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Goa is divided into two major districts - South Goa and North Goa. They are two major parts of the state that are completely different from one another and have a lot of different experiences to offer to the tourists visiting these places. Speaking of South Goa in particular, the district has so much and so many attractions but it is a lot quieter than North Goa which is more popular for beaches and clubs. Anyone who is looking for serenity and peace will surely like to explore South Goa. 

History of South Goa 

Sometime around 1510, the Portuguese had expanded their colony to its present boundaries which is South Goa today. This was a time of 17th and 18th century. And it was on 19 December 1961, that Goa was annexed by India from Portugal rule along with two other enclaves namely Daman and Diu. In 1965, all three of them were merged to form a single geographical conclusion. Then in the year 1987, on 30th May, Goa successfully attained the full statehood while the territories of Daman and Diu were given the title of union territory separately.  

Why You Should Visit South Goa

Whether it be enjoying the nightlife or basking in the morning sunshine of the beaches, Goa remains to be one of the most endearing places to visit and explore. It is truly an amazing destination full of exotic beaches where one can indulge in a lot of activities. And perhaps it is owing to the fun and chill vibes that this place has that Goa has become a dream destination for many.  

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Places to visit in and Around South Goa

Leopard Valley. Leopard Valley is a wonderful destination to visit, especially for those people who want to explore the nightlife of Goa. This spot is very famous among the people who love to chill and party. It is situated in a jungle quarry with lush green vegetation all around and pleasing rock installations. One gets to enjoy the parties helmed by the DJs from across the globe with drinks, food, and laser shows.

Silent Noise-Party. Everyone is aware of this world-famous party. But still, this is a one-of-a-kind experience for anyone who looks forward to experiencing something unique and out of the box. All you need to do is slip your headphones, choose your DJ, choose your preferred tunes and explore out-of-sync bizarre moves that people are doing around you!

Things to do in and Around South Goa

Gatsby's Pub. Step into this small and well-equipped, lounge and bistro. Alongside this, you can also enjoy the wonderful music of this place. It is reasonably priced and fits your pocket best. If you are looking for an AC nightclub to beat the heat but not kill the fun; this is an ideal destination.

Johnny's Cool. This is a kind of place where you get to enjoy a pocket-friendly and a wide range of beers, feni, lassis, and deliciously scrumptious food. And the music only acts as a cherry on the cake. It is indeed a wonderful place to have fun in the true blue Goan style.

Events and festivals in and Around South Goa

Goa Liberation Day. If you do not know, then let us tell you that Goa was not always a part of India, but it became a state of India after India liberated it in 1961 from the Portuguese rule. The whole operation was structured in such a precise manner that it had only taken three days for the Indian forces to free Goa. Read More

Feast of St. Francis Xavier. Since the state is highly dominated by the Christian religion, one shall find most of the fairs and festivals influenced by Christianity., and this festival is an example of the same. Read More

Christmas Day. Though Christmas is celebrated all over the world, the way Goa does it is something different and fun to be a part of. Everything ranging from the church bells and cakes to the music are just so perfect. If you ever visit Goa during Christmas time, then this is something really worth experiencing. Read More

Best time to visit South Goa

If you are planning a trip to Goa soon then it is important to know that the best time to visit South Goa falls between Mid-November to Mid-February. During the summertime, the temperatures can go really high as it is a coastal area and also is located near to the ocean. Typically people from other countries don't feel comfortable in such weather conditions.  

Famous Food and Clothing of South Goa 

Owing to the fact, that Goa is located in a tropical zone, the people here generally like to wear cotton clothes. The womenfolk of this place generally dress in gowns and other elite dresses. The Hindu women wear the traditional dress which is the Nav-vari saree. Some of the other traditional costumes of Goa are Pano Bhaju as well as Vakal. The staple food of this place is rice and curry. The Goan food comes across as a mix of Hindu, Muslim and Portuguese styled food. 

How to reach South Goa

By Air. The nearest airport from South Goa is Dabolim airport which is located in Margao. This airport is situated at a distance of around 23km from the city. This airport has got very good connectivity with other cities like Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc.

By Road. The overall connectivity via road is very good. You can easily travel to South Goa from some of the major cities like Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai. To travel via road you can consider taking NH44, NH66, NH50, NH48, etc.   

By Train. The Madgaon railway station is Goa’s biggest as well the busiest railway junction. It has very good connectivity via cities like Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, etc. 

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