Originated from River Gosthani, the Katiki Waterfalls are the best creation of nature. Katiki Waterfalls are located in the Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh. The mildness of the Katiki Waterfalls creates a heavenly atmosphere where one can feel one's soul. The lush green trees that surround the waterfall and adventure activities like trekking and camping alongside the waterfall is an experience of a lifetime. There are many food stalls on the way that offer freshly prepared chicken snacks and beverages that you can relish while admiring the scenic beauty of the place.    

Though the place is worth visiting all year round, arriving here during the summer months can be more enjoyable. Some people also prefer to visit the place during September-October when the weather is usually very moderate and there is no humidity.

History of Katiki Waterfalls

Katiki waterfall got its name from a nearby village which is called Katiki. The waterfall is a beautiful sight that formed naturally many years ago and since then its beauty has been attracting locals and tourists. The waterfall is approximately 7km from the famous Borra Caves. Katiki waterfall flows from a height of 50 feet and is a go-to destination for a picnic or a weekend getaway for the locals and a must-visit spot for the tourists.  

The crystal clear and cold water of a pond down the hill is where people sit for hours, take a bath and play with their friends and family. To reach Katiki waterfalls one has to trek and make way through the jungle to reach this hidden paradise situated in Araku valley.     

Major Attractions in and Around Katiki Waterfalls

1. Borra Caves

Bohra Caves are located 7km away from the Katiki waterfall. The caves were discovered in 1807 with a Shiva lingam. Now, local people come here to worship the lingam, and tourists pay a visit to admire the mystic caves, the lingam and capture the exotic scenes through their camera lenses.

2. Padmapuram Gardens

Located at a distance of approximately 3km from Araku, Padmapuram Gardens are visited by tourists and locals for sightseeing and exploring the unique species of flora. The botanical garden is spread in 26-acre land and has an amazing sculpture of a singing man at the entry gate to welcome the visitors.

How to Reach Katiki Waterfalls

The port city of Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam, is known for its rich heritage, picturesque views, surreal beaches, vibrant culture and some extremely intriguing sites such as Katiki Waterfalls, Borra Caves, Simhachalam Temple, and Submarine Museum. The city has everything to make your stay or vacation memorable and this makes it much more fascinating among domestic and foreign tourists.  

Switching focus to the best travel options to reach the city, you can arrive here via different transportation modes and routes. Some of the best options have been listed below that might help you plan a comfortable itinerary.

By Road

Katiki Waterfalls are not very well connected to roads. From Borra caves, a special jeep service can be hired to take the tourists to the waterfalls which are approximately 7km away. In case you wish to cover the distance to Borra caves by your personal vehicle then you have to travel approx. 1,600, 1,400, 900, and 1,000 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively. If you are arriving from nearby prominent cities or states then the following information featuring distance estimate and the best route to take to reach Borra caves will be helpful for you. 

  • Visakhapatnam - 95 km via Araku Visakhapatnam Road 
  • Vijayawada - 430 km via NH 16
  • Guntur - 470 km via NH 16

By Rail

Borra Guhalu is the nearest railway station to Katiki Waterfalls. From the railway station, one has to travel another 20km to reach Katiki waterfalls. VSKP KRDL Pass and KSKP ARK Special are two direct trains on which you can reserve a seat if planning a visit to Katiki waterfalls if arriving from Visakhapatnam and KRDL VSKP Pass from Jagdalpur. 

By Air

Visakhapatnam airport is well-connected with other airports in the country. There are regular direct and connecting flights from all the ports of metro cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru. From the airport, one may take a taxi or a local bus to reach Katiki Waterfalls which is approximately 90 km away.

You can opt to travel via the following airlines if looking for non-stop flights to Visakhapatnam airport.

  • Delhi - AirIndia, SpiceJet, IndiGo
  • Mumbai - AirIndia
  • Kolkata - AirAsia, IndiGo 
  • Hyderabad - AirIndia, SpiceJet, IndiGo
  • Bengaluru - AirAsia, IndiGo 
  • Vijayawada - AirIndia, Spicejet 

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