Take Travel Cues from Power Couple Pankhuri Awasthy and Gautam Rode

Happily ever after is not a fairy tale, it's a choice. And when two different people are willing to look outward together in the same direction, life becomes a blissful serenade. Both Gautam Rode and Pankhuri Awasthy live by this simple rule and have scored themselves a title of power-couple ever since they bonded together.

In an exclusive interview with Adotrip, the heart-throb of Indian Television Gautam Rode and sensational television actress Pankhuri Awasthy have revealed their shared passion for travelling and a lot more that keeps them connected. Read about the places in India they have travelled together and the ones that are on their bucket list.

Sounds exciting? Take a look at what they have to say about travelling and their eternal bond.

: What is travelling for both of you?

P. We are incredibly fortunate that both of us are always game for travelling. I like reading about places and planning the whole itinerary. It’s a good way to educate ourselves and learn new cultures. It helps us evolve as a person, an artist. For me, travelling is learning and evolving.

G. Prior to lockdown, we travelled back to back for four months. We went to Maldives, Jaipur, Kerala, Pushkar. We had some newer and richer encounters together. For me travelling is about creating memories for a lifetime.

: Delhi, Lucknow, Bangalore, Mumbai. How diverse are these places according to both of you?

P. Culturally, all the aforementioned places are absolute contrast. Lucknow is my hometown. It is simple, easy and laidback. Bangalore is cosmopolitan, more chilled out. Delhi is nice but notorious at the same time and Mumbai is home, embracing and fast.

G. I have spent quite a time in Delhi. I did my schooling and graduation from the capital city. I love the winters of Delhi, I miss that in Mumbai. Lucknow is quieter and calmer place to be. Bangalore is very lively, I like the vibe of the city. And Mumbai is a cut-throat professional ground, the city that never sleeps.

: You both got hitched at Alwar. What made you decide on this off-beat destination in India for your wedding?

P. Both of us were keen to have a destination wedding. We started looking for places in India and we loved the exquisiteness of Tijara Fort Palace in Alwar. All the mahals feature breathtaking interiors highlighting the Rajasthani culture. It felt like an ultimate wedding destination to both of us.

G. Perched on the hilltop, the view from the fort was spectacular. The rooms were exceptionally beautiful as different designers have designed the interiors and given their classic touch to them. And indubitably, the unbeatable hospitality made our D-day the most memorable. Nothing is more gratifying than seeing the smiling faces of your guests.

: Any unique festival in India that you both have heard of or been a part of?

P. After shifting to Mumbai, we realized the grandeur of Ganpati Puja in Maharashtra. We have also started following the tradition of greeting Ganpati to our abode. The festival brings a lot of positivity and vibrance, it’s delightful!

G. Having spent a long time in North India, I like the vibe of Janmashtami. It’s celebrated differently in both the regions, however, Janmashtami in the north is quite an affair.

: How do you both stick around to your vegetarian and fitness routine while travelling?

G. Being a fitness fanatic, I always select a hotel where there is a good gym. Also, if I know that the gym is not there then I carry my own portable equipmentment and sets of dumbbells. For food, vegetarian meals are never difficult to find.

P. One bag is always full of his diet items such as protein shakes, oats, health bars. I sail smooth that way. I eat everything and don’t exercise that much. Walking and yoga requires no equipment. I can do it anywhere. He is the one who keeps working out without a fail. I admire his discipline, very few people are so headstrong.

: A trip that brought you both closer?

P. Kerala, it was our first trip together. The timing was perfect, it was our first Valentine and those 3 days were about knowing each other more as a person. And trust me, we were in love head over heels after that trip.

G. I like a laid back holiday and Pankhuri loves to explore. So our first trip made me understand that we both have different lookouts yet we are on the same page. Backwaters at Kovalam Beach was quite an experience. From serene backwaters to every adventure sport and also Ayurvedic therapies, she made sure that we do everything together. That trip was a realization of how much I enjoy her company. That is what is the essence of companionship, doing things for each other.

: What keeps you both connected to roots?

P. Both of us have strong family values, we think alike. We may approach situations differently but our goal is the same. We both talk, understand and also introspect the idea of being happy together in our routine life. Coming back home to Gautam keeps me connected to roots.

G. Both of us are close to parents and our families keep us connected to roots. When things are flying high, they bring us to the ground. We both are simple and sorted that way!

: Any experience of adventure sports in India?

P. Paragliding in Dharamshala was quite amazing. I have indulged in a lot of adventure sports outside India too. I enjoy the adrenaline rush!

G. She makes me try every new thing because I am a person who would just sit and relax. We have done parasailing, scuba diving, snowboarding and whatnot. It's fun to do it with her.

: An experience where your baggage was heavier than allowed?

P. Our luggage always exceeds. I love to shop local stuff from every place I travel to. Gautam rants about it but is sweet enough to pay for excess baggage.

P. And sometimes our charm works, they wave off our excess baggage fee as we travel frequently.

: The most delightful culinary experience during a holiday in India?

P. The most delightful culinary experience was having a Gujarati Thali when we went to a luxury boutique resort, Woods at Sasan near Gir National Park in Gujarat. They have an ethnic cuisine restaurant, Swadesh that is famous for contemporary vegetarian thali inspired by the region’s culinary heritage. It was delectable and rich!

G. I loved food at Kovalam Beach but yes Gujarati Thali at Swadesh was quite a treat.

: Most unlikely, but any budget holiday in India that you both have been to?

P. When we were dating, I planned a short trip to Lonavala for his birthday. I booked a stay at this beautiful tree house resort, The Machan. He usually plans holidays at ITC properties, so this was actually a budget trip. We had a great time together as it's about the company and not the place.

G. In our first year of marriage, we made a point of taking short trips around Mumbai every month. These trips were not too expensive. Our trip to Punjab was also not very expensive because everything is reasonable there.

Rapid Fire

: 5 Travel Essentials for a couple

P. Gautam’s gym stuff is mandatory. His protein shakes. We both like dressing up so there are always too many clothes and shoes. Sun-screen and some medicines.

: Circuit Planner or Travel Agent

G. So far we have been doing it ourselves and through travel agents. The circuit planner sounds intriguing, we will try it for sure.

: A movie that you both love

G. We both have different choices for movies. I like to watch action thrillers and Pankhuri likes romantic mushy movies. So we ditch movies and watch shows together.

P. Recently we saw Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan together and we quite liked this romantic comedy movie.

: A song that describes you both the best

G. City of Stars by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone from the movie La La Land.

: Most romantic destination in India

P. Kerala

: Your favourite Indian Handicraft

I like intricate embroidery work of Rajasthan and I also love lac bangles. I loved shopping at Udaipur and Pushkar.

: A place from where you both felt nothing is far

G. As we dream in colours borrowed from the sea, nothing feels far from the promenade along the shoreline. Marine Drive in Mumbai gives that feel.

: What can you drop if your luggage is heavy - makeup or clothes?

P. Makeup. We both love our clothes.

: Dilli ki chaat or Lucknow ke kabab

P. Lucknow ke kabab

G. I stick to my healthy recipes, no cheat meals at all.

: Where did you go on your last vacation

G. Pushkar

Well-known and eminent television stars, Gautam Rode and Pankhuri Awasthy complement each other so well. The gorgeous couple who were swept off their feet whilst working together for a mythological saga, Suryaputra Karn are now an inspiration for folks with gamophobia. They are two strikingly different people who share common interests like acting and travelling. The inimitably handsome and utterly dazzling, this lethal combo of husband and wife have been winning hearts ever since they stepped in the television industry. Smitten by their prodigious acting skills, their fanbase kept swelling. Like Aristotle said, ‘love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies’, both Pankhuri and Gautam epitomize the quote. Wow, aren't they lovely?

We hope this is quite a source that drives you to travel the world with your partner. Watch our Trip Talkies section for more inspiring stories that will fuel your wanderlust. Stay tuned to Adotrip, the young and dynamic travel website that promotes Indian Tourism. Always Vocal for Local!


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