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Goa is divided into two major districts - South Goa and North Goa. They are two major parts of the state that are completely different from one another and have a lot of different experiences to offer to the tourists. Speaking of South Goa in particular, the district has so much and so many attractions but it is a lot quieter than North Goa which is more popular for beaches and clubs. Anyone who is looking for serenity and peace would surely like to explore South Goa. 

Whether it be enjoying the nightlife or basking in the morning sunshine of the beaches, Goa, in general, remains to be one of the most endearing places to visit and explore. It is truly an amazing destination full of exotic beaches where one can indulge in a lot of activities. And perhaps it is owing to the fun and chill vibes that this place has, that it has become a dream destination for many.  

If you are planning a trip to South Goa soon then the best time to visit here would be between Mid-November to Mid-February. During the summertime, the temperature can go really high as it is a coastal area and also is located near the ocean. Typically people from other countries don't feel comfortable in such weather conditions.  

History of South Goa 

In 1510, the Portuguese had expanded their colony to its present boundaries which is South Goa today. Then, in the 20th century, December 19, 1961, to be precise, Goa was annexed by India from Portugal rule, along with two other enclaves namely Daman and Diu.

In 1965, all three of them were merged to form a single geographical conclusion. Then in 1987, on 30th May, Goa successfully attained full statehood while the territories of Daman and Diu were given the title of union territory separately. 

Major Attractions in and Around South Goa

1. Butterfly Beach

Visiting this beach would do you justice only if you are looking forward to spending a carefree evening with your loved ones. The serene vibes and the quietness of this tourist attraction in South Goa will leave you mesmerized. For watching the sunset behind the vast ocean, this is the place to be at.

2. Polem Beach

You can see a lot of people sunbathing and swimming here. The crisp and clear waters of this beach are really a cause of joy for the tourists. It is considered to be the last beach in South Goa after which the territory of Karnataka begins. Polem Beach is one of the famous beaches in Goa.

3. Cabo de Rama Fort

Southern Goa has something for everyone and history lovers are not left behind either. Yes, if you love to indulge in history, then do give a visit to Cabo de Rama Fort for its past, and the legends associated with it. As per the legends, this fort is believed to be named after Lord Rama. Thus, on your trip to this region of Goa, don’t miss out on Cabo de Rama Fort. 

4. Indian Naval Aviation Museum

Now, this is another popular tourist attraction to visit in South Goa. Here you will be finding huge machines as well as many artifacts related to the naval aviation of our country. So, if you want to experience something unique then this is the kind of place you shouldn’t miss out on. The maximum cost you can incur for entry at the museum is INR 100-150 which is inclusive of taking a video camera inside.

How to Reach South Goa

South Goa is the right place for you if you are a fan of beach strolls, spending time in contemplation while relishing nature's beauty. It is located at an approximate distance of 1,903, 613, 2,158, and 586 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively. Here is how you can reach here by the following means of transportation. 

By Air

The nearest airport from South Goa is Dabolim airport situated about 23km away. It functions as a civil enclave in a military airbase named INS Hansa. This airport is fairly well-rooted with other Indian cities. Once you deboard at the airport, you can take a cab to reach your destination.

By Train

The Madgaon railway station is Goa’s biggest as well the busiest railway junction. It has overall good connectivity with other Indian cities. As you deboard at the station, you will need to take a cab or some other means of public transportation. 

By Road

The overall connectivity via road to Goa is very good. You can easily travel via motorable roads and national highways to South Goa from nearby cities. For your journey, you can consider traveling by interstate or private buses, you can also hire a cab or if suitable take your own car or two-wheeler. 

You can plan your trip and create your own route to the city with Adotrip’s technically driven circuit planner. Click here



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