also demonstrated. Elephant riding, fishing, water biking are some of the attractions of Indian Tourism preserved in this part of the country.

6. Full Moon Party

Full Moon Party Things To Do in South Goa

With a plethora of places to groove in, South Goa is where the most happening full moon parties are organized. The snazzy parties helmed by the best DJs in the country make it one of the most impressive places to visit by the party animals. Full Moon parties at Colva Beach are the most sought-after parties that are attended by a large number of high-spirited folks who can shake the leg all night. Leopard Valley, Gatsby’s Pub, Club Ziggy’s, Sundowner, and many more, there are party places in South Goa that can make you dance till it hurts your feet. Though quieter than North Goa, however, parties on this side of Goa get crazy and lively as the sun goes down. Don’t miss the fun!

7. Lip-smacking Goan Delicacies

Goan Delicacies in South Goa

Home to an incredible variety of food, Goa is a gastronomy hub where one can savor the most delectable cuisines. Some of the best places in South Goa to have the best culinary experience are Riverside by The Leela, Ourem 88, Zeebop, Martin’s Corner, Longhuino’s, The Fisherman’s Wharf, and many more. The laid-back vibe, romantic set up and array of flavorsome food make South Goa a place to feast, relax, and rejuvenate. With no dearth of restaurants and cafes, one can grab the lip-smacking and authentic delicacies in the beach state of India. Ranging from the most delicious seafood to various continental cuisines such as French, Italian or Japanese, South Goa offers a large variety of food to tantalize your taste buds.

8. Shopping Spree in Local Markets

Shopping in Local Markets in South Goa

Find the most beautiful handicrafts, beachy outfits, exquisite accessories, handbags, antiques, and whatnot in the local markets of South Goa. Shop for trinkets or souvenirs, markets on this side of Goa have so many unique things to buy. Bustling with local markets and vibrant flea markets, you find the best junk jewelry and boho chic outfits that are perfect for a beach vacay. A bit of expert advice: travel light on your trip to Goa and keep an extra place in your bag because there is so much that you can buy from Goa itself and that too at a dirt-cheap price. Colva Beach Market is a popular street shopping place in South Goa that is considered a paradise for shopaholics. Other famous markets of South Goa are the MMC market and Palolem market where you can go on a shopping spree. 

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9. Ayurvedic Massages and Treatments

Ayurvedic Massages and Treatments in Goa

Hosting the finest beach resorts, wellness centers, and Ayurvedic spa centers, South Goa is a perfect place where you can expect the best massages and treatments to pamper yourself. Known for the best Ayurvedic treatments, the wellness packages, therapies, and yoga-based treatments amid the serenity of South Goa will knead the fatigue right out of you. Leaving you feeling rejuvenated and much more relaxed, the ayurvedic massages and treatments are vouched by many travelers who have experienced the spa services here. Rubanyoga and Ayurveda Retreat, Anand Yoga Village, Himalayan Therapeutic Studio are some of the popular places in South Goa for Ayurvedic treatments.

10. Heritage & Religious Tour

Heritage & Religious Tour Things To Do in South Goa

The best way for cultural exchange is to take a heritage tour of the place along with visiting the popular religious sites. Goa is known for many churches, temples, and historical monuments that add as the greatest attraction for the visitors. The famous Bhagwan Mahaveer temple in South Goa is ideal to visit and enjoy the blissful environment that envelops the temple. One of the best things to do in South Goa is to take a heritage tour to look around the Portuguese settlement that was left behind ages ago. Century-old iconic mansions and museums hold the charm of the unique Portuguese culture that stays well preserved in South Goa. Shri Mangeshi Temple in Ponda, Shanta Durga Temple, and various churches spread all over South Goa adds to a completely unique touristy experience as they hold the charm of the countryside remoteness.   

Chronicled the best! Hope you are versed with all that can be done in South Goa -the best beach destination in India. You can get in touch with us at Adotrip to grab an exclusive holiday package or simply plan your trip with our AI-Driven Circuit Planner Tool. You have landed at the best online travel platform as we assure you the most pleasant travel experiences. Go Bananas!


--- Published By  Shradha Mehra

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