Riveting Travel Stories of Vivacious Actress Neetha Shetty will Spur You to Visit these Places in India

Are you the one who is constantly checking flight deals or filling up your bucket list out of itchy fingers and feet? Trust me, we all are feeling the same, a bit restless. Some more time, albeit, till then take some cues by reading the travel interviews of your favourite stars at our Trip Talkies section.

The head turner and ultra voguish Neetha Shetty - a popular face of Television is here with us at Adotrip to keep your travel mojo going. She certainly has plenty of euphoric travel stories to share with all her fans. Sweet release, right? Without thinking much, spare a moment from spirals of jitters and cravings to dig your eyes at her exclusive interview below:

: What is travelling to you?

The thought of being able to steal some days away to an unknown place brings immense joy to me. Travelling is like a dream for me, a drug of choice. You may laugh but the addiction is real. I am enthralled by the idea of the possibilities that travelling offers. Learning about stories behind the cities or places is quite intriguing.

Travelling has given me a profound appreciation and deep understanding of various cultures.

: Your native place is Mangalore, what keeps you connected to that place?

My parents hail from Mangalore, however, I was born and raised in Mumbai. I used to visit Mangalore in my childhood during summer vacations. I must say, it’s a soothing city with the perfect amount of urban glitter and natural beauty. The authenticity of culture followed in Mangalore keeps me connected to roots as my parents have raised me like that. I love Mangalore for swaying tall palm trees, pristine beaches, the architecture of temples and simplicity of life.

: You are an actor, an artist and a dancer, which place in India inspires you the most?

Dharamshala, although I have not been there but have heard and read so much about this mini hill station in the North. I am looking forward to experiencing the quaint life of monks and learning about Tibetan culture. When I visited Manali, I was keen to cover Dharamshala but unfortunately, due to time crunch I couldn’t visit. My hard luck!

: Which is your favourite off-beat destination in India and why?

I went to Chamba with my friends. It is perhaps the most stunning off-beat places I have visited. Apart from the glittering vista of the valley, the natives were quite warm. I was touched by the hospitality and simplicity of their life. It was a 5-day trip in which we covered Amritsar, Chamba and Khajjiar. I had to cut it short for shooting but I really loved the serene vibe of Chamba.

: In your pictures, we have seen your fondness for historical places in India. Which is your favorite place to explore history and why?

When I was a child, history was my least favourite subject. My affair with historical places in India began with the shooting. 2 years back, I went to Bikaner with the crew. I stayed in an actual palace and from there the quest to learn the history behind the monuments began. Last year, I went to Halebidu, it is an inspiring land with historical magnificence of the Hoysala empire. The city is dotted with ancient temples, revered shrines and stunning sculptures. It is rightly called the Gem of Indian architecture and people must visit it at least once in a lifetime. I have been to Chikmagalur, Coorg and I want to visit historical rich places like Udaipur and Jaipur sometime soon.

: Which is your family’s favourite weekend destination in India and why?

Mahabaleshwar because it’s just a 4-hour-drive-away from Mumbai. We don’t have to plan anything, it’s mostly impromptu. We just decide and in 4 hours we are there. It’s a quickie destination that has manicured terrains, verdant forest, enchanting waterfalls, beautiful hills, calming breeze, what else do you want for a weekend?

: Any unique event or festival in India that you have heard of or been a part of?

Boat race in Kerala, 100 feet long snake boats in serene backwaters is definitely a sight to behold. A friend of mine used to stay there and I got to know about this festival from her. That time I was young to travel but I really want to see the Champakulam boat festival which is believed to be the oldest of the tradition of boat races in Kerala.

: Which are your favorite shopping destinations in India?

My favourite shopping destinations in India are Rajasthan and Delhi. I picked up a lot of fabrics like brocade and silk from the local market of Bikaner. I gifted a few to my mom and got made blouses and dresses from those materials. The quality of the fabric was great. I also love shopping at Janpath in Delhi. I have picked up some beautiful zardosi work outfits and mojari from Delhi, I love them!

: Which are the most romantic destinations in India according to you?

Gulmarg in Kashmir is extremely beautiful. I went there for shooting at a hilltop and the view was enchanting. It was wrapped in snow and I could see everything from that spot, it felt super romantic and captivating from there. Also, backwater cruise in Alleppey, Kerala is an experience of a lifetime. You don’t have to go to Venice when you can experience the romantic gondola ride in Kerala. It’s a paradise for couples, indeed one of the best romantic destinations in India.

: Any styling tips while travelling that every girl must know to ace it like Neetha?

Travelling is more about comfort hence, it’s important to understand which destination you are heading to and what kind of weather is there? Cargos’, Denims’ and T-Shirts’ are always stylish and comfortable. Throw a jacket or a blazer and you are sorted. Carry some pop-colour sneakers or scarves to add extra colour to your outfit. Use scarves as headgear or bandanas to keep your hair styled. Keep your spirits high and don’t fret about looks.

Enjoy walking, hiking and exploring a new place, that’s the true essence of travelling.

Rapid Fire

: 3 Travel Essentials

Camera or phone, Sanitizer, Wet tissues

: One place from where you felt nothing is far

Switzerland and Manali

: Travel solo, with family or friends


: Which destination in India comes first to your mind

Dharamshala, it is brimming on my bucket list

: Your favorite piece of Indian Handicraft

India has plenty of exquisite handicrafts that are worth a possession. I love to collect handicrafts made with brass and bamboo.

: What's been the best street food you've had

Paani puri, paneer parantha, chaat, Amritsari street food.

: Makeup or Clothes, what will you drop if you have excess baggage

I will pay excess for baggage.

: Circuit Planner or Travel Agent

Circuit Planner

: Which is your favorite Indian dish

South Indian style chicken curry made by my mom & North Indian stuffed paranthas.

: Which destination did you google last


Neetha Shetty is a model turned actress who has carved her niche in Indian Television, Bollywood, Marathi movies, web series and premier ad campaigns. With super successful shows such as CID, Crime Patrol, Betiyaa, Kahii to Hoga, Savdhaan India, Tum Bin Jaao Kahan to films like Saansein, this sensational starlet has also worked in commercials like Asian Paints with Saif Ali Khan, Colgate with Sonakshi Sinha, Tanishq, Godrej and many more. She is a gypsy by soul and a yummy mummy by heart! An absolute stunner, she left us jaw-dropped.

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