Pushkar is one of the most prominent cities of Rajasthan, India. It is best known for Pushkar Lake which is surrounded by sacred temples and ghats.

The city of Pushkar isn't an unknown name for people in India, as from the religious sights to the trending cafes; there are plenty of travel hotspots to visit Pushkar with cheerful vibes in each corner.

The small shops located in the bright boulevards are loaded with joy, liveliness, culture, and warmth. The region even has mountains and their beauty is a strong reason why Pushkar can be your new favourite travel spot to hit right away.

Best Time to Visit Pushkar

One of the best parts of your visit to Pushkar would be the camel safari where you get to cross the sand dunes of the Thar Desert on a Camel. If you cannot keep calm hearing all this and are way too excited to visit Pushkar, then, let us tell you, the best time to plan your trip to Pushkar is from November to March. The weather during this time is quite pleasant and is very suitable for travel and tourism activities.

History of Pushkar

The history of Pushkar can be traced back to ancient times. The microliths found near Khera and Kedari are a strong example of human existence in the region during the prehistoric era.

Apart from this, this place also holds a great significance as per the Hindu Mythology. One of the mythological stories still is very prevalent in the region - it happened so that once, a battle was fought between Lord Brahma and Demon Vajra Nabh.

In the battle, Lord Brahma ultimately killed the demon using lotus as his weapon. But, three petals of the lotus flower fell in different parts of Pushkar. It is believed that where these petals fell, three lakes emerged. One of the lakes is believed to be the Pushkar Lake which is surrounded by ghats and temples and is also considered as a pilgrimage site for Hindu devotees. 

Major Attractions in and Around Pushkar

1. Pushkar Fair

Here, you will be finding the right combination of colours, fun, spectacle blended right into one. This fair sees plenty of livestock, farmers, traders and villagers from all across the state. You also get to witness amazing cultural performances as well as camel processions.

2. Mahadeva Temple

This temple must be on your travel list if you want to experience something truly divine. The Mahadeva Temple is not only a source of spiritual knowledge but also takes you through the scintillating history of this place.

3. Pushkar Lake

Pushkar Lake is situated near the temple of Lord Brahma. If mythological stories are to be believed, then this is the place where Lord Brahma and Goddess Savitri offered their prayers. Furthermore, it is also believed that a dip in this holy river can help you attain Moksha.

4. Meera Temple

You can go and visit the Meera temple which is considered to be about 400 years old. The temple is situated in Merta City, interestingly this place is considered as the birthplace of Meera Bai. Apart from Meera Temple, Dadhimati Temple and Charbhuja Temple also attract a large number of devotees, annually.

5. Rose Garden

You can also pay Rose Garden a visit when in Pushkar, as it is here where farmers grow a variety of roses extensively. The sight of blooming flowers and the soothing fragrance of it would simply leave you feeling happy and at peace.

How to Reach Pushkar

Pushkar is a place which has its own charm and mysticism. It is located at an approximate distance of 419, 1,032, 1,825, and 1,684 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata respectively. Here is how you can reach Pushkar using the below-mentioned routes. 

By Air

The nearest airport is Kishangarh Aiport (KQH), Ajmer located at the distance of 42 km and Jaipur International Airport (JAI) at the distance of 155 km. It is well-routed with other Indian cities via direct and connecting flights. Once you deboard at the airport, you can consider travelling to your respective destination by some means of public transportation. 

List of flights available from different Indian cities to Kishangarh Airport 

By Train

You will need to travel to Ajmer and deboard at the Ajmer Junction situated at 15-20 km from Pushkar. Once you deboard at the station, you will need to hire a cab or some other means of public transportation to cover the remaining distance.

By Road

Pushkar is well connected via motorable roads and national highways to other Indian cities. There are regular buses available to Ajmer city from where you can change a bus to reach Pushkar. Otherwise, you can also consider hiring a cab, or self-drive to Pushkar if suitable. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Pushkar

Q: What are the popular places to visit in Pushkar?
A: Some of the popular places to visit in Pushkar include: 

  • Pushkar Lake
  • Brahma Temple
  • Savitri Temple
  • Rangji Temple
  • Pushkar Camel Fair 
  • Pushkar Bazaar 
  • Ajmer Sharif Dargah
  • Ana Sagar Lake
  • Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra
  • Varaha Temple

Q: What is the best time to visit Pushkar?
A: The best time to visit Pushkar is between October and March, as the weather is pleasant and suitable for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

Q: Are there any special festivals or events in Pushkar?
A: Yes, the Pushkar Camel Fair, held annually in November, is a major event in Pushkar, which attracts a large number of tourists and locals alike.

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