Riveting Travel Stories of Kedarnath Actress Pooja Gor will Coax You to Pack Your Bags

Stuck in a rut for a while? Craving to be at a place where you can gather the lost charm, where you can rekindle your relationship, where you can visualize things with fresh perspective, where you can recoup, relax and rejuvenate?

Lucky you! We are here with an exclusive interview of super gorgeous, radiant Pooja Gor - the leading actress from Indian Television and Bollywood, who like you is bitten by the travel bug. The vagabond by soul, artistic in nature and extremely candid with revelations, she has spoken her heart out and shared many travel excerpts in a pillow talk with us, at Adotrip.

We know you are already spurred. Read her interview below to keep your travel mojo going. Scroll down!

: What is your travel mantra?

I travel to see the world and not the world to see me. I keep simple, low profile, light and easy peezy travel plans with a sole objective of wandering around and learning beyond cultural horizons. Apart from acting, I also love to paint, I travel to keep a camera-eye and capture the captivating vistas in my paintings. That’s my travel mantra, to travel without agendas and restrictions; I travel to gather memories and I deliberately travel light because I can’t resist buying beautiful things from different places.

I wish travel therapy was covered, it’s hard to resist freaking wanderlust!

: Define India in your words?

From Barren Island of Andamans to Magnetic Hill of Ladakh, India is a wonderland, pearly gates of natural splendors. Along with its ancient roots, India is also a melting pot of multitude cultures. From the grandeur of Rajasthan to hospitality of Kerala, vibrant culture of Gujarat to treasure troves of Meghalaya, Indian landscape is replete with bewitching beauty.

Travel North, South, East or West, India has everything that we look for on the world map.

: Any unique event or festival in India that you have heard of or been a part of?

I have heard a lot about electrifying music festivals of the northeast. Be it Ziro Festival of Music or Losar from Arunachal Pradesh, I have to attend them all. I have not been lucky yet but it’s stuck in my mind for a while. My friend was invited to an event there and I was so fascinated by the stories. I am intrigued by the incredible matriarchy culture of the northeast, oh well! There's so much to learn from the artistically and culturally advanced places of India.

: You are an Ahmedabad girl, what keeps you connected to the city?

I grew up in Ahmedabad. Back then, I always wanted to be in Mumbai and now that I am already settled in my career and life, I crave to spend time with my family in Ahmedabad. As it is said, a tree's beauty lies in its branches but its strength lies in its roots likewise Ahmedabad being my roots has given me the courage to be the person I am.

I keep rolling back to my native city to get a whiff of fresh air, it keeps me going!

: You are fond of travelling and photography. Which travel destination in India inspires you?

I love the beaches of Goa, backwaters of Alleppey also inspire me. I want to explore the northeast. As a traveller, photographer and artist, I see places with my perspective and gladly all the places that I have travelled till date, be it in India or abroad have inspired me in some way or the other. Cannot really put one place for that matter because sometimes even the simplest possible thing could be inspiring, can touch your core.

Discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. - Marcel Proust

: What according to you every girl must pack in her bag when she’s stepping out on a holiday?

Really comfortable clothes and shoes, that’s utterly pivotal. Girls have a habit of packing so many unwanted things that only pile up and add burden. Pack diligently, research properly for the kind of weather you are planning to land in. Don’t forget to carry first aid and basic medicines. Travelling is about feeling liberated, don’t burden yourself of looking like someone else.

Pack confidence and you are going to look like a million dollars on your holiday!

:You were spotted hanging out and chilling by the beach. Which is the best beach destination in India according to you?

In India, the beaches of North Goa fascinate me. I like the surreal beauty of Morjim, Anjuna and Arambol Beach. The charming beaches, vibrant nightlife and exotic resorts, Goa is definitely one of the best beach destinations in India. I also love Maldives, turquoise beaches out there are breathtaking. I had a splendid beach vacay in Maldives recently.

: Which are your favourite shopping destinations in India?

I was invited for a Maha Aarti at the ghats of Banaras, I discovered it to be a paradise for shopaholics. I bought some sarees and pieces of jewellery from local stores and I must tell you all of them fetched me compliments. I bought Pashmina from Leh and some local handicrafts and exquisite antique pieces from there enhance the corners of my house. Pushkar in Rajasthan is also an ultimate shopping destination.

I am a desi girl. Vocal for local! Completely in awe with Indian handlooms and handicrafts.

: If you have to plan your holiday in India, would you try the circuit planner tool that makes your itinerary for free?

I love to plan my own trips. It would be a delight to try something like a circuit planner that makes it easy and hassle free for a traveller. Share the link, I will definitely plan my next trip with the circuit planner tool.

Rapid Fire

: Travel Essentials in your bag?

Shades, Camera, Phone, Charger, Protein Bar, Cash, License and Identity card.

: One place from where you felt nothing is far?

When I went to Ladakh. Khardung-La pass is the most enduring drive. I was hyperventilating, I was literally psyched out. But as I reached there, it felt like nothing is impossible, nothing is far!

: Travel solo, with family or friends?

I love to travel with family. I wish to travel solo, maybe sometime soon.

: Which destination in India comes first to your mind?


: Your favorite travel gadget?

Camera and Phone

: Your favorite piece of Indian Handicraft?

Stackable dolls. They are quite interesting.

: What's been the best street food you've had?

We were shooting for Pratigya in Lucknow, our crew had dahi-jalebi for breakfast and trust me it was truly divine. I was apprehensive to taste it thinking it to be a bizarre combination of sweet and sour but I can go back to Lucknow only to gorge on this delicacy. I also love kebabs from Indore, delectable!

: Makeup or Clothes, what will you drop if you have excess baggage?

I will drop my makeup.

: Which Bollywood travel movie you can relate to?

Dil Chahta Hai

: Which destination did you google last?

Azerbaijan, my friend shared some beautiful pictures from there.

The super talented and dazzling actress, Pooja Gor adorns many feathers in her cap. From being dexterous in acting to painting marvels on canvas, she is a self-driven girl who is epitome of perfection. Flashing her prowess with scintillating performance as a leading lady in a popular Star Plus soap, Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya to making an exuberant entry in Bollywood with box-office hit Kedarnath, her trajectory this far is quite an inspiration for every girl who aspires to be an actress. Opinionated, Passionate and Versatile, the dauntless diva from Khatron Ke Khiladi speaks her mind and is immensely modest. The repartee with generous by heart lady acquainted us all with a completely amiable actress who has no airs and a lucid approach towards life. Embracing and how!

So much to learn! Stop over to our Trip Talkies section for more inspiring travel stories of celebrities. You can now book exclusive holiday packages with Adotrip. A lot more excitement on the way, stay tuned!


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